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For some reason, this week is going by fast! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, but I’m happy about it. Nick and I are probably going to a football game this weekend – we’re psyched. It should be a good one, as long as it doesn’t rain!

Too many options for breakfast means it takes me a long time to decide.


I still have a few servings of my carrot cake oatmeal in the fridge, so I knew I needed to eat some today.


I love this with the pineapple – it’s so sweet from the fruit and the carrots.

I heated up a serving with a little added water, then added my toppings:

  • chopped pecans
  • coconut
  • TJs pumpkin butter


Happy Fall  :)


To start off Thursday in a good way, I wanted to bring your attention to an awesome project Natalie is starting.

Project Feed Me

What is Project Feed Me?

Project Feed is a nine week program designed to help feed thousands of hungry Families.

The Goal

-Donate as many items of food as possible to the Local Food Banks

-Rally as many people as possible to participate in Project Feed Me

-Give back and Feed the hungry

How do I participate?
Four Easy Steps:

1. Register and become a member of Project Feed Me
2. Commit to buying two of the "recommended food items" per week for the entire nine week project
3. Commit to getting at least 3 other people to become members of Project Feed Me
4. At the end of nine weeks, look up your local food bank (US here) (Canada here)and donate your items

*The recommended food items are a list of items that have been predetermined by Food Banks across the country. The recommended food items will be posted at every Monday Starting Monday October 12. It will be your responsibility to check back each week to find out what the weekly item is and ensure you are buying the foods that are recommended and  needed by the food banks.


For more information, please see this post on Natalie’s blog and sign up if you can help!

Food banks in this country are struggling and they need all the help they can get. Buying just 2 things a week for these 9 weeks will be such a relief and it’s such an easy thing to do.

I love that she is doing this challenge – just reading through her story makes me think of my boys in Honduras and how much more I want to do for them.

No matter how much you make, what car you have, what house you live in, or what clothes you wear…we are so blessed in this country, overall. We always have more to give.

The small things really do add up.


Do you volunteer / give to charities or have you in the past?


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  1. I love that oatmeal, must recreate soon!

    I do a lot of community service related to healthcare issues, but have been really interested in hunger as well. Great project!

  2. Thanks for the info on the great project! I’m definitely going to look into it. I do volunteer from time to time and am lucky enough to do a fair amount of community service through work, but I always feel like I should be doing more.

    It’s so important to highlight this particular issue.

  3. That oatmeal still looks delish! Love the topping of pumpkin butter. I need to get my hands on this stuff.

    Project Feed Me sounds like a great charity! I volunteer for my local humane society and big brothers big sisters chapters.

  4. I volunteer through my church. I’ve participated in Christmas in April, Habitat for Humanity, and serving at a local homeless shelter. Our church also collects for the the local food bank on a weekly basis.

    So I have a running question for you. How do you get past the mental barriers while running? I’ve recently started at Couch to 5k training plan and I’m trying to work on some 2 mile stretches. Some days the mental barrier is so overwhelming….

    • I know how you feel about the mental walls you hit on a run. Sometimes those 2-3 miles seem like SO much more. I’m not sure what triggers it somedays, but it definitely makes it hard.

      Do you run with music? That might help to keep your mind occupied.

      Also, I just try to focus on other things if I find myself thinking “I can’t do this, I need to stop” – listen to what’s going on around you, look at the sky and your surroundings, think of how lucky you are to BE ABLE to run, plan what you want to eat for dinner or breakfast, etc.

      I’ve also just come to the realization that some runs will just be tough, either on my body or my mind and that’s okay! I just do whatever I can to get through them.

  5. Brandi,
    Thanks so much for telling your readers about Project Feed Me! You did such a great job laying it out! I really appreciate your support!! Have an awesome day!!!

  6. i have done a ton of volunteer stuff with kids-sunday school, tutoring, after school activities….
    and i used to be a sexual assault crisis counselor (over the phone and going in to the hopsital)… kids are clearly more of an upper than that one…

  7. Project Feed Me sounds like such a great cause. I volunteer, but always want to do more!

  8. Carrot cake oatmeal sounds delicious. I have been involved with volunteering and community service all throughout high school and college, one person really can make a difference when it is concerning these type of things. Thanks for the tip about project feed me, it sounds like a great organization.

  9. Project Feed Me sounds great. Seriously great! I volunteer at my local independent cinema and for a local women’s shelter (although that is once a month and hasn’t actually started yet!)
    Yay volunteering!

  10. Project Feed Me is such a great idea! I love community service projects. I spend a lot of time working with Habitat for Humanity and our local animal shelter.

  11. I am so blessed to see this post. As a person who operates a food bank we are truly blessed by the donations of people in our community. Thank you so much Brandi (and Natalie) for getting the word out about the need. Especially now!

  12. The girls at work and I have been making chemo hats for children affected with cancer. I love making a difference!

  13. i signed up for PFM! i am stoked. i need to get some recruits :) you always have the most creative bowls of oats! and the shrimp you had last night looked incredibly succulent, it has been too long since ive had shrimp. hope you have a fab thursday!!

  14. My family always donates old clothes to Big Brother, Big Sister.

    Those oats look like Fall in a bowl

  15. it feels so good to help out :) I always bring my old clothes to the shelter, toys/food to the SPCA, and bring food to the food bank :)
    So great you are spreading the word!!

    your carrot cake oatmeal is yum! ;)

    I got a little some things for our exchange :)

  16. what a cool organization – i will definitely check that out. i still haven’t heard back from your contact in Honduras – any way I can still help with the orphanage?

    ummm oatmeal = drool.

  17. That oatmeal sounds really good, I need to try it!

    I have volunteered and donated time and money and really need to make more time for that these days. The causes close to my heart involve animal welfare and also the Make-a-Wish foundation. I’ve done lots of stuff over the years, from volunteering at low cost vaccination clinics to donating money for local animal causes. Volunteering, especially when it’s my time, is such a good feeling!

  18. Your oatmeal looks so good – again! This is why I made mention of both you and the oatmeal on my post for today. Everything you make looks so good. I’m so glad that you liked my little blogger award. I am truly inspired by you and just wanted you to know it!

    I’m going to participate in Natalie’s project as well. I totally thought of you when I read about her work in Romania. It reminded me of your trip to Honduras.

    Enjoy The Office!

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