Dip, Dip, Dip

Some of you have been to some amazing places! I hope to add many more places to my “traveled to” list in my lifetime, that’s for sure.

My Thursday is actually going pretty well – busy, but not super slammed like the past couple of days.

The good thing is that I actually broke for lunch at a normal time today! Every day I’ve worked from home so far, I haven’t taken my lunch break until like 1 pm, and I am just way too hungry.

Today, right at noon, I stopped to eat.


I love finding random stuff and making a meal out of it.

First, I knew I had to use some of this today –


I love this Trader Joe’s 3 Layer Hummus – such a good combination when you get a bite with all three flavors.


Plus I love all the colors! I had some hummus with some celery, plus the last of the chili with the last of my sweet potato Food Should Taste Good chips.  :(  I’m sad they’re gone.


I didn’t eat them separate though.

I put all the broken up chip pieces IN my chili, like so.


Then I used the few “whole chips” I had left to dip in the hummus, too. Sweet, spicy, hot, cold, crunchy – it was a great lunch.


And I obviously had dessert. We’re already through one bag and part of the second one. I knew I had to have more today before Nick gets back home  :)


There is so much exciting news today!

  • 1 Year anniversary (and giveaway) over at Green Dog Wine!
  • MixMyGranola discount!
    Its time to celebrate! Real Simple just named MixMyGranola "The Best Granola for Picky Eaters!" The picky Real Simple editors tested a ton of granolas and picked 12 products as their favorite brands – and MixMyGranola is one of them! Have a look at the real simple feature here.
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  • An hour long OFFICE tonight at 8:30!!!

And, a big congratulations to Caitlin and Jenna!!! They are both having some of their biggest dreams come true right now, and it’s so exciting to see it.


FB tonight!
No. 4 Mississippi at South Carolina, 7:30 pm ESPN – make your pick in the comments!


If you could have ONE thing happen to you in your lifetime, what would that be?

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  1. Hi Brandi,

    That hummus looks amazing!

    If I could have ONE thing happen to me in my lifetime, I would want to win the lottery.
    I want to never worry about money.
    I want to take care of all my family and friends.
    I would make a huge donation with charitities, too.
    I dont like seeing hungry children or abused animals.
    I would also throw one heck of a party, everyone would be invited!

    *Now back to the real world*

    My pick is Mississippi
    (because I like to spell it outloud)

  2. I would love to be a published author and live in the OBX!

    That hummus looks so good!

  3. YUM to the trifecta layer of hummus. i long for a trader joe’s!! one thing in my life? that is really hard to pick! i would definitely love to be a traveling food critic though.. rachael ray’s $40 a day show.. um yes please!

  4. One thing to find a job that I truly love and never feel like I’m working!
    My pick is South Carolina, always root for the underdogs:)

  5. I’m going to have to pick Mississippi, even though I usually root for the underdogs.

    I’m not sure what my one thing would be. That’s a pretty deep question worth thinking about :)

  6. I like making random meals too. I’ll have to try hummus–everytime I try it I like it, I just always forget to get it!

  7. I love dipping meals – especially when they involve hummus. My one thing: to have kiddos!

  8. BE Happy! With everything my job, significant other, place in life im at, friends, health, family situation, weight and body image. Just be happy!

  9. holy cow!! Three-layer hummus! That’s awesome!

  10. I love your dippy, snacky lunch! I have yet to try the 3 layer hummus from TJ’s. Looks so good!

    I think I’m living a pretty good life right now. Of course I would love fame and fortune, but having my own healthy and happy family would be like winning the lottery, too.

    Hope you are having a good day! Thanks for posting about Caitlin and Jenna. I had no idea until I saw your post :) I guess I’m behind in my reading :)

  11. That is my favorite hummus at TJ’s. I don’t usually get it because it’s more expensive than my chipotle but when I do it is gone real quick. I like to eat it with baby carrots. :-)

    I might have to try that chili and chip combo. I have some leftover chili from last night so this might be dinner since I have to fend for myself tonight.

    If I could have one thing happen I would probably want to work on a Spanish mission field. I love both spanish and ministry but they don’t really fit together most of the time. I would love to work in a spanish speaking country in ministry.

  12. Mmmmm that hummus sounds super good.

    Maybe receive a job that gave me a yacht, told me to sail the world and write about it. Yep, that would be cool.

  13. That hummus looks so good. I love your lunch! My big goal is to live in either NY, Boston, or California.

  14. awww! love those dips!!

  15. Oh! I will definitely try the 3 layers hummus from TJ…don’t know how I miss it ;-)

  16. oh my gosh, one thing, hmmm….to be on oprah – to promote acting stuff, not because i’m a crazy person with problems.

  17. Adding the crumbled chips to your chili is the best idea ever!!! i love doing that! :)

    My big goal in life is to move to the city either NY or Chicago and pursue my fashion career


  18. i MAY move to the states just for Trader Joes…
    three layer hummus? yes please

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