Fall Flavored Breakfast

Somehow, I ended up with all of my favorite fall flavors in my breakfast today!

I’m definitely not complaining – this is a good way to start my day.


Last night, I mixed up a breakfast cookie using:

Spread it on a salad plate and let it set in the fridge overnight.

Then this morning, I added my toppings:

  • ricotta
  • 1/2 Tbsp TJ’s Pumpkin Butter!!!
  • 1/2 Tbsp real maple syrup


I love the mix of the pumpkin butter + maple syrup!


I also had a sliced local gala apple for some fruit + crunch.


4 of my favorite fall flavors in one meal?

  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin
  • Maple syrup
  • Apples

I’m glad I thought to put all of these together for breakfast today.


What are your favorite fall flavors?


  1. that’s an awesome fall breakfast!!!
    fall favorite flavor? PUMPKIN!!! :D

  2. Pumpkin and cinnamon! I gotta make another bfast cookie soon… yum!

  3. What a great combo! My favorite fall flavors: apples & cinnamon. I’m not sure what the flavor of a cider donut is precisely but I can’t wait to have one of those bad boys!

  4. Lovely fall breakfast, Brandi!

    My favorite fall flavors are probably sweet potatoes and squash!

  5. That breakfast looks awesome :)

    I love pumpkin and apple (especially mulled apple cider ;) ) but butternut squash is also a runner up!

    Have a great day Brandi!

  6. Mmmm you pretty tagged my favorite fall flavors right there!!! Add in sweet potato, and you’ve got it all my friend :)

  7. that bfast cookie looks fantastic!

  8. i’ve really gotta jump on the ricotta band wagon! It seems to go with everything :) loves it!

  9. GORGEOUS breakfast my dear!!! I gotta get some pumpkin to make pumpkin butter SOON

  10. Oh wowww that breakfast looks amazing!! Definitely going to have to try pumpkin butter this way (maybe even on my breakfast today!) it sounds really good.. Thats the most “Fall inspired” breakfast I’ve seen so far! :) Yummm

  11. fallaliciousss! have a great day, Brandi :)

  12. those are literally ALL my favorite fall flavors. gorge breakfast cookie – i never would have thought to add ricotta on top but i am loving that!

  13. What a delicious breakfast! You have added all my favorite fall flavors…

  14. right now apples coming back in season are probably my fav

  15. Hi Brandi,

    I always look forward to cooking dinner in the fall.
    I love roasting chicken with rosemary and apples,
    and roasted vegetables with thyme.
    This is the best time to experiment with fresh herbs.

    As for desserts, I love pumpkin pie made with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves.

    Oh man…. now I am re-thinking dinner tonight.

  16. Your breakfast makes me want to go back in time and have a new breakfast, instead of mine, looks fantastic.
    I love pumpkin, butternut squash or apple anything.

  17. Apples and pumpkin flavors are my faves, in pies, cookies or like you have done: breakfast cookie!
    Squash is a good one too!

  18. That looks so delicious and filling i love it! Cinnamon rocks in my book and anything pumpkin this time of year is a yes for me too :)

  19. That breakfast cookie looks so good! I’m planning a TJ’s trip soon, and I’m going to have to pick up that pumpkin butter.

    My favorite fall flavors are probably the obvious: apples (cider & donuts!), pumpkin, squash… the list goes on!

  20. I really need to make a breakfast cookie! When I get back from Japan I’m going to Trader Joe’s to get some pumpkin butter! I’m excited about that! One thing I love about the fall is the smell of the air, and I love pumpkin flavored things! Honestly anything, coffee, bread, beer! Yum, love pumpkin ale!!!

  21. Delicious looking breakfast! One of these days I will make a breakfast cookie! My favorite fall flavors or pumpkin, cinnamon, apple..

  22. Mmm, that looks so yummy! My favorite fall flavors are pumpkin, cinnamon and chai! I know chai is a year round flavor, but it’s so much better in the fall!

  23. Cinnamon! Pumpkin! Nutmeg! I love them allll :)

    And that breakfast sounds incredibly delicious. Next time i’m home and in the mood for a breakfast cookie, i’ll definitely try and re-create this one!

  24. That looks fantastic. I lurrrrve me some TJ’s pumpkin butter. Great idea.

  25. I love your fall inspired breakfast! Especially that TJ’s pumpkin butter. I saw that at TJ’s the other day and wanted to buy it but for some reason I passed. What was I thinking? It looks so good! I love fall, too! We don’t get a long fall here in New England, so I cherish every day of it (until fall becomes cold, snowy winter). I love the fall foliage, the crisp in the air, Thanksgiving and only having to wear a light jacket (and not a down coat!).

    Happy fall to you!

  26. your fall inspired bfast is awesome. i just picke dup some TJs pumpkin butter in seattle! what is your fave way to use it?

    • Hey girl! Today was actually my first time ever trying the pumpkin butter! it’s so good, though. It will be great on toast, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream…anything, I think!

  27. i agree with your fall flavor list. exactly :) all my favorites for fall! ooh. and ginger and nutmeg!
    I was wondering if you still wanted to do an exchange-eroo?

  28. wow that is a seriously delicious looking breakfast!

  29. can i come over for breakfast!? haha….i think cinnamon is my favorite flava flav! mmmmm, especially in some oats!


    hope your havin an awesome day love!

  30. I love to switch from berries to pumpkin in my oats and pancakes at this time of the year. Just seems so comforting. I’m totally looking for pumpkin butter at TJ’s on Thursday when I go again.

  31. Mmmm that breakfast cookie looks great. What a cool spin on an old classic!

  32. My favorite fall flavor is TJ Pumpkin Butter. Maybe that’s a little specific of a flavor, but it’s so good, I’m definitely stockpiling this season

  33. My oh my does this look delicious.

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