Animal House

It is so fun + strange having more than one animal in the house!

Roxy is definitely NOT friends with Harley – she just glares at him and hisses if he even looks at her. The funny thing is that Harley doesn’t even try to get close to her!

She’s such a little jerk sometimes  :)

Harley cuddled up with us last night and slept right inbetween us in the bed – he just curls up like a little bunny and stays there all night.

I didn’t have enough time to make pancakes this morning like I’ve been doing on Mondays, but I did still have time to make a good, full breakfast.


2 over easy eggs + oatbran


2 pieces of turkey sausage + 1/2 an orange that I split with Nick.


Plus some coffee to get going  :)


How am I supposed to work with this home with me today?



Best part of your weekend?


  1. That mug scared me at first.haha!! Awww and look at that little puppy face… soooo cute! :) Happy Monday!

  2. MMM…turkey sausage. Sometimes I forget how much I love it :)

    Best part of my weekend was cooking with friends and laughing at our kitchen disasters.

    Have a good Monday!

  3. I love that coffee mug!!! Best part of my weekend was visiting Warwick Winery in NY with my best college girlfriends and enjoying deelish wine/food/weather…. awesome :)

  4. where did you get that mug!? i love it!

  5. That mug is amazing!! The best part of my weekend was definitely the apple festival I went to with a bunch of friends. Mmm Hot apple cider!

  6. Awww the pupper-bean! I love it!! Happy HIMYM Day :)

  7. Every time I see oatmeal with eggs over top, I think it’s a great combination, but I still haven’t tried it!

  8. That mug cracks me up :D And again, the puppyyyy…aw. :)
    Best part of my weekend? Eh, I honestly didn’t do anything special or different! The best part was probably spending time with the fam. :)

  9. Hi Brandi,

    How long does Harley get to stay with you?
    I am sure Roxy is counting down the days.

    And you made me laugh when you said,
    “She’s such a little jerk sometimes”

  10. Best part of my weekend = spending time with Chooey :-D

  11. My mom’s cat does the same thing when when we bring our dogs to her house. And my little Leo likes to share my pillow and sometimes snuggles under the covers too. Such a cutie.

    My favorite part of the weekend was getting to try a restaurant in Boston I saw on Tina’s blog. So cute and yummy food :-)

  12. haha that mug is AWESOME

  13. Awhh your puppy is so cute! It makes me miss my dog.

    The best part of my weekend was going either going to the Taste of Bethesda and having some deeelicious pad thai or staying at my relative’s house and sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever! I almost forgot what a normal mattress felt like after sleeping on the rock I have in my room :)

  14. That mug is indeed aweseome!! lol!!
    The best thing about my weekend… I’d have to say the two “runs” I enjoyed on Saturday and Sunday morning in the sun along the river!! It was just blissfull!!
    Have a great day!! Hug n.

  15. Best part of my weekend was spending it in bed and hanging with my nieces!!!

  16. Sorry Roxy and Harley aren’t getting along! My cat pretty much hates my dog, too lol

  17. love the eggs over oatbran, one of my fave cold weather breakfasts is putting a fried egg on top of my hot cereal!

    Love the mug, hilarious!

    The best part of my weekend is any little bit of down time or shopping time I’m able to fit in… priceless.

  18. bahaha! i love that mug!:D

    my favorite part of the weekend was my mom coming to visit ! I got some smexi boots too!

  19. I LOVE that mug. And the best part of my weekend was shaving 9 minutes off of my PR for the Sprint Triathlon I competed in!

  20. That mug is awesome! And you’re killing me with the doggie photos. So freaking cute… I want one so badly!

    Best part of the weekend was going pumpkin picking!

  21. Me loves your mug. Love. LOVE. LOVE. <3

  22. Haha, that mug is hilarious! Breakfast looks great as always. Good luck trying to get work done with that puppy hanging around!

  23. Your breakfasts always look amazing. I have some oatbran in the pantry – I may just have to give this a try.
    Best part of the weekend = 6.2 miles!

  24. that coffee mug is great! how would you NOT be happy in the morning looking at that?

  25. My cat is such a jerk to my poor dog too! He will bite his ear when he’s sleeping–no joke! Ha ha

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