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What a happy breakfast!


While picking up a few things at one of our local little health food stores, Nick and I grabbed a few locally made bagels to have for breakfast today.


We bought some cinnamon raisin ones yesterday, and I had the hardest time choosing my toppings!


Eventually, I decided on a lightly toasted bagel topped with a little light cream cheese + TJ’s pumpkin butter.  That, plus some sliced orange, made for a very fall-centric breakfast.

Lots of orange and good fall flavors.

Yesterday, Rose was talking about capturing some “slices of life” in your pictures.

What does this have to do with my “new photo studio”?


Yup. This is my bathroom.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get any breakfast shots this morning outside using the natural light – it was still cloudy and overcast and just too dark.

It’s kind of strange, but my bathroom actually has the best lighting for taking pictures out of any other room. The way the lights hang in the kitchen/dining room just creates lots of shadows, so…


Welcome to my bathroom, I guess!  :)


Where do you take your pictures for your blog (if you have one)? Or where is the weirdest place you’ve taken a picture?

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  1. I take mine in my kitchen bc I love the way my granite countertops show against the food plates… however the lighting/shadows can be annoying in there!

  2. For now I take pictures on my kitchen. I’m sure I’ll take them in lots of different places till I find THE place. :p

  3. locally made awesome is that! i love cinnamon raisin!

    if i don’t take pictures in my kitchen i most of the time do them in my room, but i’m not gonna lie, i might try out the bathroom next time! :)

  4. that’s a funny place to take pic of food! :D it looks delicious~~~

  5. I used to work at a deli in town that had the BEST bagels–now I crave fresh bagels everytime I see em’!
    You are too funny in your bathroom–love it! Usually I take pics on my kitchen table because it’s right by a huge window. :o)

  6. Hahahaha I love that you take pictures of your food in your bathroom! that’s hilarious girl!

    mmm i usually take my pictures in my den which has good morning america and a lot of windows haha

  7. Hahaha, I have taken my photos in some really weird places before, too. I usually take them in the dining room in front of a big window though if I can.

    Yours is the second blog where I have seen the pumpkin butter/cream cheese combo, now I HAVE to try it! I can’t believe I was just at TJ’s and didn’t get any pumpkin butter! :/

  8. My pictures are mostly in the kitchen. Haha I love that you were taking pictures in the bathroom!

    I love eggs and hot sauce on Cinnamon Raisin bagels. I know it doesn’t sound like it will mix very well but trust me, it does!

  9. I try to take my pictures outside on our patio. When the sun isn’t out I’ll just take them at my coffee table or kitchen table. Maybe I’ll start exploring different spots in my place like you have :)

    A locally made bagel sounds amazing!

  10. Hi Brandi!

    You know what I am going to say…..
    Is that a clawfoot tub?
    I was going to suggest to convert it into a shower, they have some amazing hardware out there, but then I noticed you have a shower in there too.
    “Love your Bathroom!”
    But I am sorry I have never thought of bringing food in there.
    Especially since I see so many of these….but not quite as nice or as clean.
    Ohhh anybody want my dream job?

  11. I’ve never thought to try my bathroom, most of the time I do it on a window sill or on the counter by the front door if I can’t get outside.

  12. I take mine in the living room mostly, where there’s the most natural light!

    And I had the same bagel for breakfast this morning :)

  13. i’ll take pictures in the kitchen when i’m eating in the living room sometimes… that’s as crazy as i get.

    i have been known to take pictures with my macbooks camera in an pinch though-those times amuse my fiance

  14. That’s too funny.

    I take mine on the windowsill most of the time. But maybe I should try the bathroom sink? :)

  15. I take my photos mostly in my dining room or kitchen but some of them are taken in my office.

  16. I like that bathroom pic! I don’t know that I have a certain place, i’m not that good at taking pictures, i guess i should be though because i love looking at everyone elses!! that pumkin stuff looks great. i keep hearing about it i need to get my bum up and get some!!

  17. Yum. That bagel screams fall!!! I need to purchase some pumpkin butter. Is it similar to apple butter in that it doesn’t have loads of sugar???
    I take my pictures all over the place now. Since I moved into my new place I’m trying to figure out where to take the best ones.

  18. hahahhaha I love that you photographed in your bathroom. Too funny. What an amazingggggggg looking breakfast. How awesome is pumpkin butter? I photograph on my kitchen table most of the time. I may try my bathroom when its darker out at night though!

  19. Oooh, I think you chose wisely for toppings–that looks great!
    I usually take photos by the window in my living room, but that bathroom works, too! Whatever does the job, right?!

  20. haha a food blogger has to do what a food blogger has to do – even if that means going to the bathroom! love this!

    mmmmm pumpkin on bagels? i am LOVING that idea miss brandi! and your food smile made me smile!

    lots of love girl – have a good day!

  21. I once took a picture on the floor in my living room because it was the only open space with good lighting (we were spring cleaning). Sounded like a good idea until my dogs thought lunch was for them not me :-)

  22. HAHA That is too funny but a very good idea!
    My kitchen doesn’t get the best lighting in general, whether it’s light out or not. Might have to try other rooms in the house!

  23. Ha ha. I take pictures on my kitchen windowsill a lot to get the best light but the light is fading FAST these days so I am having to take more and more under the bright light on my desk. Sad. I hate non-natural light. Winter sucks for food blogging!
    Your autumnal breakfast sounds delicious!

  24. I take them in my bedroom at my in laws, in laws are upstirs in kitchen most times and haven’t told them about my blog yet!
    Your bagel looks really good!

  25. Cute breakfast!
    Where I take my pictures depends on what time of day it is. If it’s still dark out, I’ll either take it in the kitchen or dining room. The lighting is not the best in either place, so maybe I’ll experiment with the bathroom. Who knows?
    If it’s light outside, I’ll go out on the patio and take the pictures out there.

  26. ohhh the pumpkin butter WOULD be so good with cream cheese! remarkable decision. haha.. i love that you photographed in your bathroom. i am always looking for natural lighting and at work, with the fluorescent lights, it is hard. when my boss hasn’t come in yet i can sometimes take photos of my breakfast on his office room floor, like today! he is in hawaii. so i took full advantage. but how would it be for him to walk in and see me getting a close up of my eggs? hahaha.

  27. Most of my pics are taken in my living room or kitchen but the lighting isn’t great unless the sun is shining brightly and I can open the shades to let it in. I have never tried taking pics in the bathroom! What a great idea! You crack me up! You are so creative. But you know what? Your pics always look good no matter what – kitchen, living room, outside on the fence or even in the bathroom. Your pics are beautiful! Just like you!

  28. Your bathroom looks quite clean! I could def eat in there.

    My kitchen is my fave place to take non-naturally lit pics because it gives off the fewest shadows. But my room is the best place when the sun is out.

  29. haha as long as you don’t start taking pictures of your food on your toilet i’m all in favor of the bathroom photoshoots ;)

  30. Hahah, love that I’m not the only one that has to put food in weird places to get a good pic! I live in a garden-level apartment, so our windows are at ground level…AKA really bad lighting most of the day. So to get really good pics, I have to stand on a chair, put the plate of food on the mantel by the window and take a picture. Meanwhile, people walk by on the sidewalk and give me really weird looks!! hahaha. I love natural light though. Oh the lengths we go…..

  31. i put food on the floor (usually it’s on a plate) because i like the contrast of our dark laminate floors!

  32. I bought TJ’s pumpkin butter for the first time today. Can’t wait to have some! :)

    I love your bathroom pic! :) I usually take pictures on my dining table near the window. But I’ve been having lots of lighting issues lately…

  33. On 64 riding in the passenger seat, I think, or random bathroom pics!

  34. I like bathroom lighting. It doesn’t get distorted like it does with the flash in every other room in the house. I need to post pictures of my new 2 Person Steam Shower.

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