Tailgating, aka Pre-Gaming

Although we didn’t tailgate last weekend before the game, that is often the biggest reason people attend football games.


There are parking lots here full of RVs and campers – seriously – from people who travel here for the games, stay for the weekend, and then head back home.


They come completely prepared, even down to a spirited satellite dish cover.


I can’t imagine how much people spend traveling here for the games, on food, gas, game tickets, etc…but I’m happy the fans are so passionate about it. That is some serious dedication.

There’s also a small airport right near campus and there are always people who fly in on their private little planes for the games. Crazy right?


All in all, I think there are 12 – 13 parking lots/areas that are full of tailgaters before each game.






These shots only show 3 of the 12 – 13 lots, so you can imagine how many people are roaming around before the games. It’s fun!

I do love tailgating – it usually involves good food, drinks, and games, but it can be easy to get carried away, too.

So how can you have a somewhat healthy tailgate?

  • Depending on when the game is and when we’re going to a tailgate, I try to eat something before I go. This is helpful, especially if I’m not in charge of bringing anything. Since I never know what food is going to be there, I’d rather not show up starving.
  • Pack a snack in your bag. I know you’re not really supposed to bring in food to stadiums now, but most people won’t notice a Larabar in your purse or a little package a trail mix.
  • If you are in charge of bringing something to the party, bring what they ask you to bring plus something that you know you’ll want at the tailgate. No one refuses free food, and just about everything gets eaten, so don’t feel bad about bringing what you want, too.
  • Alternate drinks (if you’re going to drink) with water. Tailgates are fun, that’s for sure. But I want to be able to actually WATCH the game and remember that I was there  :)
  • Be active! Sounds like a weird suggestion for a tailgate, but there are usually lots of people playing games like cornhole, passing around a football, or playing other games. Plus, you can always just walk around the campus you’re on to see other tailgates or see other people you know. Any activity is better than nothing.
  • Have fun!  Even if you have 3 burgers, a bag of chips, and 6 brownies, it’s one meal. Enjoy yourself!!! and start the next day with a good, healthy, filling breakfast.

What are your best tailgating tips? Favorite snacks for tailgates?


Football games tomorrow!

East Carolina at No. 24 North Carolina, 12 pm ESPN2

No. 8 California at Minnesota, 12 pm ESPN

Tennessee at No. 1 Florida, 3:30 pm CBS

No. 19 Nebraska at No. 13 Virginia Tech, 3:30 ABC

Michigan State at Notre Dame, 3:30 pm NBC

No. 23 Georgia at Arkansas, 7:45 pm ESPN

West Virginia at Auburn, 7:45 pm, ESPN2

Texas Tech at No. 2 Texas, 8 pm ABC


Make your pics in the comments!


I’m headed to my parents for the weekend – see you when I get there!

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  1. I’ve made Tex-Mex dip and chicken nuggets. Both went over really well!

  2. I love the Tech posts! And those are good tips- I always eat something before tailgating because it’s healthier and there’s typically not a whole lot of vegan options lol. Enjoy your Friday!

  3. Happy Friday Afternoon!

    Here are my
    eenie meenie miney moe picks:

    North Carolina
    Virginia Tech
    Notre Dame
    West Virginia

    Have a great time with your family!

  4. Very cool tips for tailgating. I don’t get to do it often enough. I love your football love!

  5. North Carolina! TARHEELS BABY!

  6. sundays are religious in my family not because of church. haha you get the picture. fun blog girl!

  7. For our home-opener I made a grilled vegetable salad with all of the vegetables from our garden and a little help from the farmer’s market!

    My picks: N. Carolina, Cal, Florida, Virgina Tech, Notre Dame, Georgia, Auburn and Texas

  8. That’s my favorite thing about UT football games the tailgating, drinking, and BBQing! Can’t wait for a repeat this weekend. Ours get crazy fun!

  9. Yay for tailgating, love it, Not much of that in MN though, don’t really allow it! But they might at the new U of MN stadium, looks crazy fun though!
    My picks:
    North Carolina
    Minnesota(hometown love, even though they will probably lose:(
    Virginia Tech (just for you, hope your team wins, girl:)
    Notre Dame
    Arkansas (my in laws have season tickets to them, they are some crazy fans too)
    So excited for tomorrow morning football!

  10. We’ll be there tomorrow!! These hokie fans are outta control haha ;) Us JMU dukes were definitely not as football crazed, but then again we kinda stunk at the game haha.

  11. I prefer to drink my tailgating eats ;)

    Those pictures show some serious football dedication!!

  12. Great tips! I usually bring a fruit bowl or maybe some Boca burgers instead of regular burgers. I stick with the beer though :)

  13. i love tailgating. something about how pumped everyone gets, really gets me excited! :) The beer that flows at tailgates never hurts either! MMMMMM :)


  14. great tips! I haven’t been tailgating in foreveeeeer. Okay, I haven’t been to a football game in forever which may explain that :)

  15. You just reminded me that I need to do my football pics for Sundays games!

    Wow, that’s a huge crowd!!

  16. Good tips!! Our new apartment is literally five blocks from the Vikings stadium – I should charge people to park in my driveway and tailgate in my yard! Haha.

  17. Good tips! I’m doing a series for the Examiner about tailgating. Did you see my post? I’d love to feature your tips sometime!

    Flying in a small plane is SO hardcore. I love it.

  18. Love tailgating!! And love the healthy tips for tailgating healthy-style!

  19. we always bring a stainless steel water bottle since water is astonomically priced in the stadium. we also sneak in trail mix, granola bars, etc. great minds think alike!

  20. I used to love our HS football tailgate parties–it was such a great way to get pumped up, and of course fuel up with good eats.

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