Against The Wind

Is it really only Tuesday?

Today has been a doozy.

I was starving this afternoon!

Not even an hour after lunch, I broke into my new Larabar  :)


Thanks again, Steph!!! I was so excited to try this bar. I’d seen some good reviews and some mixed, so I was eager to try it for myself.


The verdict?

I loved it! Now, it’s hard to beat a REAL pb&j because it’s more than just the flavors. But I really enjoyed this bar.

Unfortunately, this did nothing for my hunger.

I ended up having a 100-calorie pack of almonds to see if that would make it better.


Eh…they were good, but nothin’. I just could not get satisfied today!

I was still pretty hungry at 4:30, but I didn’t want to eat anything else because I knew we were running after work and I didn’t want a bunch of stuff in my stomach.

Nick and I actually brought our running stuff so we could just run at a trail after work, but it was so windy in town that we came back home instead  :)

It was only 57 degrees today and windy while we were running. Chilly!

We had 5 miles on the schedule today and I did it! This is the longest I’ve run since our insane 10K Trail Run in June. I kept a good pace today, even with the wind and the fact that I got even hungrier.

Nick ended up having a pretty rough day today and wanted to go to our favorite local place, The New River Grille, so we did.


The special sounded pretty good tonight and I just didn’t think I could handle my normal onion rings, so I went against all my normal tendencies here tonight  :)

My meal came with a side salad, and the main part was some grilled chicken, stuffed tomatoes (with house made breadcrumbs) and green beans.


These tomatoes tasted like pizza! Good.

I’m sure this meal will definitely feel better in my belly than the burger and onion rings would have, but I did miss them.

The owner actually told me tonight while we were paying that they changed their onion ring recipe and I’ll need to try it since I’m their official onion ring taste tester  :)  I guess I do get them a lot.

We’re finally home, showered, and both in our pj’s on the couch.

I have a feeling some hot tea is in order.


I loved reading all of your dream jobs – I think we should all go after them! Baby steps, right?


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  1. stuffed tomatoes with homemade bread crumbs sound like bites of heaven

  2. Hey Brandi! Teri Jo just emailed me to tell me your package is on its way… and you’re getting some extra goodies too ;)

  3. OOH stuffed tomatoes? DELICIOUS!

  4. i love the PBJLB too! delish. those tomatoes look fantastic!

  5. What an honor to be the official onion ring taste tester! Good onion rings cannot be beat!

    Way to go with your run!! The weather has definitely turned chilly in Northern Virginia. I’m kind of glad that it feels like fall now. :-)

  6. Okay I think we are both pyschic or something bc before even reading this post I cracked open the coconut m&ms and gave you a shout out tonight on my post!! How CRAZY is that?!? :)

    Maybe we’ll just have to do another swap if you’re up for some more pbj bars…. I sure know that some more coconut m&ms may need to be in my future ;)

    Have a great night girlie!

  7. those tomatoes look yummy!
    when i’m insatiable i usually have some popcorn-it helps fill me up if i’m just needing to snack, and isn’t too terrible for me either!

  8. I love the PB & J lara bar, light on the dates flavor, which I prefer!

  9. stuffed tomatoes! i think i just reached heaven! that meal looks AWESOME! :)

    Great job on the run too girl! so proud

  10. I love the PBJ Lara! Though it does nothing for my hunger either…strange. But tasty, regardless.

    Congrats on your run :D

  11. wow those stuffed tomatoes look AMAZING! Is there cheese in there so it tasted like pizza?

    And tee hee, looks like we both got the munchies today…I was snacking away too!

  12. Hey there!!! I totally was a bottomless pit yesterday too… It was really annoying!!
    Sadly I did not handle it as good as you have, but that was yesterday… So what!! ;)
    I sooooo hope I’ll get to try this Larabar in London in a few weeks!!
    Have a good night!!! Hug n.

  13. I’ve NEVER eaten onion rings! It must sound crazy but they’re really not that common here in Portugal ;)

  14. Oh goodness, those tomatoes look fab!! I think I see another stuffed recipe brewing :-P

  15. Good job on the run! I have never ran 5 miles but I need to try, I’m so close. Sorry it was windy and chilly but those stuffed maters looked amazing!

  16. Yummy stuffed tomatoes! I make mine with cous cous :-)

    LOL at being the official onion ring tester. That’s when you know you are a regular.

  17. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to NOT love that larabar — it’s perfection.

    I’ve had stuffed peppers before, but never a stuffed tomato. Looks great!

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