Dessert to Start

Oh, Tuesday.

Glad it’s here, but I always wish it was Wednesday instead.

At least I got to try a new breakfast this morning!


I had never tried this idea of “carrot cake oatmeal” before and I decided it was time.


I was going to follow Diana’s recipe/method, but I ended up taking hers and using what I had on hand (i.e., no raisins or dates!).

I also just cooked mine on the stove instead of using the crock pot this time.


My oatmeal base is:

  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 1 can crushed pineapple
  • 2 carrots, peeled and grated
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • ground ginger

I cooked this mixture on the stove until the oats cooked through (about 10-15 minutes simmering).

I cooked the entire batch Sunday afternoon, let it cool, then put it in the fridge for this week.

Today, I just took out one serving, added a little water and heated it up in the microwave.


Then I stirred in more cinnamon  :)  and topped it with some pecans and unsweetened coconut.

Too bad I didn’t have the stuff to make some “healthy” icing!


What dessert do you like to have for breakfast?


  1. I definitely love to have those bran muffins that you can talk yourself into being good for you, but you know they’re not much better than a regular muffin :D I’m eating oatmeal right now, but yours looks so good!

  2. i’ll try some carrot cake oatmeal soon. i love carrot cake..

  3. Your breakfast looks delicious!

  4. What a great breakfast recipe! Does pumpkin pie oats count as dessert for breakfast? Or how about choco-pb-banana?

  5. Looks really delish!!
    Hmm… My dessert of choice for breakfast…. Had to be something with coconut – coconut macaroon… But unfortunately I never get the right taste with the coconutflakes :( Need to find the right amount of everything… But I don’t like to eat breakfast that doesn’t taste good!! Bugger!!
    Anyways Hug n.

  6. Ooh! I haven’t tried carrot cake oats! But it isn’t carrot cake to me unless it has pineapple bits…I wonder if that would be weird in oatmeal? Oh well, you never know until you try :D

  7. What an intriguing combo of flavors, I love it! Wonderful way to start the day :)

  8. What a great idea to add crushed pineapple!! One of my faves. :-)

  9. That looks tasty! I’ve never tried carrot cake oats but I make some fabulous pina colado oats! Even better though is actual dessert for breakfast – on more than one occasion I’ve crushed key lime pie into plain fatfree Fage. So good!

  10. Ooh looks so good–I am a huge carrot cake fan, so I bet I’d like this! I love making berry and powdered sugar French toast for a yummy dessert breakfast!

  11. Mmm, carrot cake oatmeal sounds fantastic! My favorite breakfast ‘dessert’ is toast with nutella. Yum!

  12. Your breakfast looks delicious! I had oats with cinnamon & Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. It tasted like dessert… :)

  13. i’m really sensative to sugar so i don’t have sugar in the morning, hence no breakfast desserts. but man, that recipe looks great!!

    • The only sugar is natural from the pineapple! Plus, it keeps it sweet, which I like, and I don’t have to add anything to it.

  14. This looks amazing–I love carrot cake!
    I really need to start making oats more often–they always look so delicious!

  15. That looks good! I tried carrot cake oatmeal once, but wasn’t too particular fond of it. I didn’t have any pineapple, though, which I’m sure would be awesome!

  16. wow that looks delicious!!! i love the idea.

  17. Pie. My MIL makes the world’s best pies. And when she visists, I make sure and save a piece for my Breks. ;)

  18. THat looks so freakin’ dope. I’m so glad you added nuts on top because it just isn’t carrot cake w/o nuts! How would you make a healthy icing? I’ve seen people do it with yogurt and stuff before but I’m not sure how that would translate!

  19. It looks yummy. One more thing to try. :P

  20. That sounds good! I like having my banana and pumpkin oatmeal for my dessert breakfast.

  21. mmmm that looks and sounds SO good! I love having apple pie oats for breakfast :) It makes me feel like it’s thanksgiving every day haha

  22. That sounds awesome.

    I love making pumpkin pie oatmeal and cheesecake greek yogurt with granola. Both tasted like decadent desserts to me but are healthy :-)

  23. Icecream! I promised myself I’ll have a scoop of icecream in my oatmeal this summer, but I didn’t :( I’m always afraid of calories :)
    But tomorrow, I’ll have something special, and I’ll consider it a dessert :)

  24. Oh wow! I like the addition of the pineapple – I never would have thought of that! I didn’t know you usually made your oatmeal in a crockpot. Maybe that’s why it always looks so good?

  25. ummmm crushed pineapple too? that sounds SO good. i think some frosting is just what it needed.

    btw – the puppy chow – SO GOOD! i snarfed like 6 handfuls before bed last night :)

  26. I’ve been wanting to try Kaths recipe for a while now but it seems so intricate for a bowl of oats in the AM

  27. Crushed Pineapple…Genius! Coffee Cake is my guilty dessert breakfast. I try to make it healthier now, but I still love the Bisquick version that my mom made when I was a kid.

  28. the addition of coconut makes food so much prettier–and tastier! those oats look fantastic :)

  29. yum :D I want to try these carrot cake oats.
    i never thought about making oats for the week.. i shall do that .

  30. Your oats look so GOOD lady! I love dessert for breakfast – always feels so comforting! My favorite is just to ladle on as much sweetness as possible – namely chocolate chips, cinnamon, honey and brown sugar!! Woah.

  31. Ooo – love, love, love this! What a great idea to add pineapple in the mix! On my list to try :)

  32. these oats girl look amazing! :) so warm and comforting! Do you think having a brownie for breakfast is reasonable?! hahahah

  33. Oh my – so good looking. I LOVE all desserts for breakfast. But a favorite is just straight up cake. Chocolate preferably. Or coffee cake. Anything will do.

    I also really like to “doctor up” my oats with all sorts of dessert toppings (chocolate chips, brown sugar, coconut…you get the idea)

  34. I’ve had so many different oatmeal combos, but I’ve yet to try the carrot cake. It looks so delicious!! I have to try it!

  35. yummy! sometimes i like to crumble cookies/cake into my oatmeal

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