Rockin’ on the Road

First, please tell me you watched the last minute of the VT / Nebraska game! What a crazy ending! I was screaming so loud at the end of the game, I thought I was going to lose my voice. That is one reason football is so exciting – things can really change in a matter of seconds.

I did not take any pictures last night at the party! I wish I would have…we saw some people that we hadn’t seen in a while and had some good food, but I was just busy talking to everyone and enjoying the company.

I did manage to take a picture of my Mammaw’s chocolate cake + icing, all made from scratch.


We ended up staying up to watch the end of the Texas / Texas Tech game so I didn’t get into bed until midnight, and I am feeling it right now.

This is actually my first time putting a post together in the car! Thank goodness for LiveWriter  :)

Breakfast this morning was quick, easy, and really good thanks to Trader Joe’s  :)


My mom got some of her favorite quick-cooking steel cut oats yesterday, so I made myself a bowl of those and added some of their fresh picked blueberries + my first ever trial of TJ’s almond butter. It’s been too long since I’ve had almond butter! Now I know why people buy it there. It was so much cheaper at TJ’s than anywhere near us, so I need to stock up every time I go. I am sad that they didn’t have a crunchy + salty one, but I think we’ll like the 2 kinds we bought.


After eating breakfast and saying goodbye, Nick and I got on the road around 10.

We weren’t on the road very long before we decided to stop and eat. Oops! It was 11 when we stopped, but it was mostly because everything after this was fast food AND we had never ever stopped here.


The Virginia Diner


Yeah, this place only has real Southern comfort food, but it was fun to go. It has actually been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives before!



One thing they’re known for (which we did not try today) is their Peanut Pie.


It’s basically like a pecan pie, but with peanuts. It did look good when they showed it on the show!


I got a water and Nick and I each got their lunch buffet, which worked out okay.


I had some ham, chicken (took most of the skin off – greasy), green beans, and a little broccoli casserole. I also went back for more beans, a few roasted potatoes, and one more small piece of chicken.


And they brought us biscuits. Pretty good, but not as good as Nick’s dad’s biscuits :)



We got back in the car after eating, drove for another hour and made a pit stop a little bit ago for a bathroom break + get drinks.



Once I have sugar, I can’t stop! After that cake last night and the kind of greasy lunch, plus the fact that I’m tired…I wanted candy.

And a huge water.

So that’s what I got.

Have I mentioned that I love candy? I used to have cavities all the time when I was growing up, and it’s no surprise why. There’s a reason I don’t buy it very often to have at home – it’s because I have to eat it if it’s there.

Anyway…I really wanted some Jelly Belly’s since they’re my normal “road trip candy”, but this place didn’t have any so Starburst stepped in.


Things that make good road trips:

  • Good music – Today our selection has been Third Eye Blind, G Love, Avett Brothers, Guster, Ben Folds Five…
  • Sugar  :)
  • Good company


Fast forward to dinner!

I never had a signal to publish the post earlier, so this will just be a full day post!

We got home, unpacked, and I ran up to get a few groceries, then came home and put together a quick dinner.


I bought this Annie’s Skillet Meal box dinner mix a few weeks ago on sa
le and decided to make it for a quick meal tonight.

I didn’t use the butter, and I used rotisserie chicken that I bought tonight.


I also added in some parsley, extra garlic, crushed red pepper, and frozen peas.


That and green beans on the side made a quick and easy meal.


I’m not ready for Monday to be tomorrow already!


Best part of your weekend?

Mine was seeing friends + family  :)  I miss them, and it was fun to spend time with everyone. I already miss them.



    Ahem, sorry about that. But I do!

    Best part of the weekend = running trails with a friend on Saturday morning before it got too warm :-)

  2. I have heard of that peanut pie before!! How cool that you got to eat there! :D And yes, you are right, sugar makes any road trip better – I looooove Starbursts. Have you tried the all red packs??? TO DIE FOR!!!

  3. I watched the last minute of the game! bah, okay.. i’m lying through my teeeeef. :( I was just hoping you’d send me some of those starbursts if i said I did. Pink ones only please ;)

  4. Glad you guys had a great time!! That cake looks divine! As does the fluffy biscuits :)

    Best part = seeing my family tonight!

  5. Ahhhh the ol’ VA Diner – been there a couple times before but not in a few years! Their peanut pie is really good from what I remember though :) Glad you had a nice trip and got some great TJ goods!

  6. i’ll have a slice of that cake please! ahh!!!! great weekend! :)

  7. i’m not ready for it to be monday either!

    i looooooooove starbursts…sooo good. i used to eat wayyyy too much candy – now i love some once in awhile. looks like you had a fab weekend and congrats on the TJ’s trip!

  8. going to the gym i guess! OMG i love those kinds of green beans!

  9. So fun! I have always wanted to go to a place featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

    My favorite part of my weekend was getting back to normal after getting back from our trip. Hunni and I went grocery shopping and had dinner at WF salad bar last night and picked up our babies (dogs) at the boarders so we spent the day with them.

  10. That cake looks so good! I love diners! That’s weird that they had a buffet. I’ve never seen those Annie’s meals before. Only the mac & cheese! I’ll have to be on the look out!

  11. Phew! Busy Day! Road trips are fun though.

    We also had a nail bitter of a football game. Love and hate those. The outcome can change so fast!! Luckily we won this one.

    Best part of the weekend – meeting new people at a house party.

  12. I didn’t get to see the end of the game, but I was so happy ya’ll one!

    Best part of the weekend was going to the game and shutting out Tulsa!

  13. best part of my weekend was a home inspection! yay!

    and rotisserie chickens are fantastic for easy dinners

  14. Best part of the weekend , i agree, freinds and family!! and going out too! whether its a party, for dinner, or just a good time :)
    your breaky looks yummy :)

    do you know of anywhere I could order Barney Butter or Justins nut butter online? the websites dont deliver to cananda either :(

  15. That cake just made me drool–yum!

  16. OOOOO. CAKKEEEE!! lol.. looks so yummy.. and.. the peanut pie looks good too.. should’ve tried it! :)

  17. Oh this post makes me miss all the delicious food that is south of the Mason Dixon line. There’s tons of great Italian food here, but no amazing biscuits.

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