Shell Shocked

I’m so excited for football tonight! They’re not really any teams I’m that interested in, but it should be a good game. ALSO – the hour long Office should be great!

I’m also going to be baking cookies and working on laundry, so it should be a busy + productive night.

I opened up my other Pistachio Larabar today for a snack.


I really liked the flavor again, but it was not so enjoyable when, half way through the bar, I bit into 2 small pieces of pistachio shell.


Ouch. Not cool, Larabar. I’ve never had this happen before, so I know it’s not common, but biting into shell instead of nut is not easy on the teeth.


I consoled myself with 2 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate wedges to help me finish out the work day.


I like these and am surprised I only had 2. ;)

Nick came home a little early today, so as soon as I finished work, we headed up to Walmart to get a few things he needed for his final presentation tomorrow. So exciting!

Then he made an awesome hash for dinner- it turned out really good.


We had 2 more of the raspberry chipotle sausages leftover, plus some roasted potatoes and butternut squash, so he cooked all of that together with an onion and a red pepper from our garden until everything was heated through and crisped up a little.


I steamed some broccoli for a little green with dinner – easy and quick!



I also tried my second Zevia flavor tonight – the Cola.


I actually liked this flavor better than the “Twist” one. It really tasted like a good soda – not like diet at all. Yum.

I’m still looking forward to the root beer, cherry, ginger ale, and orange, too.

Off to bake, fold, and watch some football action!  :)


I need ideas! What’s on your meal plan for next week? New recipes you’ve seen that you’re trying?



  1. So YOU’RE the reason why they have to write “may contain the occasional shell or pit” warning on food labels ;)

  2. i just spotted a spicy mexican squash stew on moosewood’s recipe website:

    i might make it this weekend, so we can eat the leftovers throughout the week. seems like it might be a nice way to ring in the fall season.

  3. I always make up a meal plan for the week before I go grocery shopping and its so hard to come up with ideas to please two people isn’t it!?
    This week I am making beef stew for my partner – he’ll eat it for his lunches all week!
    We are also having sweet potato aloo gobi with peas snuck in! Kale chips and chicken sausage, paprika roasted cauliflower with lemon caper sole, jerk chicken thighs with apple-jicama slaw, arugula frittata with heirloom tomatoes on the side and lemon-pepper shrimp with garlic roasted broccoli.
    Your hash idea looks awesome! Definitely gonna try the chicken sausage/sweet potato combo!

  4. That’s so crazy that there were shells in your larabar! Those dark chocolate wedges look awesome!

  5. I think I want to do some sort of Mexican casserole this week – polenta or tortillas with beans, salsa, cheese?

    Your din looks tasty!

  6. we’re having bbq pork sandwiches with baked beans tonight.
    and roast chicken. if you’re up for cooking a whole chicken it’s great because then you’ve got already cooked meat to make enchiladas or pot pie or soup with the rest of the week!

    also, your blog helps me know what nights the fiance is going to have the tv on :-) oh football season…

  7. Crazy shells!

    Haven’t planned for meals next week – but something we always have is roasted veggies (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, squash…all faves) plus cottage cheese or plain yogurt and hummus on top. The best meal ever. We have it once a week – the husband always adds chicken or ground meat. :-)

  8. Tonight I made a delicious coq au vin. Breakfast next week will probably be similar to this week, oats with pumpkin and Greek yogurt. Lunch = big crunchy salads, and for dinners, hopefully some delish fall treats like chili and pasta.

  9. Hi Brandi,

    Sorry I am yelling but I am so excited.
    Guess what I am having tomarrow?
    Actually I want the first one to be something inspired by you, either muesli, trail mix or granola mixed in. I wish I had a muffin.
    Thank you again!

    Lara Bars, something else you got me into.
    Sorry you got a shell, Thanks for the warning.
    My favorite so far is the pecan pie.
    They have a peanut butter and jelly one that I am trying to find, but I might have to order it online.

    My recommendation for dinner and left overs for next week is either a WW Ground Turkey Mexican Meatloaf or a roasted chicken with rosemary and apples.
    Sorry so long
    Have a great night

  10. I made my taco soup tonight. Last night I made some chicken veggie stir fry, and I also made some spaghetti… I’ll be in Japan next week so I’m sure I will be eating some fantastic sushi!!!

  11. Bloggie recipes I have marked to try soon (maybe next week?)
    (1) Tina’s Mediterranean salad (9/22 CNC post)
    (2) Jenna’s curry sauce on chicken/seafood/veggies (9/7 ELR post)

    I can’t wait to do my meal planning tomorrow after work and get ready for some shoppin’ this weekend — I’m also goin’ to try to incorporate some new fall veggies this time around so I am excited! :) Enjoy football tonight!

  12. i wish i had some good recipes! i can be so boring sometimes!!

    i cannot believe that mishap on the lara bar! how weird. maybe if you write to them, they’ll send you some loot of bars to apologize ;) somethin to think about!

    enjoy football!

  13. I have had shells in my pistachio lara :( it DOES hurt, doesnt it!
    I found some rad local honey today.. is weird flavors, rootbeer!? haha, I will have to go back to get some to send to you!
    I want to try making my own Miso or Udon soup sometime this week!

  14. I’m making WW Crockpot Chicken Paprikash and Black Bean soup, Turkey Rolls Cordon Blue, and Sausage and peppers in WW Wraps.

    Sorry about the shells. I love pistachios but not the shells. I might have to avoid that one since my teeth are super sensitive.

  15. OMG i got a shell in MY pistachio larabar too! in my first bite CRUNCH! my jaw hurt afterwards. =(

  16. Oh no! I’m glad your teeth survived. That is not cool!

    This recipe just caught my eye:

    I also thought this buffalo chicken crockpot concoction looked really good:

    I may make one of those recipes, or I might just roast up my stockpile of end of summer produce and munch on it all week with some chicken sausages. Who knows what will happen!

    I also think I’m going to make either the pumpkin muffins or the rice pudding from Ellie Krieger’s cookbook, the Food You Crave. You reminded me that I needed to bond with that book, and I definitely have.

    Enjoy the football and have a great Friday!

  17. Love your outdoor pics :) Especially the ones on the wooden fence – so rustic! Sorry about the pistachio shell! Ouch! Your should tell Larabar – maybe they’ll send you a whole bunch to make up for it?!

  18. i love pistachios.. sorry to hear that the bar had shells. i’m sure if you mention to them, they’ll refund?? anyway.. why don’t you try soup/stew? that’ll stretch for days.. I tried Kitchen Sink Soup from Allrecipes.. yum and simple!

  19. eww, shells? how unappetizing!

    That chocolate looks awesome though :)

  20. I’ve been loving roasted vegetables and homemade soups lately. I’ve also been wanting to make some taco salads.

    The hash looks good!

  21. crazy about the shells! i think it has a warning about them on the package come to think of it. i havent tried a pistachio lara but i have been meaning to. that hash looks really good! homeboy’s got some culinary skills!

  22. I love how you and Nick cook together. It’s so sweet!

    Dinner looks great!

  23. that hash looks really good!!

    so sorry about your mouth and the larabar!! ive never tried pistachio either and now im scared!! ha!

  24. Yikes! I would have been shocked too. I always take caution when eating packaged things, you just never know!

    As far as recipes goes for meal plans, this Sunday I have planned some Zucchini “lasagna” rolls ups! They have been brewing in my mind for awhile, so def stay tuned!

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