Rainy Lazy Day

Another football game day is under way  :)  You know I’m happy!

5 miles was supposed to happen this morning, but it is nasty here today…so that will happen tomorrow. It’s pretty much going to be raining all day today, but the rain should stop either overnight or tomorrow morning. I’m hoping tomorrow afternoon will be clear enough to squeeze in 5 miles. That’s the plan, anyways.

Since the Tech game is a home one today, I got up and left early to go into town to get groceries so I could beat all the game traffic.

First, I stopped by the farmer’s market and got:

  • local butternut and acorn squash!
  • baby zucchini
  • apples
  • rainbow chard
  • kale

Since I hadn’t had anything for breakfast before I left, I stopped in and got a drink from Starbucks.


I got a venti fat free peppermint mocha, but with only 2 pumps of each. I can’t drink them anymore with their normal amount of syrup – way too sweet! Did you know they put 5-6 pumps (of each flavor!) in the venti size normally? I like having some flavor, but I still want to taste the espresso, too.


I also had this bar while running around and getting the rest of my groceries.

I’m pretty sure I got home right before the skies opened – it’s pouring now!


After putting the groceries away, I heated up a quick lunch.


One tomato basil pizza veggie burger on a wheat Arnold Thin, plus some steamed broccoli and a little leftover orange from the other morning.


Nice and colorful on this dreary day.

I’ve got laundry working and I’m camped out on the couch in my Hokie gear, ready for the game.

See ya for dinner!



  1. starbies def. goes a little “pump” happy.. next time i’m thinking of ordering “peppermint syrup with extra espresso, please” ;) maybe then they’ll get it right!

  2. Speaking of football, liked the post you had the other day about football, it was helpful for people like me since i just started watching a couple years ago. I hope to catch some of the Iowa/Penn game tonight. Go Iowa!

  3. I just got home from starbucks myself and got it with half syrup and it is still plenty sweet! Crazy how much syrup they put in them!

    Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

  4. i know i will regret saying this when it does rain in los angeles, but i kinda miss rainy days…they’re perfect for saturdays!

  5. The skies are very grey here too. I am kind of enjoying staying inside though, it’s nice and cozy! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Sometimes rainy days are so nice – they give me an excuse to be a bum for the day! :-) That being said, I hope it clears for your run tomorrow!

  7. i love peppermint mochas! but i agree, I would rather taste the coffee than have a mouthfull of sugar!

  8. some days i crave rainy days, so i dont feel as bad laying on the couch! hahaha. but i’m glald you got all your errands done before it started to down poor!!!!! The michigan game was awesome and i totally thought of all your tips! :)


  9. yeaaaaah saturday football :) woo hoo! what’s your fav pro team?

    jets baby! :)

    pizza burgers are zee best!

  10. My ‘Canes were demolished by your Hokies. :(

    I love the pizza burgers too.

  11. I have to ask for half syrup in my Pumpkin Spiced latte for the same reason.

  12. Woah good to know about the syrup. I don’t do starbucks too often, but I’ll keep that in mind!

  13. We’re having a rainy day here in NYC today! Blech. Nice produce run!!

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