Dark Chocolate Is Better Than Leftovers

I love reading all of your responses to my post this morning! There are so many good ideas and suggestions, and it’s nice just knowing the other people are dealing with this same thing.

Now for that breakfast I didn’t get to show off earlier  :)

I finally remembered to buy some dark chocolate chips decided I needed to try it on some oatmeal.

I mean, dark chocolate is good with everything – and why hadn’t I tried it on oatmeal yet?


I don’t think I could have had a better or more tasty bowl of oatmeal.


The base was:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch of salt (necessary!)
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin, stirred in at end
  • TONS of cinnamon. Like 2 tsp or something ridiculous



  • 1 Tbsp crunchy pb
  • 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips

For bowls of oatmeal with toppings that melt (i.e., peanut or almond butter, chocolate chips, etc), I always eat the bowl from the outside –> in. I like to save the very middle of the bowl for last, so all the last bites have the MOST nut buttery/chocolatey goodness  :)


Such a great way to start today – especially since it is gloomy and rainy outside!

For lunch today, I had more pasta leftovers along with some green beans and a sliced orange.




The pasta was good, but not as good as that breakfast.


I kind of wish I just had another pb and dark chocolate-topped bowl of oatmeal for lunch. :) 


Do you eat certain things in strange ways? Like saving the melty pb/chocolate chip middle of your oatmeal for last? Or saving a piece of everything for the last perfect bite?

Tons of fun giveaway!


  1. That bowl of oats looks decadent. Definitely good on a cold, gray morning!

  2. I eat things in the weirdest ways when I’m by myself. When I cut my sandwiches in half, it’s always crusts first, then the smaller half and then the rest. If it’s a stir-fry, I always pick all the veggies out first, then the protein and then eat the rice. I could go on, but I sound neurotic.

    Needless to say, yes, I do eat things a certain way–saving the best for last!

  3. I always save the middle of my oatmeal for last, too! I love the melty parts.

  4. i like to have my food separated, so that with each bite i can pick and choose what i want to put on my fork or spoon. so, if i put a blob of pb in the center of my oats i can eat from the outside for just oats or take a bit of the pb blob in the center on my way out to scoop up some oats for both!

    this past week i put annie’s ww shells and cheddar next to chili so i could scoop down the middle for both or on each side for one or the other.

    i also prefer to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the peanut butter side facing me–i feel like you get more of the peanut butter flavor this way.

    annnd, i like to save at least one bite of my favorite thing on my plate for last just to leave me that much more satisfied :-).

  5. OMG that is crazy freaky! Like both your meals today are scarily similar to mine. Wow…dark chocolate I agree is perfect in breakfast bowls and I eat from the outside in too :)

  6. That bowl of oats is seriously love in a bowl! :) I have such weird things that i do with certain foods too. like if i reallllly like something i eat it last so that i can savor the flavor, or with ice cream i always save the pieces that have the most chocolate or cookie pieces or what have you in it, so i can have that last bite and have it last in my mouth FOREVER! hahah. we are so alike girlie! :)


  7. I like to spread the almond butter/chocolate into a “frosting” on top of my oats :-)


  8. mmmmm…i j’adore the chocolate chips with pumpkin oats! i try to ration out my nut butter/chocolate throughout the whole bowl. most of my sammies i try to eat from the outside in, because the middle is the best part!!!

  9. oh my GOSH this looks good. I need to try this sweet pumpkin oats mix!

  10. That bowl of oats looks amazing. I always like to save the best piece for last.

  11. The last and first time I tried to mix Peanut Butter into my oatmeal it made it so thick I couldn’t finish it. Do you ever have that problem? Do you add more water when your adding something thick like PB?

    • Hmm..that’s weird! mine never gets thicker, but I don’t MIX the peanut butter in either. I just put it on top and save those bites for last, so by that time, the pb is kind of hot and melty and not so hard to eat.

      maybe that’s why?

  12. Is it scary that I am eating pumpkin oats with dark chocolate chips and SB PB as I read this?
    I always save the best bite of whatever I’m having for last, which for some reason people think means I like that the least and it’s ok to take from my plate. That’s not ok!

  13. mmm that oatmeal looks so decadent! i love it! i always save the best bite of anything for last. mmm the middle of a cinnamon roll is so incredible.

  14. Oh my what a decadent, but so healthy oatmeal bowl!!! Seriously, dark chocolate must be soooo good on top! I will have to try that. I’m the same as you! I always start from the outside and eat my way in to the good stuff!

  15. adding chocolate chips to my grocery list now :)

  16. I’m the same as you – I eat the outside ‘boring’ part first and save the most chocolatey portion for last. Deeeeeelish!

  17. Mmmm I like to save all my goodies in oatmeal for “dessert” too! :D Fab lookin’ bowl of oats!

  18. Ah!! That oatmeal looks amazing. Love that you leave the center for last. I always leave my spoonful of peanut butter chillin’ on the side, which allows me to take little tastes of it with each oatmeal bite!!

    And I usually deconstruct sandwiches so that I can have a few bits of everything together, and then parts of it alone, with the bread, and all by itself!! Gotta get all the flavors in! hahaha…..please tell me that i’m not weird ;)

  19. I always try to have a bite of nut butter with every bite of oatmeal. I put it in the middle and take a smidge with eat bite.

    I also eat apples with one bite from the top and one from the bottom and work my way turning it to the left.

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