Flatter is Harder

It’s halftime, so I’ve got to do this quick  :)

Nick and I got up this morning and ran 4.24 miles…not exactly 5, but we were just running around my parents neighborhood and we had already run down every street twice.

And, dare I say that running on a completely flat route is harder to run on than a hilly one?

I’m so used to our routes with little inclines and then some relief with little downhills, but this was so tough on me today! Just running on a completely flat route was almost boring to me and Nick!

We got back, showered and we got on the road!

We had to get out to Trader Joe’s, so I ended up eating  breakfast in the car.


I packed a container with some Oikos yogurt, blueberries, blueberry/banana granola, and a spoonful of cinnamon raisin pb.


It was pretty good, but didn’t really put a dent in my hunger, so I also grabbed an Awake Tea latte (no syrup) while we were out.


And then we shopped  :)


I spent way too much and didn’t get enough! $40 of what I spent was just on coffee, though, and it’s worth it. Their 100% Kona coffee is awesome.

I got a bunch of fun stuff!

  • coffee
  • 2 kinds of trail mix
  • pumpkin butter!
  • almond butter (2 kinds)
  • green salsa
  • blue chips
  • olive oil
  • grapeseed oil
  • chocolate wedges
  • dark chocolate/almond cookies
  • dark chocolate edamame

Nick’s mom and dad also came down this weekend, so he dropped Nick’s mom off with us and then we headed over to the mall.


We didn’t have time to go to a restaurant since we were rushing around shopping and finishing getting the stuff for the party tonight, so I got a chik-fil-a deluxe sandwich on their wheat bun.


I also split some fries with Nick’s mom. I haven’t had chik-fil-a in a long time. It was pretty good, but didn’t really fill me up.

I ended up snacking on a coconut cream larabar in the car on the way home.


Now we’re back at the house, watching football, and working on getting stuff ready for the going away party tonight.

Gotta jet! Hope you’re having a good Saturday!!

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  1. Hey hey! Your pot of brekkie looks muy bueno.
    Hoopla for getting in some serious Trader Joe’s action!! Chik-fil-a reminds me of Texas…I guess just because they don’t seem to have it up here.

    So, I thought you would be interested to know in relation to your tail-gating post from the other day: I saw a group of tail-gater settling in to their chairs at 8.00am this morning while on my 10 mile run!! That is some serious stuff right there! I just hope it was coffee I saw them drinking!

  2. OMG i LOVE that flavor mICROWAVEDDD spinach in the pb wrap? are you serious/!

  3. waffle fries from chic fil a!!!!

  4. how is that lara bar? I just got a mini one of them today-I’m excited to try it!

  5. That is the best Lara!! Sounds like you guys made out with quite a bit of goodies from TJs – what a lovely Saturday errand :)

  6. I think you’re crazy to prefer running on hills ;-)

    That sounds like some awesome TJ’s goodness!

  7. So glad you got to go to TJ’s and esp that you got some pumpkin butter!!! :) :)

  8. LOVE trader joes. i dont think its possible to ever go in there and get just whats on the list, somehow you always walk out of there with tons of unnecessary things! hahaha hope ur having a good day!


  9. oh how I wish I could go to a Trader Joes :(

    your breakfast looks good :)
    Coconut Pie Lara bar is so yummy :)
    and Cashew Cookie!

  10. Sometimes, no matter how easy it seems, a boring route can be hard! On the other hand, if you have an amazing view, the running is a breeze :)

    I love your breakfast concoction! It is definitely a great to-go meal idea!

    Oooh, I just had waffle fries yesterday–yummy and oh so worth it!

  11. YAY TJ’s!! I love TJ’s! Glad you had a great day! :-)

  12. I agree… flatter is definitely harder, on both the knees and the brain! It’s so BORING.

    I also use my thermoses for little granola breakfasts on-the-go… love those things!

  13. I love Tj’s… it’s so fun and I always end up buying more than I need! :D

  14. Sounds like you had a great shopping exursion! I should have got some coffee when I went to TJ’s for my mom–I didn’t know that theirs was good! But what isn’t good from there? Haha

  15. Sounds like you got awesome finds at TJ’s!

    Hope you had a great party! :)

  16. I’m drooling at the mention of Chick-fil-a. I haven’t had one since High School but they used to be my go to meal when I worked at the mall. I don’t have one here but I miss it sometimes…the waffle fries were the best.

    I love TJ’s! Hunni and I went last night and got our usuals plus I got unsalted almond butter this time. Much better than the salted in my opinion,

  17. Oh so jealous of your TJ’s trip. And GO HOKIES! I didn’t get to watch the game b/c I was at the Sooners game, but that’s awesome that you pulled it out in the last minute :)

  18. I think flatter routes can definitely be harder! I like rolling routes :) Have a great day!

  19. “flatter is harder” = major “thats what she said” potential.. had to point that out :)

    congrats on conquering those flat beasts! Have a terrific sunday Ms. Brandi! xo

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