Steamy Decisions

TGIF – this weekend could not come fast enough!

Work today was good, but the day just felt like it took forever to end. I actually had my evaluation today, which went well!

I broke into a new flavor Larabar I found last week around 3:30.


I had never tried this Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar before, and I loved it – I think this is tied with the coconut cream pie bar. I like the coconut ones because of the texture, I think. I’m glad I finally found this flavor – now if they would just stock the new flavors here…that would be great.

It is so muggy here today – it was 82 degrees and super thick and sticky outside when we left work.

Since we have plans to go to the football game tomorrow, I moved the grocery shopping/running schedule around and decided to push running to tomorrow morning & Sunday. I went to the store tonight and got the majority of the groceries, but I still need a few things that we’ll just pick up after the game tomorrow.

We only have a Wal-mart out here by us, and I just cannot buy produce from there. It never looks good, I’ve seen too many moldy things sitting in the store, and I just won’t do it. So…tonight I just got things like Kashi cereal, applesauce, frozen veggies, paper towels, etc.

I was also okay moving the schedule around because I knew we had leftovers we could eat for dinner tonight.


We each heated up 1/4 of the frittata from last night to have with some broccoli and sliced apple.


I love breakfast for dinner :)

And guess what I found tonight. I just couldn’t resist.


Ben & Jerry’s seasonal flavors: Pumpkin Cheesecake  and Ginger Snap



Now the question is…

Which one do I try first?



  1. honestly.. ben and Jerry should get a nobel prize for being such geniuses! pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is a miracleeee. What’s your favorite B&J’s flav? I’m all about phish food!

    • Phish food used to be my FAVORITE!!! I would save all the Phish for the end of the pint :) I also love Half Baked. Yum.


  3. I love it when the seasonal goodies come out

  4. Oo, I love B&J’s. I’ve been to the plant up in Vermont twice now :)

  5. pumpkin, definitely the pumpkin :)

  6. walmart produce always sucks so bad… there used to be one on my way home from work in my hometown and i’d buy things there and then be confused as to how fruit could be so lacking in flavor.
    i’ve never seen gingersnap ice cream-i wanna hear how it is!

  7. I vote pumpkin first! It was sooo crazy warm here today too, I think we hit 85 or something random like that for October? I need to try this flava larabar, esp since the Coconut Cream Pie is my numero uno!!!! :)

  8. I agree with you about Walmart – I just can’t do it.
    I vote for the pumpkin cheesecake.

  9. ginger snap. i love ginger flavor. OMG chocolate coconut chew is the bomb! microwave it!

  10. I’d totally have the gingersnap first. There is pumpkin everything this time of year but gingersnap flavor may make me eat some icecream even though I haven’t had dessert in a month.

  11. you scored MEGA tonight girl! woah! i can’t wait for your to try them like for real! :) let me know what the deets are!

  12. HEY! PUmpkin cheesecake ice cream definitely sound better than pumpkin-pie-flavored ice cream! I would try that one first! :D

  13. I’ve never tried that B&J’s icecream! Seeing it everywhere is making me crave it!

  14. pumpkin cheesecake definitely! :D

  15. Oh man, pumpkin cheesecake sounds divine!

  16. This larabar looks great! It might be your new favourite one

  17. Ohhhh you didn’t just do that! Now I’ll have to make it my mission to find those flavors! They both sound awesome. I love their Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream, so I’d be tempted to go with the Ginger Snap flavor first.

  18. both!!! haha I can never make decisions so I would just crack open both of those beauties

  19. Gingersnap!!!! I just had some last night. It is AMAZING. Seriously, big chunks of soft cookie and gooey caramel. You will LOVE it.

    And I need to get my hands on that pumpkin cheesecake.

  20. This post is filled with yummy goodness! Coconut/chocolate is one of my fav combos, and let’s just say I am a little bit of an ice cream addict–so I should start looking for those kinds, yum!

  21. OH MY! Try pumpkin cheesecake for sure!!

    I love the chocolate coconut lara bar too. I think the coconut creme is just a little bit better though :)

  22. I heat Ben and Jerry’s! My fav is Phish Food. I say try them both at the same time, a scoop of each! :)

  23. Oh, the season ice cream sounds soo good! I would have a scoop of each too! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Whaaaaa?!?!?! I MUST get my hands on these flavors like, yesterday!!!

    Have a great time at the game – crossing my fingers for good weather for you!

  25. PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM?! i have to find it. now.

  26. Where did you find these Ben & Jerry’s flavors? I haven’t been able to locate them yet. :(

  27. Definitely pumpkin! I haven’t seen that in the store. Must go look for it!!

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