Well, the weather never cleared up here.

Now it’s just totally dark, cold, and rainy. No run, but that’s okay. It’s going to be chilly this weekend, but the rain should stop sometime tomorrow – or so they’re saying. I’m hoping to get 2 runs in this weekend now after this crappy weather.

One thing that wasn’t bad today was my snack.


I think I was so excited to eat this that I  couldn’t even wait to get a really focused picture.

I took a banana, sliced it into fours, slathered on some almond butter and added a few dark chocolate chips. Try this, if you haven’t.

That snack got me through the rest of my busy day – I ended up not even finishing a few things, but they’ll get done first thing in the morning.

Tonight’s dinner was an easy one since we had leftovers from last night.

And thank goodness because I have more football to watch  :) and laundry to fold.


We heated up the leftover chicken, bulgur dish, and I steamed some broccoli – this really took 5 minutes to get ready. Leftovers just make some nights super easy.


It’s not exactly good “football watching food”, but it did its job.

I have a feeling that Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream will make an appearance tonight…we ate 30 minutes ago, and I’m still kind of hungry.


What was the best thing you ate today?

Mine would have to be that banana snack – I’m going to make that again, for sure.



  1. Oh man, my meals were SO BORING (out of groceries) but pumpkin oats were a hit, as always :)

  2. Tonights eats have been muy bueno. Dinner was a ww sandwich with honey maple turkey deli meat cut this afternoon, cream cheese, and cranberry apple butter. And now I’m having some strawberry balsamic vinegar ice cream :-)

  3. I LOVE banana with AB & dark chocolate. I was actually looking forward to banana with AB this afternoon until I realized we were out of bananas… Some dark chocolate with AB had to do. Wasn’t bad either… ;)

  4. Banana snack def sounds good & is super easy :-)

    My fav meal was my homemade pumpkin pie ice cream with cinn granola. Is that a meal? ;-) haha

  5. I’m not a big banana fan but that snack might change my ways – that sounds fantastic!! You should most definitely have it again :)

    Best thing? Caroby oats. Seriously, I’m on my 2nd bowl of the day right now!

  6. I had to eat out all 3 meals today as I traveled home from some meetings. Honestly the best meal was the sushi Hunni got as takeaway because we didn’t have time to cook dinner. I haven’t had good sushi in awhile so I was super happy.

  7. The best thing I ate today was oatmeal with cinnamon, ground flax, and a BIG spoonful of peanut butter.

    Love your snack!

  8. I love that banana snack as well! It looks so yummy! And your bulgur with apples looked so hearty and delicious. I love having lots of leftovers to reheat and heat. Convenience is king (or queen)!

    My favorite thing I ate today was my oatmeal with chia seeds and shredded lowfat cheddar cheese. It tastes just like mac and cheese – I swear! It looks gross but tastes great!

  9. Roasted green beans with din tonight – never done this before and they were awesome!!! :)

  10. Mmm banana snack looks yummy! So simple yet so delicious.

    The best thing I ate today was homemade chili! We made a huge crock-pot’s worth last weekend and its still going strong!

  11. I have a frozen banana in my freezer that needs to be eaten, and now i know what i want to do with it thanks to you! :)

  12. That snack looks awesome! I love the chocolate chip addition :) The best thing I ate today was my apple pb oats this morning!

  13. best thing?? Just bunches! And PB is the best everyday!

  14. This –

    P.S. I showed my husband a picture of this meal and he told me I was disgusting :) Is maple syrup and hot sauce not a normal combo?!

  15. That snack looks fabulous!!

  16. The amazing grass bar you sent me! I loved it! but my tofu/veggie dinner was also a plus. :)

  17. The weather never cleared up here today either. :(

  18. Your food always looks amazing Brandi! Love the almond butter and chocolate chips :)

  19. The weather up in NYC is awful too. I’m nervous about my runs this weekend – maybe I’ll try running in the freezing rain!

    At least I had some wonderful chicken pad thai tonight… :)

  20. om best idea evah! i have to try that!
    pumpkin cheesecake icecream? OMG
    you are a tease!

  21. Now I really want to try bulgar!

    Best thing I ate today = my sister’s homemade Chicken Tortilla soup. I’m getting the recipe…it was amazing!

  22. Pumpkin oatmeal! A pretty common one this time of year :)

  23. The weather’s pretty bad here, too! It’s supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend. I miss summer :-(

    I made a “smoky greens & beans” recipe tonight that was pretty good!

  24. Yum that snack looks amazing!

    The best thing I ate yesterday was fro yo!

  25. Ah! That snack sounds like another version of my latest go-to! Tj’s flattened bananas rolled up with carob chips and peanut butter :)

    It’s sooooo delicious, no??

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