Biggest Weekend Yet

“Every week can change the season”

That’s one slogan that plays over and over on ESPN during college football commercials, and it’s right!

Besides learning more with each game, seeing the excitement of the teams and the fans, and watching some crazy plays, I think the thing I love most about college football is you really have no clue what’s going to happen in any given game.

There are never guarantees.

Ranked teams lose to unranked teams in crazy upsets.

Undefeated teams lose to teams who haven’t won once the entire season…or over multiple seasons.

Nothing is completely known or predictable. And that is where the real excitement comes in.

Your team could come into the season with all kinds of hype and expectations, ranked in the top 5, and start the season off with a loss.

Teams that have never had their name in the top 25 are suddenly ranked in the top 15 in the country.

Wherever there is a perfect throw or running play, there is a defense that can completely stop it with an interception or forcing a fumble.

The offense and defense are trying to stop each other, and this battle on the field causes some plays that are so exciting and game-changing…it often shocks you.

Those rankings are changing every week because everything else is changing, as well. Teams that have done great all season can drop 10 spots in the rankings from one loss, and that change reflects on every other team, the rest of the schedule, and yet the next weekend can do the same thing.

Watching an interception happen when the receiver has no idea it’s coming or seeing someone return a punt for a touchdown, just weaving in between people and breaking tackles…those are the plays that get you off the couch or the chair or the barstool.

Those are the plays that make football what it is – and the crazier thing?

That very momentum that comes from breaking up a pass or dropping a running back for a loss can swing from one team to the other in a second. And that momentum in a game is often what decides who wins and who doesn’t.


Games this weekend! Seriously – this has to be one of the most exciting football weekends so far. There are so many good games on, and most of them are ones that WILL change the season.

Tonight –

8:00 PM ET Pittsburgh at Rutgers ESPN

Saturday –

12:00 PM ET No. 20 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Texas ABC *Red River Rivalry Game

12:00 PM ET No. 11 Iowa at Wisconsin ESPN

3:30 PM ET Arkansas at No. 1 Florida CBS

3:30 PM ET No. 6 USC at No. 25 Notre Dame NBC

3:30 PM ET Minnesota at No. 14 Penn State ABC

3:30 PM ET Texas Tech at No. 15 Nebraska ABC

3:30 PM ET California at UCLA ABC

3:30 PM ET North Carolina State at Boston College ABC

6:00 PM ET No. 4 Virginia Tech at No. 19 Georgia Tech ESPN2

7:45 PM ET No. 22 South Carolina at No. 2 Alabama ESPN

9:15 PM ET Missouri at No. 16 Oklahoma State ESPN2


And for those of you who could care less about football (for shame!), here’s my lunch ;)


I brought the last of my split pea soup with lots of leftover broccoli added to it and some blue corn chips to dip.


And a local apple to finish it off.


Make your picks in the comments!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


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  1. I am SO excited about my plans this weekend; I’ll be headed to my first weekend session of yoga teacher training tomorrow!!

  2. Going to the Texas-OU game to cheer my Longhorns on to victory at the state fair. Hook ’em horns! Then we have an open bar tab at a bar in Dallas :)

  3. Sounds like you’re in for a busy weekend!!

    I’m going to Philly tonight to see the Avett Brothers! (Knew you’d appreciate that) :-)

  4. We were supposed to go pumpkin picking and hay riding with friends and kids, however, it appears it will be too cold and rainy for that. So it looks like I am home chasing pantry moths. John has a big horse race tomorrow (poor him to have to be out there in the cold and rain) so I guess its just me, Margaret, the dogs and the moths.

  5. i love that soup recipe :) delicious!!
    left over hearty soups are soo yummy!

    My weekend is going to the movies, and a photoshoot :D

  6. We’re headed out of town to see some of my husband’s family. Should be nice to catch up!

    My Picks:
    Penn State
    Boston College
    Georgia Tech
    Oklahoma State

  7. I really like that quote — who would of thought that ESPN was so inspirational?! I will forever be an IU fan (enough they aren’t on your list).

  8. I love that you’re so passionate about football ahah I don’t really understand the game though :P The only time I really watch football is when I watch the tv show friday night lights ahaha :P

    I don’t have much going on this weekend, I think. My mom and I are home alone and I’m sure we’ll find something to do together :)

  9. Love your lunch! So comforting.

    It’s homecoming weekend so I’m going to a football game :) and running a 5K on Sunday! In the cold and rain! woohoo…

  10. i love that you love football so much! i wish i had something i got that excited about :)

    i am heading home to hangout with my little sister – it should be a relaxing, lovely time :)

  11. I love that I learn all the football news from your blog! Otherwise I would have no clue! Tomorrow I have a spa day wahoo!

  12. Ohmigosh I thought that soup was guac at first. Guac and blue corn chips are my most fave snack ever!

  13. Since I went to a smaller school, our football team wasn’t much to see. However, I cheer for Pitt since my sister went there!

    I like Iowa b/c their colors are black and gold like the Pgh Steelers so I hope they win…

    I have family in Florida, I visited Texas Tech for work once, and I used to live in Boston so I’ll cheer for those teams too!

    Don’t you love my scientific pick method? This is why I don’t do fantasy! ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. it IS a great sports weekend! college fball, yankees, obvi ny football for me haha. enjoy it!

  15. This is when the season really gets fun! I love it!

  16. My husband only watches Boston College, because a kid my step-son grew up with plays there – he was redshirted his freshman year, but starts this year – and a big boy – 6′ 7″ and 335!

    No plans other than to make football food for Sunday! :D

  17. Dippable lunches are so fun!! Those chips look nice and crunchy too!

    I think I’m going to the cider mill this weekend. I can taste the donut now :)

  18. buaha, its not that I could care less about football — it’s just that I love your food so much ;)

  19. I love how excited you get over football! You are too cute! My husband would just love you!

    The color of your split pea soup paired with the blue from your chips was so beautiful! It was so fall-esque and looked so hearty.

    I don’t really have anything planned for this weekend. Just meeting my girlfriend out tomorrow night for some drinks because she and her hubby are moving back to CA. It’s going to be cold and rainy this weekend, so other than tomorrow night, I plan on being glued to my couch :)

    And you? Anything fun planned?

  20. I’m going to relax. I also want to go take some good pictures of the fall trees since the snow is going to start any second.

  21. Working this wknd. . . yawn! Plus resting. Here it is meant to be a washout and very chilly.

  22. Sorry, but I truthfully am not a big football fan. :-( But I am glad your enjoying it so much!! My gramma is coming to visit me this weekend–I can’t wait :-)

  23. we’re watching football too :) our plans seem to revolve around the games.

  24. i love your love for football! :)

    I’m runnin my half marathon this weekend! :)

  25. Where is USC? Hm, I don’t even know if we’re playing a game this weekend. Your love and passion for football is infectious! I’ll have to check it out!

  26. Hi Brandi,
    Sorry, Im late to the party.
    Crummy weather here, today we are just going shopping for a winter coats.

    Notre Dame
    Penn State
    Texas Tech
    Boston College
    Virginia Tech

    Have a great weekend!

  27. Wow you really do love football! Sorry to say I don’t keep up with it!

    And that soup looks so thick and delicious. All I’ve wanted this week is hot soup or stew. Mmmm!

  28. It was a great weekend! The guac looks great!

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