Accidental Eating

Happy Friday! Such an exciting day in our household – I’m even wearing a dress instead of jeans. Who am I? I LIVE for Jeans Day at work  :)

I guess my sources for The Office were wrong yesterday – I swear I saw something yesterday saying that it was going to be an hour long episode last night. Oh well, it was still a good one and Michael Scott is still a mess.

After all the football watching and strange dreams I had last night, I wanted just a simple and filling breakfast.


I had about a tablespoon of coconut milk in the fridge I needed to use and about 1/4 cup of cooked oatgroats, so worked around those items this morning.


  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/4 cup or so oat groats
  • cinnamon
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • 1 Tbsp coconut milk
  • 2 Tbsp chopped raw almonds


The oatgroats give this bowl such a great texture, and the banana + almond + coconut milk go so well together.


After finding those fun shells in my Larabar yesterday, it got me thinking.

What else have I eaten or found in my food that shouldn’t have been there?

I find Roxy hair in food all the time at our house…but that’s expected. We have little Roxy hair tumbleweeds all the time, no matter how much or where we vacuum.

I’ve definitely eaten bugs while running – it’s hard to not do that when they just fly right down your throat.


Did you hear about that girl that ate her engagement ring that was in her frosty a few months ago? That is just crazy.


Have you ever eaten something you didn’t mean to or didn’t know was there? Come on – I want to hear your best and worst stories  :)



  1. I eat my hair by accident all the time haha! Have a great day!

  2. So weird, we must be sending each other subliminal messages or something bc I totally had oat bran w/ coconut milk this morning too! It is soooooooooo goooooooood in the mix :) Happy Friday and happy jeans day!

  3. I am sure I eat cat hair all day everyday. We have two long haired cats and a short haired so no matter what you do, you can never get rid of it all.

  4. I heart jeans day too on Friday! I’ve accidentally eaten broken glass in my meal before. Ouch!

  5. A girl ATE her engagement ring!!? Ohh my gosh haha, thats terrible!

  6. I love this combo. Sounds like the perfect breakfast :)

    I think I would much rather eat something accidentally like a bug, pistachio shell, or cat hair than eat crazy processed foods. I can’t think of anything weird that I’ve eaten recently though… I’ve definitely accidentally eaten bugs in my salad (I slack when it comes to washing produce, and when I buy organic… there are sometimes bugs).

  7. So what is the big news???? You said there was something big coming on Friday……

  8. my hair ends up in EVERYTHING.
    one time my friend found it in a muffin i fed her. whoops.

  9. Ooo Good call Kathryn!
    What’s the news?
    Why are you wearing a dress on jean day?

  10. I’ve never heard of the engagement story. how weird. I can’t seem to think of something weird that i’ve found in my food. I know there has been times though. My hair always does find its way onto something though ahhaah

  11. Okay, so why are you wearing a dress??? What’s the news? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned?!!! ;)

    I hadn’t heard the story about the girl that ate her engagement ring, but I always thought that putting a ring in food could be VERY dangerous! :)

  12. i found a mosquito in a pancake i made once.

    if you don’t take advantage of jeans day, i will!! I’m wearing them!

    cheers to oatmeal!

  13. I had some FUNKY dreams last night as well! It was weird and I don’t think I liked it. I’ve definitely eaten my own hair but usually I spot it before hand. I also hear you on the dog hair, it gets everywhere no matter how much you clean!

  14. A girl ate her engagement ring? that’s just crazy!

  15. I eat bugs all the time while outdoors. I’ve also accidentally inhaled dog fur in my sleep and I drank some cigarrette ashes once as a child when I thought I was drinking my dad’s soda and he had used it for an ashtray. Most disgusting memory ever.

  16. Your breakfast looks simple and delicious!

  17. ahhhhh i still need to try the coconut milk in oats – i have a can, but just need to find a recipe to use the can for. any ideas miss brandi?

    p.s. loving that hash from last night!

  18. looks awesome! i really love all of those flavors so i bet it was an awesome combination!!

  19. Ahh someone at their engagement ring? :(
    Hmm I’m sure I’ve eaten plenty of things I wasn’t supposed to but I can’t think of anything at the moment! I did find a fly in my sandwhich once…ICK!

  20. Oh yeah, I’ve definitely eaten my share of bugs but…

    Okay, so sophomore year of high school, my mom decided to make me lunch one morning. That meant I’d get to sleep in late, so clearly, I was psyched. When I got to school and ate my sandwich, about half way through my stomach started feeling kinda weird…hhmm…the sandwich was extra “rough” too…So when I looked into the sandwich on top of the turkey and cheese, there was a piece of deli paper (the one they put in between cheese slices when they cut it up). My mom forgot to take it out and I ate like half of it!

  21. OMG! I DID NOT HEAR ABOUT IT!! how awful! did she get the ring back?! poop it out? seriously! how do you do that with a frosty?!!!!!!!!!!

  22. hahahaha what? i didnt hear about that girl! that sucks! i am glad i wasnt the person who found a fingertip in my wendy’s chili.. or whatever that story was.. thank god i don’t eat at wendys! i eat a lot of dog hair. A LOT.

  23. hahaha what!? someone ate her engagment ring!?? ouch.. that’d be expensive.
    I have eaten bugs when running.
    oh. and I had TINFOIL in a muffin from Subway once.. lets just say I have not eaten there since.
    shells in lara bars.. ouch.

  24. I’m sure I’ve eaten a lot of cat/dog hair. Can’t really think of anything else too crazy… hmmmm…

    Breakfast lookds greeeat!

  25. i’m sure i’ve eaten julius’ fur. and, having lived off take out in NYC for years…i don’t wanna know!!!

  26. I love the addition of the coconut milk–I’ve actually never tried it! What kind/brand do you use?

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