Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon

Even though I use cinnamon year round in my oatmeal, I seem to want even more of it once fall hits.

It’s just such a warm spice, and I love that you can use it in sweet or savory dishes.

Today’s breakfast is definitely a tribute to cinnamon.


That’s right – one more jar down!

I love having these “oat bowls”, but it also makes me sad that I’m running out of nut butter. Good thing I just restocked my almond butter this weekend.


I love this cinnamon raisin pb, so I’ve been waiting to get to the bottom of this jar.

My oat fillng was:

  • 1/3 cup oatbran
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • spoonful of oatgroats
  • 1/2 banana

And I knew these had to make an appearance today.


You can smell these through the bags It was so hard to walk by the kitchen last night without taking another one each time I passed them.

Plus, they are perfect! I don’t know how Haleigh did it, but they are beautiful and tasty.



cinnamon raisin peanut butter

cinnamon in my oatbran

cinnamon in the kanelbullar


This may be the best batch of oatbran in a jar yet!


What spice or herb do you find yourself using all the time?


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  1. I also love cinnamon and I put a hefty pinch into my oatmeal every day!! I also add it to sweet potatoes and my favorite Fall chili recipe!

  2. aw, Brandi it makes me so happy that you are enjoying my kanelbullar so much :) Definitely a boost of confidence.

    I would have never thought to add them to oatmeal, that’s such a fantastic idea! I could definitely wake up early for that breakfast! Hope you enjoy your day!

  3. Wow, looks so delicious and a super creative use of your prize!!

    I seem to use onions and garlic in every thing and I also used crushed red pepper a lot, too!

  4. I use a ton of garlic. Also, I go through a lot of cumin which probably has a lot to do with my husband’s middle eastern background, it’s in a lot of dishes I have learned to make.
    I love the cinnamon raisin swirl PB, it might be my new favorite!

  5. I love cinnamon too! I also love basil and garlic.

  6. I haven’t tried their cinnamon flavor — however their dk choc is to die for! Looks like a yummy breakfast for sure :) I don’t think I really have a fave spice hmmm, I cook using such a variety and am not partial to any which one…. I do adore fresh herbs however!

  7. Lucky you! I still haven’t had the chance to get my hands on the Cinn.Swirl. Dark chocolate dreams will just have to do for now!

    I love cinnamon also! I think I told you before I am a serious addict–but not just in the fall, 365 days a year :-)

  8. I’m a cinnamon girl, too! LOVE it on “baked” apples (a la microwave!) and oatmeal. That PB sounds AMAZING. I think I’ve seen it at my grocery store?

  9. Brandi, you’re killing me! The cinnamon fiend inside of me just died a little bit ;)

    I always use cinnamon! If not cinnamon then I use oregano in just about everything!

  10. i’m obsessive on cinnamon! love it so much!

    and at my parents in the summer i go nuts for basil-they grow so much, so we put it on everything

  11. oh, gawsh. I’m barely a peanut butter person, but that stuff looks good! I’m gonna track it down and feed my face with it.

  12. waiiiit a second..
    so you like cinnamon?

    haha i keeed. mmm i’m a cin princess too :) and I’m ALL about the p-pie spice too!

  13. OMG i can’t believe that cinnamon roll, what a great add in to your morning breakfast! :)

    I’m a garlic powder girl! yes i’m that girl! hahaha but i can’t get enough of it!

  14. your breakfast looks so yummy.. i love cinnamon.. and vanilla-if it can be counted as a spice! :) and maybe.. oregano for savoury

  15. this is my ultimate breakfast. you have no idea how much i want to jump through the screen and eat this up right now. drool. drool. drool.

    happy day miss brandi :)

  16. holy moly, that looks amazing. I had cinnamon LOADED muesli this morning with shredded apple. mmm mmm.

    random question — which garmin do you use? any suggestions? :)

  17. I love the composition of these shots! Perfect background for cinnamon flavors, in my opinion :)

  18. wow, amazing eats. I also adore cinnamon, and I put it in everything.
    I don’t have any pb left :( Buuuut, today I’m going to make my own. One normal batch, and one smallish with some maple syrup in it. and some cinnamon :D

  19. I eat cinnamon in excess. It’s sooo damn good and to think that I used to not like it is unheard of! I also eat a great deal of cayenne pepper. For some reason I like to start my days off with a mix of water, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper with some honey added. I know it sounds like that lemonade diet thing, but I def eat hahaha.

  20. cinnamon is wonderful- and it has great benefits for yoour body too! I love using cumin- that’s probably my most used spice!

  21. I love cinnamon too. The kanelbullar is super cute.

    I love garlic for savory/dinner meals

  22. I looooove cinnamon too! Cinnamon + cottage cheese = bliss! I love how naturally sweet it makes everything!! I need to get better to get out to a store and get more things to use cinnamon with! :D

  23. omg what is that whirly cinnamon wheel thing? it looks awesome!

  24. I love cinnamon! I go through it so fast, my roommates are amazed :)

    I’m also big on chili and paprika powder, spicin’ up my life :)

  25. i love the abundance of cinnamon in your meal! yuumm. except i hate raisins, unfortunately, so i can’t buy that PB. but i use a LOT of cinnamon, i have to buy it in bulk!

  26. OMG those cinnamon rolls!! LOVE them.

    The spice I use the most is probably garlic powder or anything by Penzey’s Spices. Or red pepper flakes. Or chipotle.

    LOL. I can’t decide.

  27. THOSE PICS WERE INCREDIBLE! I honestly thought I was looking at postcards. I love the fact that your photos were taken outside, too! And, I don’t know how you can keep yourself from not eating all those kanelbullars! Wow! Haleigh is some sort of a magician :) I really like cumin – it just gives food this unusual flavor that can’t be described!

  28. Wow..that looks so good. I didn’t even know peanut butter like that existed. I just eat regular penaut butter and haven’t gone looking any place else. Where did you get that?

    I really love anything spicy. I try to add red pepper flakes or hot peppers to any dinner dish!

  29. Cinnamon is my best friend. I add it to plain apples, my oatmeal, and almost anything else. I even put it on things with PB and or AB and in my coffee. I love it!

  30. That cinnamon overload looks sooo good! Definitely going to have to try the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB… and those kanelbullars sound yummy! Cinnamon’s definitely my go-to spice too, all year round, its in my coffee every morning. When it comes to herbs, parsley is amazing in anything…

  31. Love it. That’s one of my favorite Peanut butters, too. So great on a cinnamon raisin english muffin from TJ’s

  32. I love cinnamon. I definitely use a lot of it in sweet dishes. I probably use basil or thyme the most in savory dishes.

  33. Holy Yum. I am head over heals for cinnamon, I can’t even imagine how good that jar must have tasted.

  34. i definatly load everything with cinnomon.
    The cinnmon raisin swirl and might maple are my two favs from PB& co!

  35. Mmmmm that looks so good, and I’m not even that crazy about cinnamon.

    I’m a garlic fiend. Love it!

  36. I finally found Peanut Butter and Co peanut butter! I got the chocolate dreams!!! When I get back from Japan I’m going to Trader Joes to get some pumpkin butter and some almond peanut butter!!! Yayy!!!

  37. Cinnamon. Always! I already used some for my oatmeal this morning, and on top of a slice of toast with almond butter. Ooooh, it was blissful! :-D

    That breakfast sounds delicious though!! I am sooo into the cinna raisin pb right now, it’s perfect with oatmeal!

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