Breakfast, Round 2

Okay, ever since I saw Caitlin say that she was going to have breakfast for every meal today, that’s all I’ve been thinking about.

While this isn’t a normal breakfast meal…I just knew I had to have some eggs.


I had some veggies + leftovers that needed to be used – what better way than to just put them all in a bowl and top it with eggs?  :)


I heated up the last of the squash casserole and put that on the bottom of the bowl.

Then I sauteed some kale with some salsa and layered that on top.

2 over easy eggs + avocado seal the deal on this dish.


Whole grains, veggies, healthy fats – what else do I need?


Oh yeah. Add on this little coconut macaroon from the bakery yesterday  :)  It’s probably not as good as Gina’s, but I gotta take what I can get.


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Football tonight!

No. 14 Georgia Tech at No. 20 Miami (FL), 7:30 pm ESPN

should be a good one. Leave your pick in the comments!


I gotta jet – I ran some fun errands at lunch and have to get back to work.

What’s your favorite “end the meal on a sweet note” treat?

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  1. I love all the pretty greens in your lunch/breakfast bowl :)

  2. I recently found these candied ginger at WF!

  3. My treat is always Theo 84% chocolate :)

  4. Dark chocolate after lunch and steamed kabocha after dinner~~ :D

  5. Avocado and eggs is such an unexpected, yet awesome sounding combination!

    I love dark chocolate after dinner

  6. right now we have a ziplock of little squares of chocolate in the fridge-they’re great for a sweet treat after a meal (and we’re surprisingly being good and not eating them all at once!)

  7. Having breakfast for every meal of the day is a great idea! I could eat breakfast for the rest of my life at every meal haha.
    That concoction looks so yummy. Anything with eggs on top is super good.
    My favorite end of a meal sweet treat during the day is usually a piece of fruit, but after dinner I could always do with some frozen yogurt, ice cream, or dark chocolate.
    I’m off to go make breakfast for lunch!

  8. OMG, I am totally having breakfast for dinner tonight because of caitlin, too!!!

  9. Right now it’s vanilla ice cream (Edy’s slow churned) topped with TJ’s pumpkin butter!!

    Check out my giveaway :) Had to do it!

    Lunch looks awesome – love the flavor combos!

  10. that breakfast looks soooo good – i love getting veggies in early and taking the pressure off of the rest of the day!

    fave post-meal sweet? a bit of chocolate, some ice cream or trail mix. yummmmm!

  11. That egg and avocado meal looks so good. I need to make that! Post meal….grapes, carob chips, and greek yogurt. Or ice cream!

  12. That breakfast bowl looks yummy!

    My favorite sweet treat after a meal is a vanilla Jo-Jo from TJ’s!

  13. I used to love chocolate of any kind for my dessert. Now that I’m avoiding desserts I sometimes have greek yogurt with a smidge of honey and fresh or frozen berries for a sweet treat. Or I’ll have a nice peach. I’ll be sad when peaches are no longer in season.

  14. I had eggs + avocado for lunch today too! I don’t usually end meals on a sweet note, so pretty much anything floats my boat!

  15. That is an awesome breakfast! I love eggs on top of anything too, and it is a good way to eat up those leftovers :)

    My favorite go-to sweet treat after meals is a square of dark chocolate. Coffee is yummy too for mornings!

  16. I love your breakfast bowl! Actually, “random” stuff, topped with a poached egg is my favorite meal ever! I could eat it for every meal…

    My favorite sweet treat is dark chocolate with almond butter… :)

  17. woooweee!! love the cado action!!! and that coconut macaroon looks so decadent!!!

  18. that is the best looking bowl ever!

  19. I always have chocolate as my treat!

    I’m picking Miami tonight.

  20. Those eggs looks like perfectionnnn

  21. I am dying to try Gina’s macaroons! They are like famous ha

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