In a Rush

Well…I did not get up on time today! I hit the snooze 3 times, which makes my alarm just turn off, and I ended up not getting up until Nick’s alarm went off!

The good thing?

I had oatmeal waiting for me in the fridge.

The bad thing?

I still had to decide on toppings  :)


I heated up another serving of my carrot cake oatmeal (still have 1 left!) with a bit of water in the microwave.


My toppings today were:

  • chopped pecans
  • coconut
  • drizzle of real maple syrup!!!


The maple syrup was awesome in this! I should use it on my oatmeal more often.


What are your plans for this weekend?


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  1. I am totally pumped about my weekend plans. I am heading down to a yoga studio in VA Beach to potentially sign up for yoga teacher training! hoooray and then to top that off, Monday is my birthday! yaay!

  2. this weekend is going to be some much earned relaxation around the house! getting my hair did as well, plus some shopping for house stuff (curtains, rugs, lights) and perhaps small projects too :) i can’t wait, what a week!

  3. my plans are nothing exciting. i have work and a load of studying to do :(

  4. I woke up a little before my alarm this morning, what a surprise!
    Your oats look sooo good!! If I were at home now I’d definitely would make a batch!!
    This weekend… I plan to visit my nieces (almost 18 and 20 years!!)) on saturday and go for a movie on sunday. Probably The Ugly Truth!! Have a good day!! Hug n.

  5. hit the outlet to get some good deals!

  6. Hi Brandi,

    You beat me, I only hit the snooze twice.

    Weekend plans….
    Going to see “Couples Retreat”.
    In order to have date night at the movies, I must see something that husband wants to see.
    Hope this one is better than Transformers 2

  7. I always add maple syrup to everything–it’s so good! I especially love steaming acorn squash and drizzling it over the squash. Yum!

  8. Going to see Rob Thomas tonight woo hoo! And working the rest of the weekend :(

  9. That oatmeal looks awesome :P
    This weekend I’m travelling to Portalegre (a city in Portugal) with a friend because we’re shooting a wedding. We’re going tomorrow and coming back on Sunday. We’ll spend the night at a nice little hotel so that should be fun. :)

  10. I wouldn’t mind waking up if I had that oatmeal waiting for me :)

    This weekend my fiance and I are going out of town to visit our parents….I can’t wait!

  11. my plans are to try and sweet talk my fiance into taking me to the dave’s killer bread STORE!

  12. real maple syrup makes all the difference!

    ummm…i missed the office last night :( was it good? i will definitely be catching up tonight, no worries!

  13. This weekend is my cousin’s 14th birthday, and the hubby and I are going to her house for a birthday party. Can’t wait!

  14. Hehe, at least deciding on toppings is a good dilemma! It looks amazing. I am totally gonna crash this weekend. I need some R&R!

  15. You oatmeal looks like freakin’ dessert! yum!

  16. I’m going to have to do this making oatmeal ahead to eat later. Most of this week I’ve been eating Luna bars for breakfast in a hurry. And My schedule is just going to get more busy.

    Tell me more about how you reheat it and how much you make?

    This weekend I’m going to go biking with Hunni and I’m going to probably go for a nice walk up Mt. Greylock with him on Monday. Other than that its the same old, same old because my friend bailed on me :-(

  17. I can’t wait to go home, bake, and then go north to be with relatives on Sunday!

  18. i plan on fixing my college essay this weekend and sending it out :) woot woot!

    oh man that sure does look like one great bowl of oats!!

  19. Breakfast looks delicious as usual! :) That coconut is making my mouth water!

  20. this weekend I am seeing my best friend, we are ordering in Chinese and drinking wine (tradition with us) shopping and enjoying Fall Festivals and going to NYC and doing the NEDA walk!! Yay for seeing my best friend I haven’t seen in 6 months!!!

  21. Mmm, carrot cake oatmeal! I have to try that one.

    I have a race on Sunday morning, but not too much going on Saturday. Hopefully some QT with my boy before he leaves again!

  22. if my alarm went off after 3 snoozes i would be in big trouble! glad nick had an alarm though. this weekend i have a house warming party AND a bridal shower AND a GNO.. busyyy.

  23. Oh man, your oatmeal looks so good! Carrot Cake oats sound amazing!

  24. Going to your home state!!!

    Sorry about the alarm clock fail. I hate when that happens :(

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