What a fun game today – lots of extra stuff since it was also homecoming today, and the weather actually turned out pretty well. We had no rain at all – it was just overcast and a little windy. Perfect for football watching.


Right before we went into the stadium, I had half a small roast beef sandwich on wheat and shared the rest with Nick. I ended up never having a real lunch, but it was okay.

Nick got these crazy nachos in the game –



I ended up eating one of my chocolate Amazing Grass bars during halftime, and it was the perfect snack.


The score at halftime! Woo!


Coach Beamer!


Coach Foster!

We had some great seats today, and it was just a fun game all around. The Hokies also presented a check to Mark Herzlich, the ACC Defensive Player of the year from 2008 with a check of money they raised for him and his fight with cancer. What a cool moment.

Final score: 48 – Hokies, 14 – Eagles.

We took the long walk back to the car, ran to Kroger to get the rest of the groceries, and came home to eat a quick dinner.


I made a quick pasta dish with:

  • mushrooms
  • lean turkey sausage
  • crushed and diced tomatoes
  • Italian seasoning
  • garlic powder
  • crushed red pepper
  • whole wheat pasta
  • 1/4 cup of so ricotta stirred in with everything at the end

We each had some pasta and a side salad.


Mmm…ranch dressing.

I also just had these 2 truffles from my favorite chocolate shop, The Chocolate Spike.


1 caramel apple truffle and 1/2 a pumpkin spice truffle!


Look at the caramel just oozing out – they were good.


Now we’re off to have some dessert (?) and play some games with some couples from church. Don’t know when we’ll be back!


Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday  :)


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  1. I’m mesmerized by that CARAMEL apple truffle…

  2. I love truffles! I’m super jealous of your saturday. Mine was spent on the couch sick eating whatever I could :-( Enjoy the rest of your evening.

  3. wow a pumpkin spice truffle sounds soooo good! glad u had fun at the game and that they won, i know my sis was def happy too :) enjoy the rest of your night!

  4. What a great looking dinner even though you said you just threw it together :-) And totally my style to end with some truffles–although I wish I had yummy flavors like that!!

  5. You and Nick are so cute! Glad you guys had fun at the game, and had some scrumptious truffles to come home to!

  6. Oh those truffles are officially my new weakness. Thank god I have no way of getting to them, haha

  7. Looks like you had fun at the game! I tried my first chocolate Amazing Grass bar today…I loved it!

    Mmmm…pumpkin truffle?!?

  8. aw looks like a fun day!!! and give me those chocolates right this second missy! haha

  9. you too are so adorable! i love how you had your amazing grass with you for the game :)

  10. Glad you had a fun day at the game, it was agood one!

  11. Yayyyyy hokies!!! Glad you had fun at the game. You two are too cute!


  12. you had me at stadium nachos with jalapenos! what a great day! Glad the weather cooperated!

  13. Those truffles are gorgeous!

  14. Fun day! That caramel apple truffle looks out of this world!


  15. You and nick are so cute! glad that you ended up having amazing weather!

    Where did you get those truffles! YUMMM


  16. Pumpkin spice truffles sound seriously amazing. I <3 pumpkin and chocolate together.

  17. Fun pics! Glad you guys had a good time. Ahhhh those truffles sound amazing! Love the Fall flavors :)

  18. way to go Hokies!!!!! glad the weather behaved so you could get your fball fix!

  19. looks like a great football game!!

    wow! those pumpkin spice truffles look so delish.

  20. I SO thought of you as my husband was watching the Virginia Tech/BC game! I said to myself, “HA! I wonder if I can spot Brandi in that crowd!” Tough game for BC :(

    Your pasta dish looks so yummy! I could eat pasta every.single.day! And those truffles were amazing, too. They looked absolutely perfect!

    BTW, you and Nick are the cutest! You guys could be models. I loved your pic at the game.

    Enjoy the rest of your night!


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