Lunch and Errands Should Not Be Together

Nick and I had some errands to run at lunch, which mostly included going to the post office. Thank goodness for the automated machine – the line was almost to the doors!

Why does your lunch break always go by so much faster when you have to do these things? I hate having to use my lunch time to run errands that aren’t even fun.

I was excited for my lunch, at least!

I brought a serving of the pasta from the other night


Along with some broccoli


And a Virginia apple.



Do you like Stonyfield products? Then you’ll be happy to hear this!

  • Bid With Your Lid – It’s that time again! Stonyfield Farm once again is calling on consumers to determine how much money will be donated to three environmental groups through its popula “Bid with your Lid” program. The exact amount donated to the Organic Center, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Energy Action Coalition will be determined by the public, which will cast votes online – and this year, those votes include extra loyalty point awards as part of the newly-launched myStonyfield Rewards program. During October, Stonyfield yogurt lids will include a promotional message on the Bid with Your Lid program, and consumers can log onto and enter one vote.
  • Stony Rewards – Stonyfield is now offering consumers the chance to earn special freebies as part of a unique loyalty program.From free yogurt to carbon offsets, the rewards possible through the myStonyfield Rewards Program “show this isn’t your typical loyalty program,” says Stonyfield President and CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg. The process begins by consumers looking for reward codes on Stonyfield yogurt products, and then signing up on-line for a myStonyfield Rewards account at Once registered, consumers enter the lid codes in an online account, save up points, and redeem them for rewards that will be shipped free.

And, they also announced a Sustainable Cooking Contest that sounds cool –

  • is a new social website that helps people manage their environmental footprint. With their latest contest, they’re looking for people to check out any of their sustainable cooking conservation tips and share their experiences, recipes, etc. The best write-up in each of the five tip categories will win a Kindle DX and a $100 gift certificate to load it up with your favorite cookbooks!

Culinary and conservation heavyweights on our judging panel include chef and local food pioneer Alice Waters, author and journalist Bill McKibben, and Stonyfield Farms CEO Gary Hirshberg.

MixMyGranola is turning 1 on 10/18 and are saying thank you to their customers with a special blend + incentive.

  • All this week, we are celebrating by adding a FREE 16oz. tube of our exclusive MixMyGranola Birthday Granola mix to every order over $30.00 when you enter the promotion code below! This limited edition MixMyGranola Birthday Granola has our favorite Organic Granola, juicy Cranberries, crunchy Almonds and delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that are exclusive to our Birthday Granola and are not available on our site. Here is how it works: Simply add products for a minimum of $30.00 and enter promotion code "BDAY2009" at check out and we will add a full 16oz granola mix of our MixMyGranola Birthday Granola for free! So start mixing away by clicking right here.

When you do run errands during the week? Do you use your lunch break (if you work full time)?


Sometimes it just seems so hard to get the post office or bank or whatever during the week when they’re open. I hate having to cram it in during my hour away from the office.


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  1. I usually eat lunch at my desk and do bloggie stuff… however sometimes I’ll run an errand if I need to go somewhere that is closed after I get off (post office, etc.) Problem is that I work downtown and have to walk 6 blocks just to my car and not much is near here, so it’s usually completely inconvenient to do so…. luckily I can walk to the post office and bank from here though!

  2. I got 5 stonyfield points already :-) I can’t wait till it’s enough to buy something
    And that granola deal sounds so good I’ll have to keep it in mind!

  3. Lunch and Errands do not mix. That’s why I’ve barely eaten today and I still have a ton to do. AHHHH!

  4. since i don’t work, i try and get the errands done so that the fiance and i have time together not “oh and now we’re running to the store” time. although we like costco, so i save that ususally…

  5. I hate running errands on my lunch break. Or, worse, working through lunch at my desk!

  6. i usually just work through my lunch break and run errands after work. thanks for the info on stonyfield!

  7. I swear, everybody and their mom goes to the post office at lunch time and feels the need to tell their life story to the postal worker. Errands + lunch = no fun. I would much rather eat and check emails at lunch.

  8. A lot of good lookin healthy eating going on here…thanks for stopping by my blog…hugs!

  9. I am lucky that I work in a place that doesn’t mind the occasional errand running. I eat lunch at my desk everyday and don’t really have a defined lunch time. I also have to run a lot of errands for work so a lot of times, I can just do them all at the same time.

  10. I am horrible at stepping away from my desk to get stuff done. I have been trying to get to the bank and post office though, since I can never make it after work!

  11. I hate running errands at lunch time! I save it for after work or the weekend. :)

  12. I’m sneaky and will leave work when my boss is in a meeting and run a few errands. I’m bad!

    The pasta looks delicious!

  13. I definatly run a lot of errands!! And put my lunch breaks to good use :D

  14. i’m lucky that i dont’ have a “real schedule” so i can run errands during off times.

  15. I am so thrilled about the stonyfield rewards thing — lord knows I throw down a pretty penny on my beloved oikos so this makes me veryyyyyyy happy!

  16. I’m sort of lucky like that working nights nad running errands early in the am when everyone else is at work. But understand how that would suck and your lunch hour seems wasted!

  17. I hate having to run errands during lunch – I try to avoid it if at all possible. I’d much rather have a relaxing lunch than run around trying to cram things into my lunch hour. I usually put off most until the weekend if I can.

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