Terrific Tuesday

Well, I guess today went pretty well for a Tuesday.

  • I got my package mailed and skipped the line, thanks to the automated postage machine.
  • I got my work done.
  • I got my run done.
  • I saw 7 goundhogs today!!! I almost hit my record of 8 in one day…so close!

While working this afternoon, I had one of my Chocolate Amazing Grass bars for a snack.


I think these are my new favorite bars – I’m going to have to order more once they’re gone since there aren’t any stores that sell them around here!

I had a 4 mile run to do today and was happy to be outside after work. I think today is going to be our nicest day this week, so I wanted to make sure to get a run in. It was only 65 degrees, but the sun was still out a little and there was a slight breeze. Perfect.

I still haven’t put my new battery in my HRM (I know…) and just wore a stopwatch today. I don’t know the exact mileage or mile splits, but I’ve run this route before and know I got in 4 miles. I actually felt pretty good today! My legs weren’t tight today like they were on Sunday and the nice weather just makes running so much more fun.

After running + stretching + showering, we heated up a quick dinner.


We both had some leftover split pea soup from last night, and I had a toasted slice of ww bread with some honey butter.


I think the soup was even better tonight. It had thickened up a little and was just the perfect texture.

I haven’t made this yet, but I’m pretty sure this will be snack tonight:


My easy microwave popcorn.


What was “terrific” about your Tuesday?

I loved seeing all those groundhogs  :) I think they’re so cute!

I’m also happy I got my package mailed. I was returning/exchanging some clothes I ordered and can’t wait to the new/replacements get here. *Hoping everything fits.

I’m in my pajamas at 7:30.



  1. 7 groundhogs!!?? That’s insane! Don’t worry…I’m in PJs too already!

  2. 7 groundhogs? How? where? Running a half made my day, but not as much as my “celebratory cupcake” will to the tune of The Biggest Loser.

  3. I love easy days and early PJ’s.

    Today was good because I got tons of stuff done and didn’t freak out. I got in PT, lots of calls and emails, dinner with Hunni at Subway and now getting some blog posts done.

    Sad part…I’m missing my babies because we have to be out of town for two days :-(

  4. I’m such a huge fan of those bars… i wish more places sold them!

  5. I love split pea soup. That looks so good!

    My day was terrific because my boyfriend surprised me and picked me up from work. He usually can’t pick me up when I work at the bakery. Loved seeing him standing there waiting to get me!

    Can’t believe you saw so many groundhogs!

  6. groundhogs? i don’t know that i’ve ever seen one actually!?

    best part about tuesday? I got paid to chill at work for all nine hours. hahaha.. too bad it was only $35!

    and i’m happy to hear you like those bars! can’t wait to get them and try!!! thanks again!

  7. I’m pretty sure I have never seen a single groundhog!
    Soup is always better the next day, glad you enjoyed!

  8. how is it that you saw 7 groundhogs in one day and I don’t even think I’ve seen one in my entire life? they must be drawn to you ;) can’t blame ’em!

  9. Ah! I was in P.J.’s the moment I got home at 5:00 today!

  10. Glad you had a great day! I got a wisdom tooth out, so not the best day over here… :/ however I know it will get better tomorrow!

    p.s. i have never seen a groundhog before, i don’t even think i’d know where to look?! that is so cool :)

  11. Oh I adore the green superfood bars! They are SO delicious!

  12. Finishing my run, a hot bath with lavender soap, and getting into cozy fleece was terrific!

  13. wow I have never seen a ground hog!! what do they look like LOL

    nice job on the run! and great split pea soup! what a pretty green it is!

    I cant wait to try my amazing grass bars I won at a giveaway!

  14. Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen a groundhog around here. My sister was born on Groundhog’s Day and I called her Phil-baby for a while!

  15. I love your plate and bowl! You just made me want popcorn!

  16. LOL at 7 groundhogs?! How is that possible? I guess I’m kinda jealous to be honest, lol! My Tuesday was good b/c I ate creamy portobella mac n chz for dinner!

  17. i love early pj days!! i usually end up in a facial mask , and painting my toe nails on nights like that :D hehe

    I am so excited to send your package out on thursday :D
    its ready to go!

    Those amazing grass bars sound great! i love the chocolate powder.. i should pick up the bar next time!

  18. i am cracking up about the groundhog statistic! mmm i love honey butter, that looks delish. tuesday was good b/c my skinny jeans fit again! yayer!

  19. wow 7!!! that soup look soooooo goood!

  20. 7 groundhogs in one day? I can’t even say that I have ever seen 1!

  21. 7 groundhogs. i dont think i’ve ever seen 1. LOL…glad you’ve had a great day!


  22. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a real groundhog come to think of it!

  23. I had a GREAT run this afternoon. That is the BEST part of my Tuesday. Gotta love those days.

  24. Hmmm I don’t think I’ve ever even seen 1 in real life! lol

    Mmmmm The Split Pea Soup looks delicious!

  25. I’ve never had split pea soup, but yours looks great!! What was so terrific about my Tuesday was getting to see my mom after work. I love hanging out with her!

  26. I’ve never seen a ground hog! They sound cute though :)

  27. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live groundhog…interesting.

    My tuesday was great because I got to go to YOGA!! Soo happy!

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  29. Nice job! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished today. LOVE split pea soup (veggie friendlY) haven’t had it in forever. I need to eithe rmake some or pick some up! I love the plain superfood bars. I want to get a bundle more too. Best part of my Tuesday- a great Body Attack class

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