Not Easy to Rise

Good morning!

I’m very happy fall is here, but it’s taking me a long time to get used to the fact that the sun is no longer up when I’m getting out of bed. It’s so hard to get up when it’s pitch black outside!

We’re also supposed to have pretty bad weather today, which doesn’t help. Mid 40s and rainy? That is winter weather, not fall.

Since I’m working from home today, I did have time to make a good breakfast.



I cooked up some bacon and scrambled some eggs so Nick and I could have breakfast sandwiches this morning. It’s been a long time since we’ve made them- way too long!


I also sliced up the last of our strawberries. These berries were okay, but I’m ready to leave them behind for all the fall fruits :)

Nick’s just leaving for work, and I’m about to grab some coffee and get to workin’ myself.


What’s your favorite citrus fruit?

I’m so excited that clemetines will be here soon!


  1. My day started really hectic to say the least!! I overslept and a few minutes later I stood in the freezing cold (about 35° F) to wait for the train!!! Unbelievable!!
    Thank god I have a short commute!!
    Favorite citrusfruit… I think I’ll have to go with clementines too!! Soo jucy and sweet!! Have a good day! Hug n.
    Btw go and take a look at my blog… ;)

  2. I hate having to get up when it’s pitch black out! It makes going to the gym in the morning before work so much harder. But you’re right, other than that, fall is pretty great – when the weather cooperates.

  3. I noticing the same problem with getting up on time.

    I love oranges and tangerines and clementines!! I don’t like grapefruits at all, though.

  4. It’s been tough for me to wake up in the dark, too…I’m so out of it!

  5. Hi Brandi,

    I cant seem to get out of bed either when it is pitch black.
    Dont we turn back the clocks soon?
    Not really a citris fruit kind of girl,
    Somehow I always get squirted in the eye.

  6. I’m with you on the clementines. I discovered them last year and fell in love!

  7. strawberries definitely!
    same here, rainy and cold :(

  8. ugh I hear ya – my motivation to get out of bed has reached an absolute lowwww.. though that breakfast could definitely get me up and running :)

  9. I love citrus fruits, esp grapefruits! But alas, they give me canker sores in my mouth (tmi?) so I rarely get to enjoy them…. :(

    And as for getting up on time, dark + rain = me wanting to be in my warm bed! True that!

  10. I totalllly agree. Now that it’s darkER out so early its getting super hard to wake up! And when it’s dark all day it’s way to hard to feel awake during the day!

  11. I love tangerines & grapefruits.

  12. Oh yea, it’s been rough having to leave the house while it’s still dark–all I want to do is crawl back under the covers!
    You know…I don’t think I’ve ever had a Clementine! I’ll have to try one this year.

  13. a breakfast sammie is such a good way to start a day – i find them super filling but not overly so.

    and fresh berries! LOVE – i already miss them :(

  14. i cannot wait for clemantines! those suckers are like crack for me.

  15. your breakfast looks delicious!!

    i seriously love all citrus fruit!!
    Probobaly strawberries being in the top..3? next to pineapple..

  16. Ohhh love clementines!! I’m so jealous that you get to work from home often.

  17. I love grapefruit drizzled with honey! Cold and rainy is no fun! You should curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket while you work from home. :)

  18. it is hard for me to get up too, i hate waking up while it is pitch black and driving to work at what feels like 3 AM. bah! you are lucky to be able to work from home.. great breakfast! i love big juicy oranges. i have geographic tongue so citrus really bothers it.. but i still love it!

    p.s. great dinner last night!

  19. Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling clementines–I can’t help but think of that song when I eat them

  20. Breakfast looks delicious! So cute that you and Nick can have a sit down meal in the morning together! My favorite citrus fruit is kiwi!

  21. I will miss berries and melons. :-( But, I guess it’s time to embrace apples, oranges and squash!

    My fav citrus fruit is the clementine…which, I probably should stock up on!

  22. I’m never good at getting out of bed, but the darkness is only making it worse.

    I love clementines too. I like oranges also but never seem to buy them.

  23. These are days that I’m glad my wake up is not super early. I used to hate getting up and leaving before the sun decided to make it’s appearance.

    Your sanwich looks yummy. I am making my self some breakfast sandwich soon after avoiding the aweful fast food ones while traveling.

  24. That was me this morning, i could NOT pry myself outta my bed this morning for the life of me!

    I can’t wait for clementines either! there my fav!

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