Cloudy Mood

Maybe it’s because it’s Monday.

Maybe I’m just sad and missing my family and friends already.

Or maybe this cloudy, gray, and gloomy weather is just putting me in a funky mood.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but I am just in a funk today! It might be a good thing I’m home and not working around other people, because I’m not sure how pleasant I would be.

It’s so strange when my mood can change so quickly. It also doesn’t help that I have stuff coming in for work non-stop and I will be working non-stop again this afternoon.

Eh – what are you going to do, right?

Days like this make me want something warm + comforting to eat.


Really, thank goodness for leftovers. I made sure to keep a serving or two of this pork-poblano dish ready for me for lunches this week, and it was just what I wanted.


You can’t really see, but I have a layer of green beans on the bottom just for a few more veggies.


I’m also having a serving of my blue tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s – these are awesome!


You were right, Polly! These are amazing.

I’m going to finish eating and dive back into work so I can try to get this stuff done today.


What do you do to pull yourself out of a funk?

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  1. if i’m in a low energy funk i try and do the gym.
    and not going to lie, sometimes i get myself a present at target.
    not turning the tv on at night (so you have to actually hang out with the sig other and do something or talk or whatevs) helps too.

  2. It’s amazing what a walk around the block will do for me when I’m in a funk. Or I go grocery shopping. Which might be a totally strange solution but it works for me…maybe because I LOVE food shopping!

  3. Those chips are the best thing since sliced bread. I buy them in bulk.

  4. sorry youre in a funk! i try and have some tea and rest when i am.
    love blue tortilla chips!

  5. THat lunch looks amazing! I always go for a big latte and some oatmeal. If that doesn’t work – a run usually pounds out the funk.

    Good luck with you rday!

  6. My solution to sass is sush (as in sushi haha). Then again a big old bowl of ice cream and reality tv always gets the job done.

    feel better girl!

  7. yum, that looks fantastic. i am in a funk myself, but i think it is post-vacay funk. hope you shake yours soon!

  8. Sorry you are in a bummed mood :( Feel better!

    A good sweaty workout or yoga always makes me feel better!

  9. Those chips are sooooooo good.

    I listen to good music or do some physical activity outside. That always makes me happier.

    Good luck with all your work today!

  10. I usually light candles when I am in a funk.

    I also just bought some seasonal potpourri,
    Cinnamon scented pine cones.

    As soon as you open my front door, it smells amazing!

  11. I’m sorry you’re feeling down.

    I have a journal I keep in my purse that has uplifting quotes and lists of things I’m grateful for. When I’m feeling funky I’ll read them and it helps. Sometimes I just go with my mood though. We all have ups and downs…just roll with the punches!

    Hope your day gets better…at least you ate some great sounding food!

  12. My mood can change so quickly into a funk too. It’s the worst when you can’t quite pinpoint it. I usually stay in a funk until I either determine what it is, or talk to someone who can lift me up:)

  13. Ugh, I hate funks. Especially the ones that came out of nowhere?!

    Working out, hanging out with friends/family, a funny movie, and taking a little nap always help my funks. Or a nice, big bowl of ice cream (I didn’t just say that). ;-)

    Monday is almost over….that is one reason to be happy!

  14. Oh sorry about the funk. I think I might be in one too.

    I usually talk to a friend to get in a better mood.

    Hope things perk up. I love blue corn chips!

  15. Sorry you are in a funk. To get in a better mood, I usually talk to a friend, take a walk or eat warm foods.

  16. Love those chips! Hopefully they made you feel a little better! Mondays are never fun.

  17. Oh yea, I love those chips!!
    I’m sorry you’re in a funk–days like that are tough!
    I usually just try to be really productive when I’m feeling down. I’ll clean, cook, workout…anything to keep my mind busy!

  18. Exercise always puts me in a better mood!

    I love the chip as fork method – do it all the time, of course splashed with my beloved Tabasco!

  19. Sorry you’re in a bad place right now. *hug*

    I usually just give in to the feelings and then either go for a jog or go to bed and wake up to a brand new day.

  20. we all have our days girl.. sending positive thoughts and love your way <3

  21. Your dish looks awesome! A nice comforting meal usually makes me feel better when I am in a funk. I also like to go for a walk or to the gym. Nothing is better than a nice workout followed by a long shower… ;) Hope you’ll feel better soon!

  22. Sorry you are in a funk. For me exercise does it. I can go for a run or get in some yoga. I think it’s the endorphins that do it. Now convincing myself to go is a whole other story. The funkiness sometimes prevents the workouts. I usually have to force myself to go even if I don’t wanna!

  23. aw girl, don’t worry you’ll get outta that funk asap i promise! Were all here to talk if you need us! :)

  24. Love Trader’s tortilla chips!

    I usually go for a run to release some happy cells and then curl up and watch a movie or some re-runs of my favorite TV shows! When the weather changes it is hard to stay positive but you can always bake something! That helps too :)

  25. I had a horrible week last week, and visiting my family helped. They live 5 hours away so it wasn’t easy but was worth it. Sometimes you have to just let yourself wallow in a funk a little bit. I am still in mine, like you I have non stop work and feel like I am in quicksand! Comforting food certainly doesn’t hurt!

  26. Oh once November hits here in Iowa I’ll be in a perma-funk ’til March! Exercise helps, listening to Bob Marley and a walk in the sun always helps me at work and drinks with friends is a good one too!

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