Back to Basics

Weekend trips are always fun, but Monday morning just comes too quickly!

It probably didn’t help that I was all carbed and sugared up yesterday either  :) I slept well, but did not want to get up this morning.


I am working from home today, but it is going to be busy. I already don’t want to open up my email.

I knew I needed a good, filling breakfast and one that I could feel good about all day.


  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1 small banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • walnuts

Sometimes, the most simple breakfast is the best. I also tend to go towards easy and basic meals after a weekend away – it helps to reset myself and get back into a schedule.

We also have this crazy spider outside! IMG_5803

He was spinning his web this morning, so I couldn’t get a still shot of him, but he is huge! I’ll have to try get a better one later.

I am very ready for fall, but I’m already missing the early sunrises – it definitely makes for harder picture taking in the morning.


What’s your favorite non-chocolate candy?

My favorites were always:

Jelly Belly’s




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  1. Jelly Belly jelly beans. I used to get these sweet and sour grapefruit slices, but I can’t find them anymore. Those were the best!

  2. Wine gums! They are a british candy that they have in Sweden. Every time I am there, I always stock up but they are dangerous to have in the house because they are gone in a matter of days, lol. I am baking your kanelbullar this very minute and hope to have it out before lunch time! Glad to hear you had a good weekend!

  3. Yummy looking oats! :)

    I love Mamba, too!

    Have a great week!

  4. I hope that spider stays outside. lol I hate spiders! Your breakfast looks yummy though! :-)

  5. Hi Brandi,

    Monday again, I hear ya!

    I love swedish fish, pop rocks and fun dip.

    (my chocolate candy list is very long)


  6. Yuck! I haaate spiders–and that one looks mighty creepy! At least you get to work from home today-wish I could say the same about school, but only 2 classes, so not too bad of a Monday!

  7. Ahhh to the spider!! My favorite non-chocolate candies – Swedish fish and those gummy peach rings were two of my favorites. Happy HIMYM Day :)

  8. Whoa, crazy, spider, dude!

    I like most chocolate, I’m not picky :)

  9. YIKES! spiders scare me! hahah. when i wasa kid all i ate was milky ways. and war heads. i had an amazing palate. let me know what you think of the pb j larabar! ROCK ON and have a good monday!

  10. The breakfast looks divine! The spider? Not so much. YIKES!!

    …and gimme some Starburst. Does the fruit flavor count towards my servings for the day??

  11. The purple package of skittles. I think they’re wildberry? I still love those, but I haven’t had them in forever…

  12. Gummy Bears!

    That’s one crazy spider.

  13. I love Haribo Gummy bears. No imitations please. They remind me of shopping in german department stores as a military child. I’m not a big fan of other non-chocolate candy.

  14. simple is sooooo good! that bowl is gorge :)

    fave non-chocolate candy: starburst, sweet tarts, sour patch kids, mambas….i love candy.

  15. those oats remind me of banana nut bread — faaaaboosh!

    candddddy! I love pop rocks, starbursts, sweettarts, sour patch kids, skittles, blow pops, jaw breakers.. the list could go on and on.

  16. Those oats look absolutely perfect! I am craving super simple foods as well right now and that would totally hit the spot. I hope you have a great day of work!

  17. OMG i would totally die if that spider was right outside my window! Yuck, hehe!
    I love starbursts and bubble gum flavored gum!

  18. Mmmm, I agree. Simple foods work best for me on weekdays.

    I love me some sour skittles, gummy bears and Starburst. You know, all the healthy stuff ;)

  19. hey! Love your blog, the pictures and descriptions are just delicious! so happy I found it! : )

    your oatmeal this morning looked amazing!

    creepy spider :) but great picture you got of it!

  20. I love, love, love, gummie bears! I also like air heads, jelly belly’s, starbursts, and gummie savors.

  21. EEK! We have the same size spiders outside our front door! (and crickets too – its weird, its like our house is being attacked by humungo bugs lately!)

    ANYTHING gummy would be my favorite candy (or licoricie – i am a huge sucker for red vines!) :)

  22. There used to be similar looking spiders in our yard when I was growing up. Even though I’m terrified of spiders, they always fascinated me because they were so big and almost pretty. Still scary though!

    I feel ya on the simple b-fasts after a weekend away. It’s good to get back to basics.

    Hope your emails are too scary. Have a good day.

  23. Dark mornings suck for photos! So do early sunsets…grrr. Summer is a food blogger’s friend.
    Your oats look great! There is just nothing like a good bowl of oats to get your week off right.
    Favorite non-choc candy? sour haribos, skittles, and from the good old UK: wine gums and fruit pastelles. Basically, yeah, I heart candy.

  24. boy do i miss early sunrises too! ahhhh

    my favorite candy are sweetish fish! i love them so so much! :)

    hope your having a wonderful monday

  25. I looove Jelly Bellys!!!!

    They are definitely my favorite.

  26. Yikes! Spiders terrify me…I saw one in my garage this weekend with weird spots (I always think they’re poisonous, I know they’re probably not!) and wanted to cry.

    mmmm – Skittles!! And Starburst. My favorite would have to be Starburst Jelly Beans!!!

  27. nice pic of fav candy.. i think anything involving peanuts?? or any nut for that matter!

  28. The bananas and walnuts got me. Luv them!

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