TJs Help + Chobani Winner!

First things first.

Breakfast  :)

The lunch I had yesterday was so good that I had to have it for my REAL breakfast today!


It’s a little bit different today, but the same idea.


Oatbran on the bottom.

Sauteed kale with salsa and diced tomatoes.

2 over easy eggs.



Great way to start my Friday!


Okay – here’s my question.

I’m going home this weekend to visit my family and they just got a Trader Joe’s not far from them, so we are definitely going this weekend.

What are your MUST HAVES from Traders Joe’s?

I am bringing a cooler with us, but we do have 6 hour drive back. I know I’ll be getting some coffee, trail mixes, almond butter (I’m out!)…



And thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for entering the Chobani contest!

It was so nice seeing and “meeting” readers that normally don’t comment – you should comment more often! You guys all had great ideas on how you like your yogurt, and I will definitely be trying some of your ideas.

Okay, okay…just get to the winner, right?


According to my entry, the winner is…

#27, Tammy!!!

Congratulations Tammy! Please email me so I can get your info and get your yogurt on its way.


Thanks again for everyone who entered!


  1. Ahh TJs!! Yum!! I like their Agave Maple Syrup blend and the chocolate covered edamame is obviously a must!

  2. I’m with Rebecca – dark chocolate edamame…I brave the lines in the NYC TJ’s for it weekly! Also love their pre chopped veggies – squash especially since it’s a workout to get that thing chopped up myself!

  3. Great looking breakfast!!!! I’ve never seen one like that around the blog world. Great combo of superfoods!
    You def have to get peanut butter filled pretzels and some Better N’ Peanut Butter. I am a complete AB person, but every once in a while that nut butter is really good. I can’t think of anything else right now, but there are a great many products that TJ’s makes! Have fun!

  4. I missed all of yesterday’s posts, but breakfast looks great!

    TJ’s- I LOVE their pumpkin scones and pumpkin butter (not together for some reason?). The mini PB cups sound good too :D

  5. Trail Mix, Cereals (they have a ton!), dried fruit and nuts, European yogurt, steel cut oats, black bean salsa, PB and AB, frozen fruits and veggies.
    They also have a lot of brand name stuff, with amazing prices. Take your time and shop around, I love TJ’s!

  6. Trader Joes!

    ahhhhh, must get PB Filled Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Edamame and Corn Chile Salsa. DIVINE.

  7. TJ’s = raw crunchy almond butter!

  8. Peanut butter filled pretzels, natural peanut butter, almond butter, fruit leathers… so jealous!

  9. How exciting–you’ll be soo overwhelmed at TJ’s–it’s a blogger paradise. Be on the lookout for their mini cinnamon raisin bagels–heaven! And their mini vanilla meringues, so good for topping cereal, oats, etc.

  10. congrats tammy!!!!

    TJ Must haves..girl you asked the BEST question

    -chocolate meringues
    -meatballs (i’ve heard amazing things)
    -fiberful bars (dried fruit)
    -pita chips

    gosh i know there are A MILLION choices but i can’t think of more, but seriously anything you pick up will be amazing! :) let me know what you get!

  11. I LOVE this breakfast!

    TJs has some amazing wraps and their pre-made whole-wheat pizza dough is notoriously good . . . plus their nuts/dried fruit/trail mixes are delicious and so much cheaper than other places. Oh, and their TJ’s brand greek yogurt! Have fun :-)

  12. Have a great trip this weekend and enjoy Trader Joe’s!! I love their pumpkin butter (obsessed) – that’s my official “can’t live without” – at least during the fall!

  13. Trader Joe’s my place for nuts, trail mix, coconut milk and chicken sausages!! We also buy cereal and before I went gluten free/dairy free, we bought our greek yogurt and oat bran from there. You really can’t beat their prices and quality!

  14. TJs: nut butter, crunchy PB granola bars, Faux-zekiel bread (aka TJs sprouted wheat bread in the pink and green packaging), Honey Moon wine, and mini biscotti :)

  15. TJ’s has my favorite Greek yogurt in the world, their store brand 2%. Delicious and cheap. (Not organic but no hormones.)

    Also great:
    Chile spiced dried mango or pineapple (So freaking good!)
    Peanut butter cups
    Raw crunchy almond butter
    Veggie & Flax Seed Tortilla Chips

    Have fun!

  16. cheap wine
    jars of crushed garlic (only 1.99 here at least-and so good!)
    a basil plant if they have any.

  17. Ok, here you go:

    Almond butter (raw AND roasted), peanut butter pretzels, cinnamon almonds, roasted red pepper and tomato soup, and plantain chips. I can just go on and on. They have some great freezer and fridge finds, but I don’t know about your drive home.

    Have fun!

  18. Hi Brandi!

    Thank you for having the Chobani contest, I am very excited I have won. As soon as it arrives I will take a picture and email it to you, so maybe you can post?

    Love your breakfast!

    I only live a few towns away from a TJ’s, and I have never shopped there?!?!
    But, I keep seeing ideas on the WW boards. Maybe you can search there.

    Sorry I couldn’t help.

  19. ahhh TJ’s – i hope you also brought a suitcase :)

    raw AB, PB+J+A trail mix, TJ’s Greek yog, fiberful fruit thangs, veggie flax tortilla chips, their curry sauces (red + yellow), bread from the bakery…oh man, go to town girl!

    happy friday!

  20. Hmmm….

    pizza dough
    dark chocolate covered raisins
    mini PB cups
    turkey meatballs
    their sprouted grains bread is also awesome!

  21. Breakfast looks delish!

    If you like wine you have to pick up some 2 buck chuck! It’s Charles Shaw wine for $2.00.

    Their Mango Salsa is soooo good!

  22. potato pancakes from the freezer section!

  23. Whole wheat pizza dough (fridge)
    pecan pralines
    tofu (cheapest there)
    roasted red pepper tomato soup (wax box)
    Charles shaw wine
    pb filled pretzels
    pita bite crackers
    cat food :p
    cheap cereals

  24. My must haves are:

    Almond Butter
    Horseradish Hummus
    Pizza Dough

    Have fun!!

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  26. I posted this list on someone else’s blog the other day so I’m gonna be lazy and copy + paste ;)

    Here ya go madamoiselle:

    triple layer hummus, crispy snap peas, frozen fruits (mango and papaya yumm), tomato-less corn salsa, pear & gorgonzola dressing, cilantro dressing (Both are refrigerated..over at my TJ’s they keep them by the produce), raspberry & vanilla cream bars (frozen section), ohh and Lindeman’s Lambic Framboise.


  27. sunbutter
    rice milk
    soy milk
    granola bars

    I used to buy almond butter from there too until Costo started carrying big jars of it.

  28. Oh, and they have good coffee too!

  29. Oh you will have so much fun!! TJ’s has an awesome selection of cheeses at very reasonable prices. Their crackers are also super cheap. I second the tomato/roasted pepper soup and pizza dough. The pizza dough freezes well. Their marinara sauce (in a can) is surprisingly good—there are many times that I don’t even need to doctor it up. Have fun!!! I can’t wait to see what you got!

  30. We don’t live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s, but my husband just went to Atlanta on business and he brought me back a trail mix called PB & A… it’s peanuts & almonds seasoned with raspberries, strawberries, & vanilla. A PB&J sandwich, minus the bread!

  31. oh my, i have too many must-haves from TJ’s. but i always stock up on their dried fruit (especially the dried peaches) and of course GINGER CHEWS!!!

  32. your breakfast looks incredible!
    i have not been to trader joes:( but i do want to try the chocolate covered edaname!

  33. YAY! I’m so glad you’re getting some Trader Joe’s love! I love almost everything I get from Trader Joe’s. Actually, I just went this morning and bought a bunch of goodies. I love their goat cheese, their soups in a box (ginger carrot), their selection of dried fruits and nuts, the soy creamy ice cream, the frozen soycatash, the agave nectar, the organic mac and cheese, the nonfat greek yogurt, the Applegate Farms coldcuts, the organic pea shoots, the chicken sausages, the flourless sprouted whole wheat berry bread and their dark chocolate bars. I could go on but I would run out of space!

    I hope you have fun with your family and at Trader Joe’s. Get some good stuff :) !!!

  34. Hey Brandi! I’m amazed at the meals you come up with! A FAR cry from what the Harding caf used to serve, huh? :-)I’ve visited a few times before but never commented but can’t resist TJ’s. :-)

    banana chips are a MUST
    Horseradish hummus is a fave along with their soy & sesame crackers.

    Those are at the top of my list but it’s all so good! I wish we had one here but I do what you’re doing this weekend – take a cooler and stock up! :-)

  35. Here’s what I would say from TJ’s:

    Blue Bali Coffee
    Vanilla Joe-Joe’s (Sandwich cookies – natural and SO good)
    Whole-wheat pizza dough
    Just Mango (dried mango)
    Almond Milk (I know it’s not the only place you can get it, but it’s the cheapest)
    Thai Chili and Lime Cashews

    You have so many suggestions from others so I am going to keep it short!


  36. TJ’s favorties are:

    Flattened bananas
    Raw nuts
    Nut butters
    Greek yogurt for super cheap
    pretzel thins
    hummus in many varieties
    cheap luna, lara, clif bars
    boxed varieties of soups
    Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant tapanade
    several types of indian sauces and spices
    Multigrain Crackers
    Dark Chocolate covered pretzel thins
    varieties of organic chocolates

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