Pumpkin Oatmeal Returns

Can you believe I haven’t had pumpkin oatmeal since February of this year? I know! That is way too long.

I welcomed it back into my life today and am happy to start another season of filling pumpkin oats  :)


Today’s base was:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin
  • LOTS of cinnamon


I cooked the oatmeal in the microwave with the banana, then stirred in the pumpkin and cinnamon right before eating.


My toppings today were the last few slices of banana and a serving of my favorite: Nuts Over Raspberries TJs trail mix. I mixed most of the nuts in the oatmeal, saving just a few and all the dark chocolate chips for the top.


I love this mix with the pumpkin oats. The almonds and peanuts are salty, the raspberries are sweet, and the dark chocolate is just good.


Have you had your favorite fall food yet?

I’ve definitely had some winter squash, soup, and hot tea, but I feel like fall is really here now that I’ve had my pumpkin oatmeal.


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  1. Yes I have – butternut squash :)

  2. This looks so good…I just ate breakfast and I’m hungry again!

  3. Yup, right now I’m having myself a BIG bowl of pumpkin oatmeal myself. Nothing better…

  4. Holy yum!! I need to make pumpkin oats asap!! My pumpkin-puree is already waiting in my kitchen and now with all the delicious pictures around the blog world I def can’t wait any longer!!
    I had pumpkin and squash already – I just LOVE it!!!

  5. I have been eating lots of winter squash and am really loving it this year.

    Your oats look awesome!

  6. Love pumpkin oats, had some for breakfast this morning too! We had out first pot of chili last week, so I’d say that fall is here!

  7. One of my favorite fall foods is definitely chili. I’ve gotten some recently from one of my favorite delis, but I’m really looking forward to making my own this weekend or early next week. There might be some cornbread thrown in there too.

    Looove chili.

  8. pumpkin & squash have been in the rotation already this fall for me! i am eating some pumpkin butter on an apple as we speak ;)

  9. So glad you brought that lovely bowl of pumpkin goodness back into your morning–yum!!

    Yes, I have had way over my share of fall squash dishes and my belly is very happy :-)

  10. I love sweet potatoes and butternut squash — yum! I just had my first squash of the season this past weekend.

  11. That’s a LONG time to go without that comforting bowl of oats! Looks delicious!!

    I’m going to have my ‘one a year’ treat this week – CIDER DONUT!! Yum!

  12. Thats WAY too long without pumpkin oats girl! I am LOVING your topping though. And I’ve used CAPS way to much in this comment already haha

  13. I haven’t! I need a squash ASAP!


  14. mmm i’ve had chili and soup and SQUASH. and i love them all.

  15. Hey! Awesome game Saturday :)

    That french toast sandwich you made a few posts back looks amazing and so do your pumpkin outs!

  16. yum your oats looks so creamy and good!!!

    fall favorite: pumpkin spice lattes!! :) yummy!

  17. ahhhhh i had pumpkin oatmeal this morning too, and it was SOOOOOOOO GOOD! i also topped mine with chocolate chips – great minds think alike :)

  18. woooow. looks yummy. i love chocolate in my oatmeal (and pumpkin!!). my favorite fall food is definitely pumpkin & i’ve had lots & lots. yum!

  19. YUM!
    I got to have my first bowl og butternut squash so I’m a happy girl!! :)

  20. I love pumpkin, and I’ve definitely had lots of it! Your oatmeal looks delicious – I think I will have to give pumpkin oats another try :)

  21. That looks delish! I actually haven’t had my favorite fall food, or beverage, rather, which is hot apple cider. I have had acorn squash, which is up there on the list, though!

  22. Okay, the pumpkin I stocked up on is just waiting for me to add it in oats! This weekend, I’m determined to try.

    I don’t know what my favorite fall food is – there are so many! I guess anything pumpkin flavored holds my heart. :-) I like it all….bread, muffins, lattes, cookies, and soon – oatmeal!

  23. I’m diving in head first to fall foods. Pumpkin, squash, cranberries, stuffing… it’s a great time of year to be a foodie! ;)

  24. I eat pumpkin all year long! I’ve been eating my favorite fall foods too…squash, pumpkin, beets, apples, and pears :)

  25. I started eating pumpkin oatmeal for the first time last week. Why the heck didn’t I learn about this amazing concoction earlier? haha

  26. Your oats look amazing! My favorite fall food is pumpkin too. I had pumpkin pie so far but need to make pumpkin oats asap!

  27. Pumpkin has been in my life for the last several weeks and crockpot soup has been made a few times :-)

  28. I need more butternut squash soup in my life. I hope the dining hall has it again

  29. I have had plenty of pumpkin and APPLES! makes me oh so happy.

  30. oooh yes. PUMPKIN
    seriously, way to addicted.

  31. I have been eating pumpkin oatmeal too. I love it… It’s such a nice fall food…

  32. since Feb!? you were well overdo!

    p.s. lets just move in together and make oats and french toast all day – you in?!

  33. pumpkin oats look good.. i heart the almonds on it

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