Now It’s Official

Happy First Official Day of Fall!

First, let’s get through lunch. Leftovers!


Pork poblano dish + green beans, and a side of a corn/lima bean/tomato/pepper salad.


Good, but I’m ready for something new.


Let’s talk fall.

Fall is, by far, my favorite season.

I have always loved it – the changing colors in the leaves, the crisp mornings, the shift to all things comforting.

Soups, hot cocoa, wearing jeans + long sleeve tshirt + flip flops, big sweaters, cinnamon in everything, squash, carving pumpkins…all of those things just make me happy.

Plus, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I love seeing all my family and just spending all day with them, cooking together, eating together, napping, watching football…just enjoying the time we can spend together.

While I am really missing the early sunrises and lighter evenings, I am ready for fall to come in full swing.

A few trees are starting to change already.

I think that is one reason I can never move away from Virginia, unless I go farther north. I cannot live without the colors in the fall. The bright yellows, oranges, and reds that take over the trees here are just breathtaking.

I’m hoping Nick and I are able to have a few hiking trips this fall and be able to see the colors from hidden overlooks, mountain tops, and valleys – you just can’t beat those views.

What are you favorite things about the season? If fall isn’t your favorite, what is?


  1. I ♥ fall also! When I went to undergrad in WV and we were located in a valley. I had a spectaular view from my dorm room window and would look out one day to green trees and the next to a wonderful array of fall colors. The trees are already starting to turne up here in the New England area.

    And speaking of Thanksgiving, I just made turkey & sweet potatoes in my crockpot yesterday because I’m craving Turkey Day dinner! MMmmmmm it turned out yummy!

  2. If I could live somewhere where “long sleeves, jeans and flip flops” were an option then Autumn would be my favorite. As it is, once the cold descends on MN all hell breaks loose!
    I take that back, Autumn is still a fave but I will always be a summer girl.
    Favorite Autumnal loves: making soups, hot baths, snuggling with tea and films, hot delicious pasta dishes, apples, the colors of the leaves, the smell of bonfires, the anticipation of thanksgiving and christmas…and finally the feeling of new beginnings.
    Happy Autumn!

  3. I love FALL! I am so pleased + excited that today is the first day of fall! I love hiking, camping, hot cocoa, bonfires and WEARING PLAID.

  4. Ah, a girl after my own heart: blue jeans, long sleeve t-shirts and flip flops. That is my kind of living.

    Fall is my favorite. I love the way the air feels and how beautiful everything is. I also love all of the comforting things like pumpkins and hot chocolate!

  5. I am totally a summer girl – love hot weather, pool time/laying in the sun, tank tops/flip flops and late night sunsets…. *sigh* However fall in VA is beautiful esp where you all with the leave changes, I agree :)

  6. Summer is my favorite – I like it sweaty hot. However, I am so with you on the comfort items of fall. Love hoodies, hot cocoa, soup and jeans. Fall is a close second…Colorado has good leave changes too!

  7. and by “leave”…I meant “leaf”…

  8. I love everything about fall. I love all fall flavors and food, apple picking, the changing leaves, apple cider, hot cocoa, etc! I love going for long walks on fall days, there’s nothing better in the world!
    That being said, my heart belongs to summer!

  9. flip flops paired with hoodies wins at life! i agree with you. altough i do like winter slightly more than fall due to my sport.. but for hanging-outage, fall takes the cake. great post! you got me in the fall-y mood!

  10. fall is probably my third favorite season, followed by winter, and lead by summer, then spring. i hate it when it gets cold…the only thing i like about fall is the apples. so many varieties!

  11. Hehe, yes we do! I love fall :) I think squash is definitely my favorite thing (foodwise). And I love Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  12. Fall is my favorite season too! The sound of the crisp leaves underfoot – and Halloween is my favorite holiday – I am the queen of pumpkin carving! :D

  13. i even forgot today was the first day of fall. where is my brain!? I enjoy thanksgiving for almost all the same reasons you do! This holiday is just the best. My family means so much to me, and its always been a time when we all get together and just enjoy eachother and great food! :)

  14. Fall is an awesome season! I love the camp fires, the smell of the air and the changing leaves!

  15. Your list looks EXACTLY like what I would write.

    I love driving around here and just seeing the trees change with a nice crispness in the air. Hunni and I are going to hike Mt. Greylock in a few weekends and enjoy the sight and the smells and the sounds of fall!

  16. Fall is my favorite season too. It’s still warm enough that you don’t need a jacket, but it’s not super humid and hot. I love how pretty the trees are when the leaves change color. And, like you, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Plus, I LOVE fall foods- butternut squash, pumpkin, cranberries, apples. I was ecstatic this weekend when our grocery store had butternut squash.

  17. I don’t love fall as much of the rest, I’m more of a summer gal. But I do love football and the pretty leaves! I just wish we got more of a fall here in OK. It pretty much goes from being hot to being super cold. Blah. I’m hoping it’s super fall-ish and pretty next time I’m in VA!

  18. pumpkin anything, and just the crisp fall air, the feeling and the smell of it!!

  19. I’m with you B, fall is my fav season! I love the changing of the leaves, being able to wear big sweaters, and scarves! I also love it when pumpkin flavored things come out! I really just love everything about this season!

  20. My favorite season is summer since I work less then… But fall is actually growing on me! ;) I am also looking forward to wearing sweaters.. And the cooler mornings, leaves everywhere, pumpkins, cinnamon… Oh, and the toddler was born almost two years ago, so fall always reminds me of his arrival… :)

  21. I can’t wait for the leaves to peak and carve pumpkins!

  22. While I love Halloween, hot cocoa, chili and all things pumpkin, I’m definitely a summer time girl. I really should live in Florida as I can’t stand temps below 70.

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