Off to See the Hokies

Are you ready for some football?!?  :)  We are!

A friend of ours had some extra tickets for the game today, so we’re about to head into town and go to the game!

Nick and I got up and ran 4 miles this morning  – the run went well, but I felt so sick when we stopped running. Like….about to throw up and/or pass out.

I sat down on our step for a few minutes after we stopped and started to feel a bit better.

After drinking a glass of water, I got in the shower –then I had to turn off the water and sit down in the shower like 3 different times! I just felt like I was going to pass out. Thankfully, I didn’t, and I feel much better now that I’ve eaten.


I picked up some bacon for Nick last night, so I cooked up a few pieces of that along with some eggs.


We both put our eggs (runny, of course) on our toast and split an orange.


and some coffee!


I’ve got to find some snacks to sneak into the game since I know I’ll be hungry in there and don’t want only nachos or a hot dog.


Here’s hoping it doesn’t pour on us today!  :)


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  1. Oh no! Glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself today and have fun!

  2. Have a great day!
    hope it doesnt rain on you either ;)

    *i have most of your pkge ready for you.
    should we exchange how many things each, just so its roughly even? or .. :) haha

  3. girl i hope you are feeling better. I’m glad that you didnt end up passing out. maybe you just needed some fuel asap! Have a load of fun today, can’t wait to hear about it! :)

  4. Sounds like you will have a blast!

    BTW I love runny eggs on toast :-)

  5. glad you are feeling better! a savory brekkie like that always does the trick :) have fun at the game today – and if you see a small blonde that kind of looks like me aimlessly (prob due to alcohol haha) wandering around then that’s my sister ;) keep your eye out! haha

  6. Have fun at the game!

  7. Yikes! Glad food made you feel better! Did you not have enough to eat?

  8. enjoy your fball filled day, Brandi :)

  9. I’m SO jealous you’re getting to wear shorts and a t! mmm Loveeeeeee eggs :)

  10. Love eggs! Have fun with the football!!



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