Pizza + Puppy Party


I’ve had a busy night and just finally sat down on the couch.

Lunch today was tasty, but left me wanting a treat.

I had one lone chicken drumstick


and some leftover roasted butternut squash/onions plus a small zucchini.


Nick and I both wanted a little something sweet today, and we were going to partake in some cookie friday action, but our place out of cookies!

So, we went with the next best thing.


Frozen yogurt  :)  AND they had their chocolate flavor today!

I got a small chocolate with strawberries + coconut.


Definitely a good way to start the weekend.

Nick and I both forgot that we were puppy sitting this weekend!

I got a text (yay!) from Nick’s parents saying that they had dropped Harley off at the house this afternoon on their way out of town. Since we knew he was home all by himself, we ended up leaving work a little bit early so we could come home and play with him  :)



He’s such a good dog.

Once we got home, I ran up to Food Lion to get some bread for dinner. I decided we needed a fun way to carbo-load a bit for our race tomorrow, so we made french-bread pizzas!


After seeing Jenny have this, that’s all I’ve been able to think about today.


Although mine isn’t gluten free or dairy free, it sure was tasty.

I bought Nick a regular loaf of French bread so he can leftovers for this week, too. Mine was a multigrain loaf of bread, and it was great!

I mixed up a quick sauce with:

  • 1 can crushed tomatoes
  • garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • crushed red pepper
  • Italian seasoning

Then we just sliced our bread in half, layered on the sauce and added our toppings.


I went simple tonight with some sliced mushrooms and just a little cheese.  Put them on a baking sheet and cook at 350 for about 10-15 minutes.

This plus a salad made a quick meal tonight, and it tasted great!


Then I did something unheard of.

I went grocery shopping. On a Friday night! I know!

I normally go Saturday mornings, but we have our race tomorrow and I know I’m just going to want to come home once that is over. I also know that I won’t want to drive back into town later tomorrow after the race and once the football games start  :)  So, I just went tonight.

I already had my list made, and it actually wasn’t too bad. There were definitely a few more college kids in the store than there are at 8 am on a Saturday, but it was still less crowded than I expected.

Groceries – done! And I came in under budget! Thank you, coupons.

I’ve got a load of laundry going and we’re just taking it easy tonight, if you can’t tell…


The good thing is that our race doesn’t start until 10 am, so we don’t have to get up super early. Plus, that will give us some more puppy time in the morning.


Here’s some fun giveaways to start your weekend off right:

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  1. Aww Harley :-D

    Enjoy the race!

  2. Frozen Yogurt Friday has better alliteration anyway :-D

  3. Nice to meet Harley! He’s a pretty dog!

  4. Frozen yogurt is the best! Strawberries and coconut are great toppings!

  5. have a great race! and french bread pizza= yum!

  6. Those french bread pizzas look awesome!

    Good luck tomorrow :)

  7. Yum fro yo.

    I love that doggie and his beard, too! Have fun tomorrow!

  8. mmmm frozen yogurt! i must get before it gets 2 cold!!

    good luck tomorrow girl!! ur gonna rock it!

  9. All the best at your race tomorrow. I’m rooting for you!!

  10. Harley’s adorable. The french bread pizza looks awesome!

  11. That dog is adorable! Love your bread pizza! Good luck tomorrow!

  12. awe oh my gosh!! cute puppy :D

    that froyo looks amazing <3

  13. Good luck for your race! :)

  14. Harley is super cute!

    Good luck at your race today!

  15. Lol!! That dog is sooo cute–don’t you ever wish you had one all the time?! I miss mine :-(

  16. Man, chocolate froyo is the BOMB. I’m jealous of yours :) not to mention that amazing looking butternut squash!

  17. coconut + fro yo = yummmmmmmmmm!!! :) have a great weekend girl!

  18. Once again after this post I can’t wait until I finally can try froyo!! Thank god I’m in London soon!! ;)

    Oh and good luck on the race today (I’m not sure in what time zone your are?!) Can’t wait until I can read how it went!!
    Hug n.

  19. Such a good dog :-) I love homemade pizzas like that too. Yours looks so yummy!

    I hope your race went well :-)

  20. yum french bread pizza! totally reminds me of childhood.

  21. Pretty sure crushed red pepper is a must on any kind of pizza!

    Good luck with your race today!

  22. what a cutie!! hope the race went well this am :)

  23. I have to say – your french bread pizza definitely blows mine out of the water! happy to have been the inspiration for such an amazing dish – as pitiful as my pizza may have been!

    have fun with the pooch :)!

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