Puppy Love

Let’s just say most of the afternoon looked like this:


Such a sweetie  :)


We’ve been playing outside, taking little naps, reading, watching football, and working on laundry for the past few hours.

It was just beautiful today, so I’m glad we got to play outside with Harley and take him for that walk earlier.

I figured I would just be super hungry today after the race and all the adrenaline, but it’s kind of been the opposite. I just haven’t been in the mood for much. I’m sure I’ll be starving tomorrow – in fact, I bet it will catch up to me.

I did have a serving of that ginger/macadamia/cranberry/almond trail mix a little while ago to hold me over until dinner.


I made Nick some brownies and then got the potatoes cooking for dinner.

We had some steaks in the freezer that Nick had marinated a month or so ago, so I thawed those out for dinner.


I baked some potatoes while we were lounging around and then Nick just put the steaks on as the potatoes were finishing and I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower.


I love baked potatoes done in the oven. I don’t always have the time to do it, but they’re so much better than when you cook them in the microwave.

Especially when you coat the outside with a little olive oil + salt :)

Other plans for tonight?

More football! The Miami / Oklahoma game is on soon, and it should be good. I’m pulling for Miami in this one – go ACC!


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  1. Boomer sooner!
    We don’t seem to have the game on-sad!

  2. I have had the laziest day ever, and it looks like a lazy night! Steak marinated for a month, must be verrrry good!

  3. Aww… a sweetie indeed! Love lazy days :)

  4. Just recently I have discovered that baked potatos + laughing cow wedge = magic. Try it!

    ohh I live for lazy days.. wish I had a precious pooch to share them with!

  5. Oh no, I feel sad that you’re not cheering for Oklahoma haha. I always root for the Hokies ;)

    Glad you had a good day!

  6. trail mix looks good!! your steak being marinated for a month.. i think the flavours must have gone really into the steak! :)

  7. Mmm – I’m a fan of the oven baked myself – they’re so creeeeamy, know what I mean?

    The canes are kind of freaking me out right now!!!

  8. I am all about the baked potatoes! In fact I had a sweet one tonight and a normal one last night! Obsessed a bit? I always bake in the oven too since I don’t own a microwave!
    CONGRATS on the 5K lady! Seriously awesome.

  9. I went to OU so I feel like I need to say something even though I don’t follow football ;)

  10. A) you did AWESOME at the 5K this morning!!
    B) your lazy afternoon w/ the dog sounds like heaven
    C) I’m with you on the olive oil/salt baked potatoes :-)

  11. aww! look at the puppy!
    I love the way you eat!! so balanced!!

    i have been craving some red meat lately too, but Mama made Organic Chicken today instead! :)

    im probably going to stay in tonight and STUDY!

    happy Sunday Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. the puppy is sooo cute!! i love him!!

    I agree with GC.. your meals are so yummy and balanced :D

    have a great day !

  13. oh how I want a puppy dog! You’re so lucky you get to babysit that sweet face!

    Have a blast with that ball game! I was rootin my team on here at home last night! I love GOING to football games, but watching them on tv is a bit harder for me! Any good tips on how to get into games on tv? I suppose being around other people who want to get into it would help!

    Have an awesome finish to your weekend!

  14. what a cutie pie. and your potato’s adorable too.

  15. I can’t get over how cute that puppy is. :)

  16. I’d looooove to have a steak right now!!
    I totally need to purchase a balcon grill for myself next season!!
    I’m such an bbq meat kind of girl! I don’t mind for meat all that much but on the grill!! Yum!!
    Sounds like you had a leisure afternoon!! What a nice thing after the race! Hug n.

  17. aww what a cutie pie :)
    love steak & potato dinner! yum

  18. lazy day’s are the best. not gonna lie!

    i always forget my love for baked potatoes, but i sure do love the crispy skins when they come straight from the onion! I bet putting some greek yogurt on them would be amazing. when i was younger instead of putting sour cream and butter on my skins i would put plain yogurt! try it you’ll love it!


  19. I love when doggies use us as pillows. I’ve become Leo’s favorite pillow and I love all the lovin :-)

    I love oven roasted potatoes too. I sometimes start them in the microwave so taht I can still get that oven taste in a short amount of time.

  20. Dang, those are some nice grill marks on that steak! I love baked potatoes. I only can do sweet potatoes in the micro now though!

  21. Such an adorable puppy!! I love baked potatoes! They are ten times better in the oven than in the microwave! I love adding laughing cow and salsa to mine! Yum!!!

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