Who Wants Some Chobani?

I know I did!

I’m so happy I’ve had the chance to finally try it! I have not been able to find it in stores here, so I was very excited when Chobani offered to send me some samples. Thanks again Morgan!

Today I decided to try their plain yogurt.


Last night, I mixed up a muesli base with the usual suspects:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • cinnamon
  • pinch of salt
  • vanilla
  • chia seeds from GreensPlus


Then this morning, I mixed in:

  • the container of plain Chobani
  • some diced strawberries
  • sliced kiwi
  • raw almonds, chopped



All I can say is yum! I really hope some stores here start carrying it soon.

Plus, how can you go wrong with these facts?

..custom blends special yogurt cultures just for Chobani. We add these to milk, which we receive daily from local farms, to make yogurt. We then strain this yogurt to make it outrageously creamy and ridiculously high in protein. Did you know it takes three pounds of milk to make one pound of Chobani?

This unique straining process is what makes Chobani Greek Yogurt “Greek” and full of flavor and health benefits:
·      All natural. No preservatives. No artificial flavors.
·      No synthetic growth hormones: No rBST-treated milk.
·      Includes 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
·      Made with real fruit.
·      Twice the protein of regular yogurts.
·      A good source of bone-building calcium.
·      Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
·      Safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.

And if me getting samples wasn’t good enough, Morgan has given me the chance to hold a Chobani giveaway!

That’s right – one of YOU can win your own samples of Chobani.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to eat yogurt.

Yup, that’s it. No need to have a blog, you don’t have to link back or add me to your blogroll (unless you just really want to)  :) The only catch is that you need to be a US resident.


I’m going to announce the winner in tomorrow’s breakfast post so make sure you have your entry in by 7 am on Friday!


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  1. How exciting! I’ve never had Chobani either, as the store I usually get my Oikos or Fage at doesn’t carry the plain :( (I prefer plain).
    My favorite ways to eat it lately are boring, but delicious. I mix salsa in the plain and use it in my salads and I’ve been addicted to dipping baby carrots and peppers in it.

    Plus, always do the overnight oats!

  2. My heart belongs to Chobani! I’m dying to try the new pineapple but I can’t seem to find it in my area, so sad. Most of the time I eat it as is, or add a handful of cereal to the mix. Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

  3. A put EVERYTHING in my yogurt – it’s a big old mess…but so good! Usually it’s granola, berries, almond slivers AND almond butter (can’t help myself), sometimes some soy milk…a delicious mess!

  4. Ahhh Greek yogurt – my one true love ;)

    My favorite way is with PB2 and a chocolate vitatop = Reese’s parfait!

  5. How exciting that you got the chance to try Chobani! I have tried it before but I haven’t seen their new flavors anywhere.

  6. I would love to win, I can’t find Chobani near me! I love it with trail mix and a little drizzle of honey or agave. yum!

  7. How I wish I could try one of them finally too!!
    I truly hope that the Whole Foods in London will carry them!!
    In Dublin I had the chance to try Fage for the first time!! And of course was in awe!! :)
    Can’t wait until I stand in the famous Whole Foods! YAY!!
    PS: I know I can’t participate, but had to comment… Sorry…! ;)
    Oh and thanks so much for the sincere comments!!

  8. I like to take plain greek yogurt, mix in some fresh blueberries, and top with a couple turns of agave. Every time I eat yogurt this way the “crunch” of the fresh blueberries surrounded by yogurt makes me smile :-).

  9. That mueseli looks so yummy! I still have not been able to find the Chobani yogurt:(
    My favorite way to eat yogurt is to take plain or vanilla and top frozen berries with it. Then sprinkle granola and flax seed followed by a spoonfull of peanut/almond buter.

  10. I can’t find Chobani ANYWHERE around here either?!?! I would LOVE to win these samples :) :) :) My favorite way to eat plain yogurt is with pumpkin butter and walnuts (if it’s plain) — if it’s flavored then I like to layer it with fruit (bananas or peaches my fave!)

  11. My favorite way to eat yogurt is to mix it all up with a mixture of delicious cereals, flaxseed, and berries. I also love topping it on my pancakes or using the plain flavor in replace of sour cream! The stuff is delish! Muesli sounds like a great way to use it too!

  12. My favorite way to eat yogurt is straight-up!

  13. I am obsessed with Greek yogurt and cannot go a day without. I like mashing a banana and walnut halves in yogurt for a quick snack.

  14. I like my yogurt mixed with either cottage cheese or granola. Yum!

    Here’s hoping I win! ;-)

  15. That’s awesome! Thanks, Brandi! (And Morgan:) hehe)

    My favorite way to eat yogurt is with blueberries and granola. SO delish :)

  16. Definitely in my “yogurt bowls” with granola, PB & strawberries. :)

  17. I’m a Chobani virgin as well! I love to mix yogurt with granola…nom nom nom.

  18. i love it mixed with granola and fresh berries :)

  19. I would looooove some chobani!

  20. Sweet!! I love to eat my yogurt w/ bananas and almond slivers :)

  21. I love to eat my yogurt with granola and some fruit (blueberries, strawberries or bananas).

  22. with hot oats or soaked for two days but the best is covered in cinnamon and with fresh fruit!

  23. with fruit and ground flax on top!

  24. Yogurt with granola – nothing beats that for me!

  25. I love to eat my yogurt with slice up bananas, and a mish mosh of cereal/granola. Right now I’m obsessed with Kashi’s Heart to Heart cinnamon flavor, and Bear Naked’s chocolate granola. Yum! :)

  26. Mmmm…I LOVE Greek Yogurt! My life has been forever changed.

    My favorite way to eat it would be with sliced strawberries + Puffins!!!

  27. Hi Brandi!

    I use to make yogurt smoothies.

    I really need to get back in the habit.

  28. Chobani!! I LOVE it too much, totally could have it several times a day if I could. I would say yogurt added to fruit smoothies are the best when made at home! But then again just pain with some crunchies on top is pretty awesome too, or atop a oatmeal cookie breakfast? Oh, I dont know, all I know is Chobani is the best!

  29. I LOVE yogurt with granola, or used as a sour cream substitute in Mexican food! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :-)

  30. I would love to try the Chobani yogurt! My grocery store just started carrying Oikos, and I love it. My favorite way to eat yogurt is in a smoothie with pb and banana.

  31. I love putting in granola and pineapple with s little dallop of almond butter! So amazing!

  32. OMG I have been searching for a store close by that has Chobani–it’s impossible to find around here! I’ve heard so much about them here in the blog world and I’d love to try it!

    I’m a HUGE fan of fruit in my yogurt! I love to chop up a peach and mix it in with a little granola, Yum!

  33. My favorite all time thing to eat for breakfast is plain greek yogurt, sliced strawberries, sliced raw almonds and granola. Tastes almost like strawberry shortcake!! :)

  34. Yeah!!!

    I love greek yogurt mixed into my oatmeal. I add it at the end to my fruit and oatmeal mix. Adds a nice tang and protein.

  35. I always see that everyone is obsessed with chobani.. I think I’m going to have to start searching. I have two favorite ways to eat yogurt: 1) Blend it into a smoothie or 2) Top it with cereal and fruit

  36. I love to eat it with some granola and fresh fruit!

  37. Awesome giveaway! My favorite way to eat yogurt is with graham crackers crumbled on top. This only works with the plain kind though!

  38. I have been dying to try the pineapple everyone is raving about but I can’t find it! Boring as it sounds, my favorite way to eat Greek yogurt is with nothing added (if flavored)–the texture is so awesome on it’s own I just like to savor that! Re the plain stuff, my favorite way to eat it is in burritos or instead of sour cream in general!

  39. I love stirring in Almond Butter and Granola into my Greek Yogurt! I only eat Greek yogurt now. The other “yogurt” does hold a candle to the creaminess of greek!

  40. Yogurt + mushed up banana + oats + cinnamon + splenda tastes almost like cookie dough!

    I’d love to try more flavors :)

  41. Ooh, cool! My favorite way to eat yogurt is in a parfait with a muffin/vitatop and peanut butter :)

  42. One of my FAVORITE ways to eat yogurt (particularly the greek kind) is this:

    Cut up an apple into little bits and put it in a microwavable container.
    Sprinkle on some cinnamon & add in a dash of vanilla extract.
    Put it the microwave for about 60 seconds or so (or until the apples are soft & it smells REALLY good in your kitchen).
    Open up your yogurt, put it in a bowl (rinse & recycle the container) and pour the cinnamon apples on top.
    Mmmmmmmmmmm. Enjoy!
    It’s perfect for fall apple season!

  43. I love me some greek yogurt. My favorite way is topped with mixed berries, or cherries; usually the frozen bing ones from TJ’s. For an added treat, a Tbsp. of lemon curd on top. Loverly!

  44. I love eating plain yogurt with fresh berried and Kashi Heart to Heart cereal. I have it almost every day.

  45. What an awesome giveaway!!! my favorite is plain greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit! Sinfully good!!!!!!!!

  46. I love yogurt mixed in with granola or cereal….yummy! Fresh fruit added to it is so great and filling. :-)

  47. Having some for lunch!! I like my chobani plain with chopped strawberries and my homemade granola..yummalicious!

  48. Hi Brandi – I love yogurt! I would have to say in a parfait or mixed with fruit, flax and honey. But I’ve also been using yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, cream sauces and for oil in my baked goods. Yogurt is your all around wonder food! Thank you for having this giveaway!

  49. I love eating yogurt plain. Boring I know but that’s how I like it!

  50. Like you, I’ve been wanting to try Chobani, but haven’t been able to find it in my area! My current favorite way to enjoy yogurt is to top plain yogurt with frozen blueberries, chopped walnuts, & a scant drizzle of honey. Divine!

  51. I like it with some honey! When we went to Greece, thats how the locals ate it and its great!

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  53. My favorite way to eat yogurt is mixed with pumpkin and topped with nuts and granola!
    Yours looks really goooood :)

  54. My favorite way to eat yogurt is with some fruit and Kashi Go Lean Crunch added to it. Yum!

  55. favorite way to eat yogurt- plain with some cashew butter!

  56. Hi Brandi, I have not tried the Chobani yogurt yet, but I have seen it at our grocery stores.

    I love greek yogurt with a little added vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, flax, berries or other fruit all mixed together with a little water, then I add go lean crunch or a bran/fiber cereal (1/2 cup) and let it sit overnight and then in the morning I top it with a little more crunch or MixMy Granola on top with some unsweetened coconut!! It is delicious and keeps me satisfied until lunch!

    I really enjoy your blog ; ) Thanks for the fun give-away!

  57. fruit, granola + yogurt = the best eva!

  58. Yay! My favorite way to eat yogurt is in a yogurt mess, but I love making dressings with it too!

  59. plain yogurt with either berries or a little bit of agave nectar on top. Yum! Wish could find that brand around here. :(

  60. ooh!!! the pineapple chobani is my new fav, but i haven’t found it in boston (scored it at home a few wknds ago). I love mine with fresh fruit and granola :) or in muesli as my latest kick has been…

  61. If it counts, my fave way to eat yogurt is sweetened and frozen. Hehe.

    Otherwise, I really just like it in one of the most common (in blogland, at least) ways – with chopped fruit and/or some sort of granola-y cereal mixed in. Yum!

  62. i love it plain with fruits!

  63. i love to eat greek yogurt with PB2!

  64. Hi, I love it plain or with a dot of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin butter and my homemade granola. Thanks!

  65. Oh yay! I would love to have some Chobani samples, hehe :) I like eating yogurt on top of breakfast cookies. Honestly, I was browsing this blog after your comment yesterday, and found the post for a breakfast cookie. My breakfast consisted of that + greek yogurt frosting on top. Definitely pulled me out of my breakfast rut–totally delish!

  66. I am a plain Jane…I like my greek yogurt with fruit! Simple and delicious!

  67. omg chobani love!!! i havent had it in seriously like 6 months! I am cravingggggggggggg it!!

    i love chobani PLAIN!

    thanks for the giveaway!!!

  68. I have only tried plain, and loved it. I would like to try the other flavors too. My favorite is to mix together oats, oat bran, and any fruits and nuts I have in the house into one big bowl. It’s a little different every time, and always delicious!

  69. I looooove yogurt with banana, strawberries, and homemade granola. Yum!!

  70. I have not had the opportunity to try Chobani because I can’t find it here. I love putting yogurt in the freezer then eating it as frozen yogurt. Or I love mixing in nuts, oats, choc chips, fresh fruit, or anything else on hand! Almost anything is good in yogurt!!!

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  72. Hhhhhmmm….I’m a simple gal, so I love eating yogurt with granola, cereal or fruit but I also love yogurt in smoothies.

  73. i wanna win i wanna win!!!!

    lately my fav way to eat yogurt is with vita tops crumbled inside…or even with fruit and cereal mixed! i can’t get enough! :)


  74. I haven’t had this yogurt in so long. My grocery store stopped stocking it last February! I need to win!

  75. I love yogurt nice and simple with delicious fruit mixed in. And, greek yogurt is my favorite, especially Chobani! :)

  76. I don’t know if I can choose just one way! I love yogurt plain, with granola, with fruit, with oatmeal… the list goes on and on!

  77. My favorite way to eat yogurt is with some crunch. It could be cereal, granola, nuts or even graham crackers. I love the mix of textures!

  78. I usually eat my Greek yogurt plain, but lately I’ve been mixing in some fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries!

  79. My favorite way to eat plain yogurt is with some pumpkin pie spice, spoonful of pumpkin, spoonful of dark chocolate peanut butter, a few cinnamon almonds, and a drizzle of maple syrup. This is my favorite bedtime snack!

  80. plain and simple! Give me some yogurt and granola/cereal and maybe some berries thrown in and it’s PERFECTO!


  81. I love greek style yogurt. I love adding fruit and a sprinkle of nuts for breakfast or mixing in shredded cucumber, garlic and lemon juice to serve with chicken kebabs. I love chobani, but can’t buy it in my area. I love your blog and read it daily!!

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  83. yummm!! perfect for breakfast!1 i shud try this and love to try with Greek yogurt! :)

  84. In a yogurt parfait of course! So boring, but I’ve been on a huge kick of that lately. Yogurt mess deliciousness!

  85. Mmm, very cool giveaway (I will be honest and say we are stationed overseas, but that this is my step dad’s fave so I thought I would enter to see if I could win something for him, so please don’t rule me out!). My faveorite way to eat yogurt is with a fruit and a crunchy. So, plain yogurt with strawberries and a few coco puffs, or blue berries with a few dark chocolate chips. I also do the fro yo this way, the plain like from yogurtland or red mango. So tasty! Glad to visit your blog!

  86. My favorite way to eat yogurt is with fiber one cereal, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a few strawberries and blueberries, and a mashed banana!

  87. I love eating yogurt with fruit and a drizzle of honey, and a big school of chunky peanut butter!

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