Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

Today, my little sister and her husband are leaving for Spain.


They are moving there for the next 9 months to teach English. I think it is going to be such an amazing experience, but I’m going to miss them so much! I don’t get to see them very often, but it will be hard to be more than just 6 hours away.

I love you Tiff and James! I hope you have safe flights and travels today. Hasta luego, not adios, right?  :)

I kept trying to think of some sort of “tribute breakfast” to have in their honor, but I was drawing a blank.



2 over easy eggs over a toasted slice of locally made 7-grain bread, and some orange.


So, I just had what I wanted, but made sure to make coffee. James and Tiff love good coffee, just like we do, so I knew that would be enough.




Have you traveled much?

I haven’t done much traveling, but Nick and I hope to in the future! I have been to:

Virginia (duh)

West Virginia

North Carolina


South Carolina













Out of country:



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  1. You should put Argentina in your future destination list!!! You won’t regret, I promise! :)

  2. They are so incredibly lucky! What part of Spain will they be living? My favorite cities are Sevilla and Madrid. I always said I wanted to go back and live there. What program are they working with?
    I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world. I’ve been to 13 countries so far! Next? I want to go to Greece or Japan.

  3. I’m ALWAYS traveling, haha – overseas and “locally” :)

    Wishing your sister safe travels!

  4. I’ve been really lucky and gotten to travel a lot, both nationally and internationally. I spend a semester abroad in Australia, and have at 3 least national trips planned by the end of this year. I have been to a ton of islands to, but really would love to visit Southeast Asia!
    Good luck to your sister and BIL, where are they living? I am in love with Barcelona!

  5. love your blog! I hope your sister and her husband have a safe tri, that is so exciting!!!!

  6. Wow sounds like an amazing time that they have to look forward to! Maybe this’ll be your chance to visit Spain?? :-) I have only been one other country; Canada ha. And then as for states, too many to list! But never Virginia!

  7. Hi Brandi

    I am sorry your sister is going to be so far away.
    I can be your surrogate sister while she is gone!

    I think you should make a trip to New Jersey,
    (It is the Garden State)
    Some cool things in New Jersey are the beaches, the casinos and maybe the shopping malls. But, I would rather take you to New York,
    (New York City is so much fun)
    I know you have NYC girls here, maybe they could give us a tour!

    Blog Trip, Blog Trip, Blog Trip

  8. How exciting for them! :) Here’s my list:
    North Carolina
    Florida / Keys
    New Jersey
    New York
    Mexico (Acapulco, Cozumel, Progreso)

  9. aw goodbyes are hard but this is an amazing opportunity for your sis and her hubby and now you just get t look forward to the next time you’ll see them :)

    I havent been to too many places.. I’ve been all over new England, Florida, North Carolina, Mexico and other randommm islands. I would kill to go to Rome though.. perhaps one day :)

  10. They are too cute. Will you be able to visit them???

    I’ve been to various US States, Canada, India, Spain, France, England . . . and I’m dying to go to Ireland next!

  11. for not doing much traveling, those are alot of states! And Honduras, crazy fun! I have only been to MD, WV, VA, CT, NY, NC, FL, and CA. out of the country ive been to Jamaica, Canada and the Bahamas. All these places I have been too like once :-/

  12. I have visited much of Europe, Canada, have been multiple times in Ecuador and Mexico, Southeast Asia and large swaths of the U.S. I really don’t think there are many more important things in life than traveling. I have also lived in Prague, Kentucky, Texas and now in D.C. I like to move around every couple of years- staying in a place too long is boring. That being said, I think I’ll eventually return to NYC- you can take the girl out of Queens but not Queens out of the girl.

    My mom especially encouraged me to travel at a young age. I think it’s SO important that parents do that. She had traveled extensively in her 20s. She always said traveling and a career should be priorities when you’re young- marriage and kids can come later. She is SO right. (I never wants kids anyways which means my life will be SO MUCH MORE awesome as I travel!!).

    My bf is now part of my travel adventures. He’s from Georgia and had never left the country before meeting me (ugh!) This May we went to London (my second time) and over New Years we’re going to Hong Kong. (first time for both). SO EXCITED! We’re also considering Istanbul for Memorial Day weekend 2010. I am also always organizing fay trips and local excursions for us in the D.C. area.

    I’m grateful I went to a cosmopolitan, urban school-NYU- where I met LOTS of international friends. It’s been wonderful to visit them abroad/crash at their places- no hotel fees!!

  13. oops meant I am always organizing DAY trips

    Also, when my bf and I DO get hitched, more traveling will come!!! =)

  14. Wow that’s amazing–living in Spain for 9 months :) So cool!
    I was definitely lucky in high school because my dads side of the family traveled a LOT and took me with them every summer. But I haven’t been to many different states.

  15. What an awesome experience!! I am sure they will have some great stories! I have not traveled as much as I would like to, but after law school I plan on getting out of the country!

  16. my future mommy and sister in laws live in california, which means i now have lots of excuses for that trip…
    and i’m pumped for my honeymoon (probably more than planning the wedding…) big trip that i don’t have to feel guilty about spending too much on? oh yeah…

  17. Safe travels to your sister and her hub!

    I have been to numerous states but only out of the country twice – to Ireland and England.

  18. I LOVE to travel! I like traveling in the US, but have also gone to Greece, Ireland, England, and Italy. its sooo fun!

  19. Spain is a beautiful European country. I was there for 3 weeks in 2003. Been to every major city there, they will love it there!
    I travel a lot because my parents love it, but I married a guy whose never traveled out of the midwest!
    I’ve been to Europe twice and almost every state, caribbean island, Mexico and Canada!
    I really want to go to Asia though!

  20. good luck to your sis! i LOVE traveling – studied abroad in london, traveled around europe a bunch. spent a month in australia and went teaching in Thailand for a year – already craving my next trip…hopefully to Argentina!!!

  21. Hmm let’s see where I’ve been. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Missippi, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusets, Rhode Island, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Hawaii (Kuaui), Bahamas, and soon to be Japan!!! I just need the very north east states and the north west states!!! Good ol cross country drive had me hit up a lot then when Charlie graduated from Boot Camp that drive, I got the north and midwest!!!!

  22. Hey there! So lucky for your sister and bro-in law. It so fun to go away and do exciting things like that! I have traveled quite a bit.
    20 US. states

    Out of country:

    I lived in Romania for a summer working in an orphanage, best experience ever!

    Thanks for letting me share!

  23. I’m not too big of a traveler, but I think your sister and her bf are pretty awesome for doing that!

  24. Oh that would be so fun! Yay for them! I haven’t traveled as much as I’d like, but more than some. I love going anywhere and often tag along with my friends on roadtrips just to see places I’ve never been. I would love to have a job that required me to travel. LOVE it!

  25. wow, that would be SUCH a great experience. i am totally jealous! i used to live in london and have been to about 10 european countries.. as well as norway and mexico a couple times.. and i tried to go to canada but got deported! woops!

  26. I’m so jealous of them. Espana es mi pais. My second home if I could live there I would. Your traditional breakfast of oatbran and eggs is pretty spanish. I ate that for dinner a lot when living there (just oatmeal instead of oatbran).

    I’ve been a lot of places being a military kid.


    And many places all over the USA.

    You should totally try to visit them in Spain if you can. It is such a beautiful country with many cultures to explore.

  27. Teaching English in Spain sounds like so much fun! Sorry your sister is moving so far away though…

  28. i wish i could say i’ve done alot of traveling but i can’t! I’ve been to a handful of places though!

    Congrats to your Sissy and her hubby, what a wonderful opportunity! :)

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