Convincing Win


Let’s Go!



Man, what a game! It was seriously pouring here (and at the stadium) for the ENTIRE game, but what a great win for us.

This game was probably one of our toughest of the season going into it, especially with all the hype about Miami, but we played so well. I’m so happy for our team – everything just went well…offense, defense, and special teams.

Can you tell I’m excited?  :)

I had a little banana bread to hold me over until the game started – we didn’t want to pull out the “real football game snacks” until the game actually  started.


One of Nick’s labmates/co-workers made this banana bread and brought it to his defense yesterday – it’s so good! Not too sweet, and lots of walnuts.

Nick and I had some snacks during the first half of the game to hold us over until dinner.



Celery, carrots + 3-layer Trader Joe’s hummus.


TJ’s blue tortilla chips + TJ’s green salsa.

And beer, duh.

It’s football day!


I found this today in the store – good! It’s a darker wheat beer, so I got a few for me to try since I like wheat beers a bit more than Nick does.

Once it was halftime, I started working on dinner.


I cooked some chicken drumsticks in the oven that were basted with a mixture of:

  • Country Bob’s BBQ sauce
  • Apricot preserves
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Garlic powder
  • Crushed red pepper

I baked them at 375 for about an hour or so until they were done.

I also roasted some cubed potatoes and heated up the last of our leftover broccoli.


Perfect football day meal.

I’m thinking that either leftover chocolate chip cookies or some ice cream might happen later….maybe both? Who knows  :)


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  1. Your house does football food right! I could never get into the game, but I’m always up for the eats

  2. I vote for both tonight :-D

  3. Wheat beers are my favorite! A beer sounds so good right now too. Your whole dinner looks really tasty!

  4. I am looking forward to trying Country Bob’s… just sent away for the free coupon/sample now just hoping I can find it around here :) Another Hokie win, I know my sis is happy about that too!

  5. great food spread! and I love your excitement for the game — again, you are every guys dreammmm girl :)

  6. cookies AND ice cream are always happy together :-)

  7. I love your excitment for football! So much fun :) I should start watching more sports.. haha :) or playing them :P

  8. Great win for VT tonight!
    I’m watching the intense Iowa/Penn State Game right now with some die hard Iowans:)
    My Gophers already won! Great day for football!

  9. WONDERFUL day of football. i have to say! :)

  10. chicken drumsticks! rah rah rah!

  11. girl this post has some of my favorite foods all in one,
    broccoli, potatoes, hummus with carrots and celery :) yum!

  12. Do you like Sam’s Cherry Wheat? It’s one of my favorites.

  13. Your dinner looks awesome!!

  14. My vote goes for cookies AND ice cream. Perfect pair :D

  15. Love good ol’ Country Bob’s–makes any meal better :-)

  16. Ohhh I love football :) it’s the best part about fall! When I first started loving football my fam would always look foward to sundays because I declared that while I watch I have to bake something to “maintain my femininity” …now? there’s no more baked goods haha it’s all about full focus.

  17. SOunds like fun! Love the football snacks :)

  18. Haha I love that you guys are so into football. And that banana bread looks so good!

  19. That game was great! I was shocked that Miami played so poorly. The Hokies dominated! I hope the Sooners have the same luck next week.

    I’ve never heard of that beer before but it sounds good.

  20. Hi there,

    congratulations on winning Katies´s great giveaway : )
    I just started my own food blog and wanted to let you know,
    I am featuring your site on my blogroll.
    Please feel free to tell me, if you are not comfortable with that.

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany


  21. That chicken looks so good! Glad you are enjoying the day!

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