Q&A #1

Okay, okay…maybe I’m taking the easy way out on this one :) 

I wanted to start answering some of your burning questions, so I picked one that I figured would be the easiest.

Veronica (one of my best friends from back home!) asked:

If you could pick one thing to eat every day, what would it be?

Of course….my first thought was oatmeal.

I mean, how can you beat either a warm, comforting bowl on a cool morning or a cold bowl of muesli during the summer?

How many other things can you use in so many ways and have in a sweet or savory dish?

Today’s breakfast confirmed that oatmeal is definitely one of my favorite things to eat.


I think you could add just about anything to oatmeal and it would be good.


Today, my oatmeal base was:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • cinnamon

Once that was cooked, I added my favorite Nuts over Raspberries TJ’s Trail Mix!!!


Oh, how I’ve missed you, trail mix.


These dried raspberries are amazing, and I love the dark chocolate chips. It just makes breakfast so decadent.


I love oatmeal. I love it so much that I’ve had it for 2 meals in a day in the past.

The strange thing is that I didn’t eat it until I was in college! I never really liked the texture, and I just wasn’t a big “breakfast” person until a few years ago. Now everything has changed  :)


So…the one food I could eat everyday? Definitely oatmeal.

But – I could also make a case for:

  • nuts / nut butter
  • roasted veggies
  • avocado

Plus a few more, I’m sure.


If YOU could pick one food to eat every day, what would it be?


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  1. I am so with ya on the oatmeal choice!! I love the stuff and pretty much do eat it every day already :) except today… for some reason the cinnamon kashi was calling my name

  2. Bananas! For some reason, I feel like I need to have one every. Single. Day. :)

  3. I love oatmeal b/c it’s so versatile! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But Greek yogurt is a must!

  4. I completely agree with you on being able to have oatmeal everyday… even twice a day. As a matter of fact I have a pot on the stove as I type this!

  5. I would eat oatmeal everyday if I could but because of my inflammation/gluten free issue, I can’t. Sigh. So, I guess next up is chocolate ;)

  6. BROCCOLI!!!!! or PB.

    as far as a meal…. My PB, Jelly, Greek yogurt, spinach wrap!!!!

  7. Nut Butter!
    Or fruit, but that’s like a category, not a food. I guess nut butter is too :)

  8. Absolutely oatmeal!! But it’d have to be oatmeal with PB and a banana. It’s my favorite. :-)

  9. Oatmeal all the way. Like you said it can be served warm, hot, chewy, sweet, or any way you like.

  10. AGREED :) oatmeal is perfect…versatile, warm, healthy, comforting… everything I want in a man, I mean – a meal ;)

  11. I could definitely have guessed your choice would be oatmeal ;-) hey, at least it’s healthy!!

    I would have to go with squash I think–butternut, acorn, pumpkin–there’s just so many variations and possibilities. My unhealthy choice–ice cream! :o)

  12. I’m with you on the oatmeal. SOOOOO versatile. And filling! ANd good!

  13. Peanut Butter – for sure. I think I do it every day too?

  14. dark chocolate, hands down! I need to buy some of that trail mix!!

  15. kabocha definitely!!!
    yummy bowl ! :)

  16. Oh my gosh so many choices, I’m not sure what I would pick. But I love the way your oatmeal looks today, makes me want to dive right in.

  17. Agreed on the oatmeal… it will never steer you wrong!! And such good morning fuel :) That or cereal for the rest of my life and I would never, ever complain..

  18. Probably bananas. There’s so many ways to eat them! Plain, with almond butter, in oatmeal, in a smoothie, as icecream etc..

    Oatmeal sure is good, though!

  19. Oatmeal is a great choice! If tomatoes were in season all year round, I’d pick tomatoes… :)

  20. Yeah…oatmeal is a winner for sure! I nudge towards saying bananas because I eat them so much and they are so versatile…but so is oatmeal! Gah! I love that for me oatmeal is all about what I add to it but my boy likes his plain as it gets and will accept no additions – it’s a versatile canvas AND delicious on its own! Winner!

  21. ahhh oatmeal is such a good pick! i could make a good case for ice cream, yogurt and salad as well. yay for questions – i will need to think of something good to ask ya!

  22. If my oatmeal looked like that, I’d want to eat it every day as well! :) Yumm!

    Hmm I’m definitely like that with cold cereal–it’s something that I could eat every day, all day, depending on what kind it is!

  23. I’m with you on the oatmeal. Every other thing I think about I usually add to oatmeal: fruit, yogurt, chocolate, nuts, spices, everything!

  24. Those oats look so decadent! And I think I have to agree with you on the oats decision :D

  25. That raspberry looks like a heart! Cheerful way to start the day :-)

    Hmm, this is a toughy! I’d probably have to go with oats… and nut butter… and chocolate… now who’s taking the easy way out?!

  26. I didn’t eat oatmeal until college either. Yours always looks so good, it makes me wish I ate it more often.

    Food I could eat every day? Sandwiches.

  27. Q&A seshes are fun! ice cream is my pick. although it does not happen or i would be the size of a whale ;)

  28. For some reason I thought that would be then answer!!! You know what I was thinking about on my 13hr flight? I wonder if you are getting side stitches when you are running because you are drinking too much water before you run. I don’t know if you are, but that could be the case. I have to be careful how much water I drink before I run or I get horrible cramps. It was just something that I thought about on my never ending flight!

  29. how do i pick! hahaha….but if i had to i would pick roasted carrots. i know call me crazy! hahah :)


  30. Um, we are the same person! Not only are avocados, roasted veggies, and oatmeal on my “could-eat-daily-list”, but I had oatmeal with chocoate chips this AM. Yum.

    I would have to add cookies to that list too…

  31. I say peanutbutter and Kashi cereals!!! I love all their cereals~

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