Things I Love Today

1. Blue skies


2. Changing Leaves


3. New Avett Brothers and Dave Matthews’ CDs. LOVE. Go get both – they’re great.

4. Being able to run errands at lunch.

5. Good leftovers just waiting to be eaten.


I made a refried bean/cheese/hot sauce wrap in a flatout with some guacamole, blue chips, and zucchini on the side.


These chips are so good, and I now love raw zucchini dipped in stuff! Guac + hummus, especially.



6. The Office: The Wedding tonight! I better get some tissues handy.


7. Football tonight  :)

9:00 PM ET  No. 21 Nebraska at No. 24 Missouri, ESPN


Make your pick in the comments!


What are you loving today?

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  1. I can’t wait for The Office! I usually watch Grey’s and then watch The Office the next day online but I can’t wait for tonight

  2. I forgot the wedding was tonight! yay!!

    Seriously, I think you live in the land of gorgeousness.

  3. That lunch looks fabulous. I love the first picture. :)

  4. The wrap looks so good! Pretty blue skies too :) I am loving the fro-yo I am eating as I type! I am also loving the fact that I will be drinking and watching sports as soon as work ends!

  5. I’m loving the brisk weather and LOST episodes in the background while I type letters and make copies :-) Thanks Brandi!

  6. today, i love my chia icecream sitting in the freezer :)

    that wrap looks way to amazing!

  7. You’ve got me cravin’ a bean burrito now! I’m going to pick Missouri–it’s going to be a rainy, cold game!

  8. I am loving The Office and Grey’s tonight!

  9. bean and cheese burritos are the simplest food, so how are they so darn good?

  10. I am loving wearing my new scarf :)

  11. Oh my. refried bean and cheese burritos reminds me of my childhood. That sounds sooooo delish right now! Great job girl haha.

  12. That burrito sounds delish!

    I’m loving that I just had a nice leisurely lunch out!

  13. Those refried beans are making my stomach growl… I don’t eat those nearly enough!

    I’m having a dinner-and-a-movie night with Ari and his sister. Fun!

  14. i am having leftovers tooooo!

  15. I love blue chips!!! I was actually just planning to have some for a snack dipped in sabra. yum!

  16. Love those CDs!!

    Enjoy the game :)

  17. So excited for The Office wedding tonight too! (Wish I didn’t have to miss Grey’s Anatomy to see it though).

    Always love your guacamole-laden meals!

  18. I don’t like refried beans, but I do love the office! :)

  19. Such a hard one but I’m going to have to go with Missouri!
    Looks like a great wrap!
    Today I’m loving rest and no work!

  20. That’ll be a good game. Hope I get to watch some of it.

    Your lunch looks amazing! I can’t wait to see all those pretty trees this weekend. There aren’t trees here :(

  21. I am loving visiting DC! It’s a beautiful city!

  22. i love all these things too :)
    sooo happy!!

  23. You have no idea how amazingg that lunch sounds to me!!! I am obsessed with all things spicy, involving tortilla chips and/or avocado! Home-made burritos are the best :)

  24. that lunch looks awesome!!!

    and love the blue skies! i wish i had your changing leaves though!!! none here in tx!

  25. The wrap looks great! I love the pic of the blue sky… It was a beautiful fall day today, and I loved it! All of it! :)

  26. Beautiful fall pic! I am loving that my mom came to visit!! :-) Being two hours away can be hard sometimes.

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