Sweet and Savory

You guys have some great questions! Keep ‘em coming – I’m looking forward to answering all of them.

Work, work, work, at my mystery job that everyone wants to know about  :)  Believe me, it’s not that exciting. But it did keep me super busy today.

I had a snack around 3:30 this afternoon and was happy to try my next Chobani flavor.


I had the blueberry today – I think this one is tied with the peach so far, with strawberry in second. Maybe strawberry just doesn’t do well in yogurts?


I liked the flavor of the blueberry yogurt, and every now and then, I would hit a little berry. That was fun. Not too sweet, not too tart.


Of course I added a little almond butter granola – just about a Tbsp or so for some crunch.

This did a good job of holding me over, but this may not be the best snack to have before I run.

I’ll just say this:

If a run could blow chunks, this one would. Agh, it was horrible! I had a side stitch before we even started running! We were walking to warm up and I already had one. I finished and got my 3.5 miles in, but today was not an enjoyable run.

And sometimes, when I get these side stitches, they don’t just stay in my side. They travel into my entire abdomen. Does anyone else get them this bad? I feel like I’m the only one. 

Trying to run when your entire abdomen hurts every time you breathe is not fun at all. I pushed through it, but these bad runs make me wonder if I should really be doing this.

Anyway – let’s get to more happy stuff!

Dinner was super sweet and savory tonight. Both of us were sad when we finished eating because there weren’t any extras.


Last night, I cut up my butternut squash to use in dinner tonight.

I’m so happy to have winter squashes in my life again – they are so sweet and rich.

I peeled and diced the “neck” part of the squash for something tomorrow night, and just cut the bulb part in half and scooped out the seeds to use tonight. I roasted all the squash tonight at 425 for about 30 minutes until it was tender.


I bought some raspberry chipotle/monterey jack cheese chicken sausages last weekend and knew I wanted to make a fall-ish dish with them. While the squash roasted in the oven, I sliced up two of them and crisped them up a bit. Then I added in some diced apple and onion and let that cook.

Once the squash was done, Nick and I each took a half of the squash, filled it with the sausage/apple/onion mixture, and I heated up the leftover roasted broccoli.


I also tried my first Zevia tonight.


I’ve actually never had anything with stevia in it, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed this. I tried the “Natural Twist” flavor, which is similar to a sprite or lemon-lime drink. Good job, Zevia!

I can’t wait to try the other flavors. The flavor is definitely different than a regular soda or a normal diet soda, but I think I’m hooked  :)  Is it okay to be hooked on a healthy diet soda?  I think so.


Favorite winter squash?



  1. My favorite winter squash = butternut!

  2. Your dinner looks awesome! That sausage sounds amazing!! I’ve never tried the strawberry chobani. I’m scared of strawberry in yogurt lol.

  3. i love all squash! this winter’s goal is to make the fiance feel the same way.

    i’m glad you liked the zevia-the black cherry is my fav

  4. Glad to hear you like the Zevia
    Did I hear right? Raspberry chipotle sausage? incredible

  5. Chicken sausages!! Love the way this flavor combo of raspberry chipotle/mj cheese sounds yummm :) Dinner looks fantastic and so wonderfully fall-ish.

  6. I love Zevia too, great flavors and it gets me away from regular diet coke!
    I get pains like that sometimes when I run too, so nuderstand your pain. I try to run through it but sometimes I just need to stop!

  7. I love adding blueberries to greek yogurt so I’m assuming that I would love this yogurt.

    I love acorn and butternut squashes. THey both have that sweetness too them that I could eat them with just a bit of butter and a good dose of cinnamon. Yumm!

  8. Sorry about the side pains :(

    Really looking forward to hearing about your job! :) I LOVE butternut squash. It rocks.

  9. That sausage sounds fantastic. And butternut squash is my favorite winter squash!

    I totally get side pains that take over my abdomen. This only happened once, but it got so bad that I couldn’t even walk. I had to sit down on the side of the road in the middle of a run. It was awful. I hope yours never get that bad!

  10. I get major stomach pains sometimes. I have recently discovered it is only if I eat nuts that day…disappointing. You are not alone. :-)

    I love all acorn, butternut…wait, I actually love all squash. I can’t play favorites.

  11. i hear ya. i had big time side stitches today. but it was my own fault. i didn’t leave enough time to rest after eating dinner. I ran more than i walked but it definately cut down the effectiveness of my run.

    running with a side stich is not good. i find that your whole body starts to componsate for it, for easing the pain, and sometimes you can be running in really bad form.

    i don’t think anyone REALLY knows what causes them, especially when it’s not food related. definately worth “google”ing though?

  12. holy amazing dinner. I’m coming over tomorrow night for whatever you’re doing with the neck..

    ha ha. creep? nahh

    I agree I’m no fan of chobs strawbreezies. vanilla comes numero uno (well obvi after plain because you can make that any flav you want) and then peach haha

  13. Mmm, I want to try all of those Chobani flavors so badly!

    I get TERRIBLE side stitches, and they get me so down! I just did a whole post about them with possible causes and prevention techniques… hope they work.

  14. i love butternut squash :)

    your dinner looks awesome!!

  15. yes being hooked on “good” diet soda is def ok! :)

    I’ve def had my fair share of bad runs, i hate it! but hopefully that isnt a reoccurring thing!


  16. mmm i love all squash. for real. spaghetti squash is fun to eat though! i just got an assload of chobani and i won a zevia giveaway so i am looking forward to both!

  17. Your dinner is so creative and it looks delicious!!

    I like Zevia, too, we really like the root beer flavor. The dear husband is allergic to the caramel color in the other ones.

    My favorite squash is probably acorn!

  18. almond butter granola?? Sounds yum! Never tried it..

  19. Ohh gosh that looks good! I can’t pick a favorite–I really like em’ all for different reasons/recipes!

  20. My stomach cannot tolerate dairy before doing cardio. Instant stomach pain. Maybe that was the problem? But I totally feel you on the stitches, I get them a lot too. I hate bad runs.

    Butternut is the only winter squash I’ve had. But I have big plans to try acorn squash in the near future.

  21. Sorry about the run, dude. :(

    But your squash looks spectacular. You just reminded me that I need to go out and pick some up.

  22. My favorite squash is delicata – soooo yummy and sweet all on its own! They are in at our local farmer’s market – I love this time of year!

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