Must Love Curry

Well, it’s a good thing I love this meal, because we have a lot of this curry dish left  :)


I heated up some leftover brown jasmine rice (totally worth the time it takes to cook) and some of the coconut cauliflower chana recipe.


I love when food gets better after sitting in the fridge.

This was amazing today!


I’m not sure how they do this, but the spices just soak in and mellow out a bit.

It was still spicy, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t the punch-you-in-the-face kind of spicy.

Everything just went perfectly together.


I also added some plain yogurt and sliced tomatoes on top for a little bit of sweet + cold action to balance out the hot and spicy.

I know it’s good when my nose is running, but I’m still eating it anyways. Is that weird that those are my signs for a good spicy meal? :)



Do you do anything weird when eating spicy food?

My nose usually starts running when eating anything spicy. Kind of embarrassing, but it doesn’t keep me from eating spicy foods!

One strange spicy-food effect I’ve seen is someone’s head itching! One of my friends would be scratching his head like crazy anything he had anything spicy.


  1. I love how curry just keeps getting better and better in the fridge. I really like how you subbed in peas for this one – I’m not really a bean person but I never thought of replacing them with peas!

  2. i definitely agree,curry tastes so good after a couple days melding together in the fridge! and it attempt to catch up, and to not bore you with you 4 comments, i will do one big one here!

    i see yogurt on pancakes all the time but i have never tried it. i am a skeptic! but yours look glorious. and it is so crazy how dreams can put you in the weirdest moods, like if my boyf did something bad in the dream i am mad at him in the morning, he is like “what did i do?!”

    glad you had fun watching football, looks like you fueled yourself well!

  3. My nose ALWAYS runs when I eat spicy food. I do love it though, so I just keep a napkin handy! :D

  4. I tend to hoop and hollar when I eat spicy food but I love it anyway ;)

  5. I LOVE curry! My nose and eyes start to run and my lips turn BRIGHT red!

  6. ive never had curry that i can recall but i am wanting to try it … i just dont know where to start!

  7. hahah my nose runs when I eat GOOD spicy food. it means its tastey, and is hitting all your sences ;)
    curry is the bomb when it sits overnight :)

  8. oh i’ve gotten the nose run too!
    and i love how indian food tastes after a day in the fridge

  9. Mm that looks SO good! I still have yet to try Indian! I neeed to do that asap :)

    My nose totally runs too when I eat spicy food but I love it more then anything so its completely worth it

  10. Nothing happens to me, but my husband begins to sweat out of the top of his head!

  11. I never eat curry after it’s cooked. I let it simmer for ages and then let it cool and stick it in the fridge for at least a day.
    My nose runs likes that too even if I don’t feel that it’s spicy but it must still affect me.

  12. If I have a reaction most often it will be a runny nose. Sometimes…if it hits just the right spot….I’ll get the hiccups…. No, I can’t create the hiccups from spicy food on cue. Trust me. I’ve tried. ;-P

  13. My nose runs and sometimes my eyes water.

    I love leftovers from the fridge. I had leftover crock pot soup today and it was just perfect!

  14. I’ve never had curry but by the looks of it, I think I’d like it! My nose runs when I eat spicy things. I always joke that when I’m congested, screw the medicine – give me some spicy salsa!

  15. I think I drink about a pitcher of water, which is weird because I know water only spreads the molecules in your mouth more, but I do it anyway

  16. Thats so funny about the nose running, cause that totally happens to me too! :)

  17. I love curry so much but my nose runs like crazy too! I also sweat if it is really hot (ick) and sometimes my eyes will water! All good signs of a kick-ass curry!!

  18. i love leftovers, and especially leftover curry!!!

  19. Your leftovers look sooo good! I love dishes that get better after a day or two. Sometimes the time really allows all the flavors to “marry.”

    I love really spicy food, but when it’s very spicy I too get a runny nose… ;)

  20. I love this dish! My nose runs too–it does the same thing when I work out, so I’m the one snorting and snotting all over the treadmill. My eyes run too, so I’m just so cuteeeeeeeeeeee….

    not. :)

  21. My nose totally runs when I eat spicy stuff. I love it!

  22. oh goodness, curry is one of my favorite dishes to order at thai places :) so warm and comforting.

    I say the spicier the better!

  23. i love curry ! that looks amazing!

  24. Okay, I really need to make curry.

    My nose runs with spicy food, too. However, my Puerto Rican roommate in college told me to chew on my hair when things got too spicy…and sometimes I will stop eating to chew on my hair for a bit. Kind of disgusting and unsanitary, but it always does the trick for me.

  25. oh… this curry meal look delicious!!!! I need to make some curry too! I forgot how good they are! :)

  26. My lips burn with spicy food, and I often find myself gripping onto something (the table, a napkin), but I love it!

  27. i tear up with spicy food.. and my tongue feels like its on fire-literally!

  28. My nose turns into an embarrasing river when I eat spicy foods, so I try not to eat em unless I am home with ample Kleenex!

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