Man, oh man, what a day.

Was anyone else’s day just a doozy? I felt like it would never end, my email never quit filling back up…just crazy! My brain feels a bit fried after the past two days.

I fueled myself through the end of the day with a green smoothie.


Thanks again for the cup Brandon!

This morning, I blended up a green smoothie to go using my last sample pack that I bought a month ago.


Guess I’m back to all spinach smoothies until there’s more $ in the bank!

Because this packet was berry flavored, I tried switching up the ingredients just a little:

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 cups spinach
  • Amazing Grass berry superfood packet
  • ice
  • 1/2 small banana
  • 1/4 cup orange juice

I loved the mix of the berry flavor + orange juice! Very good.


There wasn’t a run on the schedule for today and coming home to this just made my night!


The kanelbullar I won from Haleigh in Shannon’s bake sale a few weeks ago and a cute Halloween card! Now I’m really in a Fall mood  :)


Look how perfect and cinnamon-y that is!

After drooling over the treats, I got started on dinner – mainly so I could hurry up and eat my meal and dig into the kanelbullar  ;)


We had leftover chili to use, so instead of just having it a bowl like last night, I tried to morph into something else.


Chili Fries!

I cut some potatoes into fry-shapes, seasoned with salt/garlic/smoked paprika, and cooked in the oven at 425 for about 40 minutes on a foil-lined baking sheet (less clean up!).

While the fries were cooking, I cut up some broccoli to roast, too.

After 20 minutes, I flipped the fries and put the broccoli in the oven for 15 minutes to roast.


Then I just made a pile and dug in!

Fries, chili, and scallions with a side of broccoli.

Too bad there’s no football on tonight – this would be the perfect meal!

And yes…I just had one of these.


They are awesome. Nick and I both love them, and I’m glad there are 2 bags of them. One bag for me, one for him  :)


What’s your favorite chili topping or add-in?

I love scallions, red onion cheese, avocado/guacamole, and I always used to eat my chili over rice. So good. I should do that again.



  1. Argh, I feel you on the “fried” feeling. I’m dying! hahah

  2. i love sour cream on top, and i love it on rice!

  3. melted cheddar is always good on chili.
    Those cinnamon rolls. Oh my god.

  4. mmm chili 5 ways: on pasta w/onion, guac, cheese, sour cream… SO GOOD

  5. I was go go go until about 8PM and I’m still working but I’m at least working while reclining on the couch.

    My favorite chili topping is greek yogurt. Has the same tang of sour cream but is just better for some reason. I had cheddar on mine tonight but wasn’t the same.

  6. I really need to buy some more almond milk, my smoothies have been missing it.

    I love cheddar on chili – never thought of adding guac, but yum!

  7. chili fries sound amazing!

    my day dragged and dragged too. my spanish teacher kept us way past the time class was supposed to get out! ah! hope your having a goodnight though!

  8. i love adding salsa or avocado my my chili :)
    or paired with corn bread :D

    roasted broccoli is soo yummy

  9. chili is the best thing, i eat a lot of that in the Fall.

  10. I like adding hummus to my chili. Is that weird? Your dinner looks awesome! Your meals inspire me!

  11. I had chili tonight too! I like adding hummus, plain yogurt, or cottage cheese. Something creamy! :-)

  12. i’ve never eaten sour cream with my chili, or cheese…i do love chips crumbed on top for crunch though!

  13. Chili (vegetarian for me!) + fries= genious! Love it!

  14. those swirly treats are so cute. and i loved how you used them in your latest post. i have never thought to add avocado to chili but it sounds epic! i love adding cheese and like some have mentioned, sour cream is good. but i haven’t done that for a long time!

  15. That chili fry idea is awesome! I might have to try a bean chili over sweet potato fries. YUM!

    Haleigh’s treats are so pretty, I bet they taste great!

  16. yay! The treats look awesome! Thanks so much again for your support and participation – you rock ;)

  17. I love chili! My favorite chili topping is cheese! I’ll have to try topping it with red onions next time – great idea!

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