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Nick and I had dentist appointments during our lunch break today – fun, right? It’s a day full of appointments – dentist at lunch, chiropractor after work. Good thing I don’t really mind either one.

Since I knew our appointments would take up the majority of our lunch break, I packed a lunch that would be quick and easy to eat in the office.

First, I brought one of my favorite new wrap combinations.


1 Flatout wrap

2 Tbsp crunchy pb

1 carrot, peeled into thin little strips

1 handful spinach

4-5 strawberries, sliced


Roll up and enjoy!


I’m so excited when I pack this for lunch – I just look forward to it all day.

Since Nick and I polished off the 3-layer TJ’s hummus during the football game this past weekend, I had to break into our other container today.


I brought the TJs Original Hummus to try with some celery, sliced zucchini, and a tomato from our garden.


Good, but I miss that 3-layer hummus.

I also have some grapes, just in case. I doubt I’ll need them though, because I have a good afternoon snack I want to be hungry for later :)


Between the pumpkin butter at breakfast and this pb/carrot/spinach combination, I’ve found some great new food ideas and combos I love just from reading blogs!

What’s one of your favorite foods/combinations that you found through a blog or recipe?

I definitely had never tried any of these flavored peanut butters, almond butter, sandwich ideas, and oatmeal add-ins until seeing them online.


Want some pumpkin butter of your own (with a little more pumpkin goodness)? Check out Danica’s Pumpkin Giveaway!



  1. Favorite combination found through blogs = sweet potato with cinnamon & coconut butter.

  2. I want TJ’s 3 layer hummus! It sounds so good! I’ll have to pick some up the next time I’m there. :-) Your wrap looks yummy!

  3. Pumpkin butter + cream cheese!!!! :) :)

  4. Ummm I LOVE pb&carrots but with strawbreezies! girl you are genius! That’s most definitely going to have to be given a try asap!

  5. My favorite combo is overnight oats. I just keep forgetting it. Oh and I read on one blog but i don’t know which about Almond butter on TJ’s flattened bananas. It was great!

  6. Oh man, reading blog has opened up a world of food that I just never knew existed! Oat toppings, snack ideas, everyone comes up wiht such great ideas!

  7. call me crazy but i love the dentist. blogs have given me a lot of ideas for food to eat.. i would have to say overnight oats is a baller idea that i learned from my little caroline b!

  8. spinach in smoothies! it’s genius AND cures hangovers!

  9. Spinach smoothies and almond butter!

  10. I never tried hummus! I never find it in stores.. I think I’ll have to make it myself!

  11. fruit cereal! Just fruit combos with milk poured over…perfect dessert. :-)

  12. That wrap looks delicious!!!! A fav recipe I saw on a blog are oatmeal cookies, I think thats too cool and I did one and it was great!! I hope you have a great day! Yes free classes is nice, my fiance pays alot a month where we live, so its a great perk! xo

  13. Eggs in a Nest, Breakfast Cookie, hummus on a burger, oatmeal mix-ins…

    All of the creativity on these sites inspired me to create a little something of my own…I put a tsp of almond butter, 1/3 cocoa flavored nectar bar, in 1/4 cup of vanilla ice cream….oh my….that was a good one!

  14. i want to try pumpkin butter it sounds so decadant!

  15. MMMM- I am loving that new wrap creation – looks and sounds delish. I am with you – I am so spoiled on the TJ’s 3 layered hummus that none of the other flavors compare.

    Thanks for the contest shoutout – good luck!

  16. Before I started reading blogs I never thought to add nut butters to my oatmeal. Now I can’t eat oatmeal without it!

  17. So much good blog food. When I found peanut flour + vanilla oikos on Eat Live Run and K’s Good Eats I was so impressed at what they found

  18. What a fun combination, I wish I could eat strawberries but I’m allergic, but I could definitely have a pb and carrot wrap, and definitely want to soon.

  19. Almond butter filled dates! Overnight Oats! Green Monsters!

  20. Wow that wrap looks amazing! Blogs opened me up to peanut butter with just about everything!! Same with pumpkin butter and Greek yogurt. Yum!

  21. Hi Brandi,

    YOU have turned me onto so many new recipes.
    Oat Pancakes and everything, Almond butter oats in a jar, chobani and granola and I will be trying a wrap with spinach, carrots, strawberries and peanut butter next.

    I would have never thought of these things on my own,
    Now if you can just get me away from the stove top stuffing and shake and bake.


  22. i’ve learned waaaay too much from the blog world, but my fave is hummus + salads

  23. sweet potato plus nut butter was a fun find! Your wrap looks so fresh and good. Hope the appointments went well.

  24. oh la la that is one serious wrap! I’ve never tried peanut butter and strawberries before **gasp!**

    my favorite bloggie combo was oat bran – I don’t know how I lived without it!

  25. i’ve tried so many bloggie combinations its hard to keep track. i’d say my favorite was oikos yogurt and a vita muffin! yes amazing!

  26. definatly have been introduced to some AWESOME nut butters through blog world. as well as pumpkin in anything tastes awesome :)

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