Old Favorites

Happy Friday! I’m so happy today is Friday and the start of the weekend!

Nick and I are running a 5K tomorrow morning, so I’m excited about that. It’s our first race since the killer 10K trail run and will be much different than that crazy race.

We had to leave the house a bit earlier today so Nick could get to a meeting. I decided that was the perfect reason to mix up an old favorite last night.

I love knowing that breakfast is just waiting for me in the morning.


I still love these breakfast cookies, but the cooler weather has me wanting something warm. That gave me the perfect reason to try something new with my breakfast cookie, and it turned out great!


Last night, I mixed together:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 2 spoonfuls applesauce
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy pb
  • cinnamon
  • pinch of salt

I mixed that up until it was all combined and then spread it out on a salad-sized plate and let it rest in the fridge overnight.


All I want lately is fall flavors and since I don’t have any pumpkin yet, I went with what I had.


I chopped up a local gala apple and microwaved it for a minute with some cinnamon and ginger.

Then I spread some ricotta on my breakfast cookie, added the softened apple, and drizzled it all with some TJ’s pumpkin butter  :)


As my Nany would have said: Dee – lish!


I got a question from Tammy the other day when I posted the pictures of my bathroom – she was wondering if we had a claw-foot bathtub.

Well, yes, we do.


And I love it.

And I don’t use it as much as I should.

This was actually in the house when Nick’s parents bought it and Nick moved in AND it used to be the shower. While working on the house (it needed a lot of work when Nick first moved in, which was about a year before we got married and I moved in), they made the bathroom bigger so they could put the corner shower stall in that we have now.

I love having the tub as the tub, but not as the shower. It was so hard to get in and out of since it’s so high off the ground. And I’m clumsy enough that I would have fallen a lot.

It’s probably one of my favorite things in our house.


What’s your favorite thing in your house/apartment or favorite feature of it?

Although I can’t wait to have a bit more storage and a bigger kitchen, I love the charm of our house. It was built either in the late 1930s or early 1940s and actually used to be 2 apartments – 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. According to one of our neighbors down the street, they used these apartments for guys working on the railroad, which makes sense since the tracks are right by the house.


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  1. I’m also craving warmer breakfasts at the temperature drops :)

    Hmm…my favorite thing in my apt in Brooklyn is definitely the balcony overlooking the little vegetable garden.

    My house at school? My room! It’s SO cozy.

    Happy weekend Brandi!

  2. Great idea for the breakfast cookie!!

    Hmmm…I like in what I call “the all american house”. It is white, with black shudders and a red door. Plus, we have an american flag hanging in the front. The only thing we need now is the white picket fence ;)

  3. Fabulous breakfast cookie! I never add anything to the top but it looks delicious that way! Have a good Friday!

  4. I love your fall breakfast cookie :D AND your bath- so cool. My favourite thing in my house is my oven…and my sofa.

  5. Love that breakfast cookie!
    I grew up in an house with a claw foot tub – I miss the kind of charm you find in older houses. Not sure if I have a favorite thing about my current apartment – it’s just a standard apt. I do like that I have a washer and dryer in the unit, which I haven’t had in the past.

  6. I absolutely have to try one of these breakfast cookies before it gets to cold!!! I always am in awe when I see them!!
    Oh and the other day in the supermarket I totally had to think of you, because I stood infront of the ricotta!! ;D

    Hmm…. I think my favorite thing in my apartement is the big livingroom!! And perhaps the cute kitchen! I love working in this kitchen because it’s not to big nor to small just about perfect! ;D

  7. Thanks for helping me get the word out about the blog switch! :)

    One of my favorite things in my apartment is my pantry. It sounds silly, but the first place my husband and I lived together in didn’t have a pantry and had very few cabinets. Our apartment now has much more space, and although it’s just a tiny pantry it’s so much better than nothing!

  8. Hi Brandi,

    I really love that tub, now light that candle on the window sill and take a bath!

  9. My favorite part of my apartment is my walk in closet! I need to make another breakfast cookie!

  10. Mmm, I need to try some riccotta real soon! I think I’ve only had it in savory dishes.

    My favorite part of my house (when I lived there) was either my room or the kitchen. Obviously, food is in the kitchen, and my family and I cooked countless great meals together there. But I totally made my room my own sanctuary, with artwork and posters, music, lights, and everything. I truly loved being in there and miss it now that I’m in a dorm!


  11. That bfast cookies kicks butt!! Looks amazing :) I love our granite countertops with gold flecks in the kitchen + our bowl top floating clear sink in our downstairs bathroom that looks like a waterfall — we bought our house as a foreclosure but the previous owners had started renovating everything for some reason so we really lucked out :)

  12. That breakfast cookie looks amazing! I thought the pumpkin butter was caramel at first – yum :)

    That is a really fun bathtub! I love vintage-y things like that. My favorite thing in my house is our new tiled shower.

  13. i love big ol bathtubs
    right now we’re living somewhere temporary till we close on our house… and my favorite thing is having a parking spot! my last place was all street parking in a busy part of town… not fun!

  14. That breakfast cookie looks fantastic, the apples look perfect, what a great fall breakfast!

    Love your claw foot tub! That must be fun to have.
    My apartment is on the 3rd floor of a historic house. It was built in 1860 or something like that, I love our old radiators, I don’t believe they are orginal but I think they were put in in the 1920’s they are really interesting looking and keep the house so warm, I think when I buy my own house I need to have radiators because the heat is so much nicer then forced hot air.

  15. Another stunning creation of yours!!

    We JUST got rid of our claw tub back home. I loved it dearly.

  16. Ooh, I love your fall breakfast cookie! I had gala apple oats this morning–totally know what you mean on the fall flavors front.

    I love the walk-in closet in my apartment. That bathtub is awesome!

  17. Your breakfast cookie looks delicious–I still need to try one!

  18. The breakfast cookie looks great! My favorite feature of my house is that it’s small, but cozy.

  19. I’ve always wanted a claw foot tub!!! So beautiful!

    Ricotta on a bfast cookie?? good thinking!!! ;) yum!

  20. i have a claw foot tub too and i LOVE IT!

    ummm you have brought the breakfast cookie to new heights lady…this looks sooooo good!

  21. so jelous!! i loove claw foot tubs! my aunt has one.. its my favorite thing in her house. i want one one day.. and a big steam shower.. then my life would be complete :)

    my favorite things in my er.. basement sweet, is that it has no corners.. its seriously like a ROUND house. its tres neato!

    your breakfast cookie looks AMAZING!

  22. I LOVE Your bfast cookie idea. Probably because I love frosting and that’s what it reminded me of when I first looked at the pic! Good job warming up a cold favorite! I haven’t had one in ages and I’ve just been thinking it’s about time I made one again, but not as tempting when it’s cold out! This may be the nudge I needed. :)

  23. your breakfast cookie looks awesome. i bet you it was crazy good! :)

    that old vintage style is my favorite. i hope to one day get an older style apartment in the city! :)


  24. I love that my apartment has an attached garage. I’m a freak about leaving my car outside. That bathtub is so cute! And breakfast looks amazing as always. I feel like you need to make a breakfast cookbook.

  25. That breakfast cookie looks amazing!!!! And the Chex mix recipe looks so good! I would cram that!!!

  26. My grandmother’s house has a claw foot tub and I love it! I used to live there for a few years with my mom and I always took baths in it :)

    My favorite part of our apartment is our pantry closet. The shelves slide out making it easy to label everything and not forget what’s in the back of the shelves. I love it so much!

  27. Good luck on the run! Sounds fun, I should look for more races around me

  28. Have a great run tomorrow! :)

  29. That breakfast looks sooo yummy. :)

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