Are you ever unplugged?

Loaded question, right? That’s why I didn’t ask it Monday morning  :)

This morning, I decided to try to change up my morning routine.

Typically, I:

  • shower
  • finish packing my lunch (i.e., get everything in my lunch box, water bottled, etc)
  • sit on the couch and watch the news until Nick gets up while letting my hair air dry for a bit and drink a big glass of water
  • Dry my hair while Nick is in the shower
  • Get dressed
  • Make + eat breakfast while blogging
  • Leave for work

Not a horrible morning routine. No a.m. workouts for me, but I get done what needs to get done and take my time getting ready so I don’t have to rush.

Today I decided to NOT turn on the tv when I got up.

So, I sat and dug into this for a while.


I think having that unplugged run the other day just got me thinking about how much time I have something or everything on during the day.

Case in point:

My entire job, 8 hours a day, is all on the computer. In fact, WITHOUT a computer, I could not do anything related to my job.

I blog…usually 3 times a day. I love it and it’s fun for me, but it is still time with something on.

I usually watch the news in the morning and we usually have the tv on something at night (evening news, shows we watch each week, football :), etc).

Radio / cds in the car.

It’s non-stop.

So I stopped it today.

The verdict? While it was incredibly calming and fun to spend time in a book that I love and just be alone with the sounds of the morning and my thoughts, it was also a bit uncomfortable.

I guess getting out of any type of routine will not be easy. It’s just like any other habit – trying to change it is so hard when you’re used to doing certain things at certain times.

But this was totally worth it. I’m not sure how long it would take me to get into this habit each day, but it will be nice any day that I can do it.

After starting out like this, the only thing that could keep my morning on a great start was a great breakfast.

Is it crazy that now I’m super happy when I get to the bottom of a jar?

Because I am.


This was my first time making oats-in-a-jar with the dark chocolate dreams pb and it. was. delicious.


The mix today was:

  • 1/3 cup oatbran
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced

I cooked that mixture, then mixed in:

  • spoonful or two of cooked oatgroats for some texture
  • spoonful of light coconut milk
  • sprinkle of unsweetened coconut


The mix of chocolate pb + coconut was almost like a Mounds bar! But with a little banana  :)  It was so good.

It definitely makes getting to the bottom of a jar worth it. Now I can’t wait until I get to the bottom of my cinnamon raisin pb!


Do you ever go unplugged? Or…if you don’t want to answer/think about that  :) What’s your morning routine?

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  1. Funny how you mentioned this today, since yesterday I went…unplugged! :D You’re right, there’s always so much technological stuff taking up our time, that other things get pushed back. I definitely want to start reading more then I have been and making time for other things that I enjoy outside of music, tv., etc.

    Thanks for the lovely post. :D

  2. It’s funny you bring this up, because last night I “unplugged” for a bit and loved it. However, I can’t always go that route, as I need the Internet for work (and food blogs, of course).

    Anyway, I wasn’t feeling any of the games on TV last night, had been at the computer all day, etc. so instead I turned everything off and read a book on my porch, listening to the nighttimes sounds and relaxing. It was a nice change. Plus, I try and make sure I’m “unplugged” a bit when I get home from work (if it’s nice out). I go read in my backyard with some tea or work in the yard. This is harder to do in winter… :)

  3. I need to try PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams PB! Ahh! I need it!

  4. the second you said that you changed up your routine and how you did it, i clicked on the tv. your so right. I get consumed with TV and my computer alot too! its a good idea to get ourselves away for a little while! I never get the time to just read for pleasure so in the mornings would be the perfect time!
    Thanks for these suggestions girl! :)


  5. Sometimes I go unplugged driving. No radio, just the window open and a nice breeze. Other than that, if I am reading that is really the only time something is not on. I like the background noise in my mornings, but sometimes its too consuming.
    I can’t wait for my breakfast now…pumpkin oats in a Mighty Maple PB & Co jar!

  6. Dark chocolate PB is heaven – we finished a jar in less than a week haha :/ I love oatbran too – just discovered it a few weeks back and may like it more than oats themselves?! Great a.m. combo – love the coconut milk addition! (have you ever tried making rice using coconut milk? – so freakin good too!)

  7. It’s strange how dependant I have gotten on my computer. Literally everything I do is computer based- from blogging to reading the news to communicating with family. If I am home, my computer is on- living in a studio means I always have one eye on the computer. The past couple of weeks I’ve made a huge effort to spend time away from the computer (usually baking!) and it’s…nice. It’s relaxing, soothing- I have wondered how much the constant stimulus of having 9 windows open right up until I go to sleep affects my sleep patterns. Hmmm. I like the idea of morning without anything. I don’t listen to music at home ever, because it just gets too much (I need to focus 100% on what I am doing and I LOVE music but it distracts me!)

    I can’t wait to finish my PB! I am very tempted to just do the oats-in-jar with the 1/2 cup still in there :P

  8. I’m the same way, I spend so much time with everything around me on.

    But everyonce in a while, I turn it all off and read a book or something and I love it. I should do that more often

  9. Your morning routine sounds so nice. I usually am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

    Love the oats in a jar. DCD is the best.

  10. Love your breakfast, I cant get to the bottom of my almond butter fast enough.

    I sleep with the tv on.
    I always have every light in the house on, too!
    I am very bad, The utilitiy companies love me.

    Funny, You just made me think of
    “The Little House On The Prairie”

  11. the sun shines RIGHT at our kitchen table, so for a good chunk of the summer we had no choice about eating in the living room… which led to the tv on while we ate sometimes… which led to it being on all the time.
    we’re trying really hard to break that habit now!

  12. What a decadent oat combo!! Usually I’m forcibly unplugged (power outage) and I hate it. However, it makes me realize how addicted to technology I am!

  13. Nice topic…! My day looks a lot like yours, without tv in the morning, but I’m almost every minute in front of a screen, or listening to music…! And I definitely need to change that!! I’m working on it, but it’s hard! :/ Little steps!

    By the way, your breakfast looks awesome!! Can’t wait for my b-fast tomorrow (4pm here), it’s (not always) my favorite meal! :)

  14. i love going unplugged. helps me think. process things. but sometimes being plugged in helps me do that too (music, etc.). i think a varied combination is a good thing!

    i’m in the middle of a good book too. oh i love good books!

  15. i’ve been unplugging more too – now a couple nights a week, i don’t do anything on the computer besides blogging. its nice to take a break, read, watch TV (although i still don’t own a TV, so i guess not) and just relax.

    happy humpday lady – that jar of oats is looking mighty fine!

  16. I’ve done the same thing in the past few weeks – no TV in the evening, just me and my book / reading for work! It seemed too QUIET at first but now I absolutely love it. There’s not enough quiet in most of our lives . . . I totally agree that going “unplugged” is a great way to change up the routine :-)

  17. Wow! Good for you for going unplugged and stepping away from your routine. I’m a creature of habit so I definitely have my usualy morning routine…
    -Watch DVR
    -Pack lunch and GO

    Pretttty much never changes!

    Wow I officially CAN’T WAIT for my Dark Chocolate PB to be gone…that looks amazing!!!

  18. i wouldnt be able to do it. maybe if i were on vacay, yes. i could. but otherwise i dont know. and my bf works with computers, so …. yeah. lol.
    you get where im going with that.
    i love your jar combo, with the banana and coconut. perfect combos for dcd! i still have a big full jar and am taking my time on it, but i can’t wait to get to the bottom… some day. lol.

  19. Interesting topic. I turn on my computer first thing and drink coffee while reading my blogs, email, news, etc. Then I eat breakfast after I’ve been up an hour or so. I wait until my husband + sons are out the door before showering and getting dressed.

    I do listen to the radio news while I pack lunches + either read the paper or have the radio on while I eat breakfast. I don’t ever watch TV; not in the morning or evening or ever for that matter.

    Next week though I am starting Curves in the morning so everything will change.

  20. I definatly have a morning routine.
    i wake up, either shower (otherwise I shower at night)
    make coffee, wash my face, drink coffee and blog, get ready, eat breakfast, then hurry out the door! haha
    i try to go unplugged. I really love going for runs in the morning.. but sometimes i just dont feel it!

    We should definatly do an exchange girl!! that would be so fun!!

  21. Wow…great question! I do have somewhat of a morning routine, but it’s all so rush rush rushed. I go workout (if I’m not that night), race home, hop in the shower for 10, and get ready in 20. I’d love to take more time in the morning….but I LOVE my sleep. :-)

    Sometimes I’ll be halfway home from work in the car and realize I didn’t even turn the radio/music on! I think we’re all accustomed to noise and technology ALL the time. It’s really refreshing to escape it sometimes, even if only for 10 or 15 minutes.

  22. I love reading in the am to to unwind, then tv later since I work night! I try to lmit my computer time to, otherwise I will spend all day in front of it!

  23. I always have my comp on. ALWAYS. And often TV, and always radio in the car….but when I’m stressed or frantic, I have to turn off any noise so I can just “hear myself think”!

    HAPPY WEDNESDAY BRANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  24. Too funny – I started doing the same thing on Monday! I felt like I was always rushed in the morning, so now I set my alarm an hour earlier and just read, make breakfast, run, whatever. But no tv! It makes SUCH a difference. Even getting up earlier I’m not tired because my mind has time to wake itself up!

  25. I am the same way-always have to have something on-TV, radio, computer. My husband is the exact opposite. In fact, he hates TV with a passion. I didn’t even know that was possible!! Needless to say, adjusting to married life with him is interesting. It’s weird to me to have quiet all the time, but once in a while, it’s really nice.

  26. Sometimes I have to force myself to get away from the computer or TV and go read a book. I love reading. It’s just hard to find the time for it when everything else is always on. I feel torn in so many different directions sometimes… and I often think I can’t allow myself to relax and veg out because I have so much to do. But those moments are always so worthwhile.

  27. I read every day so I do get some “unplugged” time. I hate my computer and need a new one so it’s easy to stay away from it sometimes.
    And mornings? I’m so bad at them! I wake up at the last minute and always rush out the door!

  28. I never intentionally go unplugged. But occassionally for work events where I can’t bring my computer I go without it. It is soooooo stressful because my life and work is wrapped up in the computer along with my iPod and the like. But it can be done.

    In the morning I get up and get a shower and then get dressed. I put my oatmeal in the microwave while I put on my makeup. then I grab my stuff and head down to the office. Once there I blog until Hunni arrives and then get to work.

  29. Good point! I’m a serious multi-tasking addict and I always have something going. The TV on while I cook, iPod on when I run, computer all day at work like you, I even leave my laptop on when I read in case I get an important email! I need to work on it obviously!

    Morning routine = wake up, contacts in, 20 minutes strength (sometimes!), shower, brush teeth, makeup, dry hair, get dressed, make smoothie, make coffee, fill water bottle and head out the door. I listen to music occasionally but never turn on the TV because it makes me late! I guess I’m semi unplugged in the morning :)

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