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Well, I can definitely tell that school is back in session. We slow down a bit during the summer…not much, but you can tell a difference once everyone is back! My email has been nonstop this week, and it will probably stay that way until Christmas.

My oatbran breakfast held me over really well, but I was definitely ready for my random lunch when it was time to eat.

I brought an Arnold Thin with a Tomato Basil Pizza Veggie Burger (yum)


Plus some of the squash casserole leftovers + broccoli.


And some grapes!


Very random, but tasty lunch.

Plus, I’m about to try this vegan lemon lime cookie from a bakery here that I just got at lunch – it sure smells good!



There are so many fun things happening in the blog world lately, right?

Make sure to check out those 2 giveaways I posted this morning, plus more fun stuff!

Bondi Band giveaway over at Silly Tater Tot – All of them are so cute.

– I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but Foodbuzz has opened up the 2009 Food Blog Awards – are you voting? I love some of the categories they have listed!

Best Overall Blog

Best New Blog

Best Wine Blog

Best Cocktail/Spirits Blog

Best Baking Blog

Best Food Photography Blog

Best Visual Blog (graphic design)

Best Writing Voice

Best Healthy Living Blog

Best Green/Sustainable blog

Best Family Blog

Best Recipe Blog

Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort

Best Community Blog Effort

Most Humorous Food Blog


Blogger you’d most want to:

-Take to dinner

-Cook a meal for you

-Be your personal Sommelier

-Create you a cocktail

-Watch on Food Network

-Watch on Iron Chef

-See open up their own restaurant

-See their blog made into a movie

So much fun! The winners will be announced at the Foodbuzz Festival in November (which I sadly can’t attend because of the cost of the flight + hotel), but fun all the same!

Make sure you nominate or vote for your favorites! I can’t wait to see all the nominations + winners.

– And, if you haven’t seen this post on Hangry Pants, make sure to put your vote in for the Sisterhood of the Blogging Pants – it sounds like such a fun thing to start!


What was the first blog you read and what’s your favorite one now?

And…are YOU going to the Foodbuzz Festival?


  1. that lemon cookie thing looks like it would taste divine. i love fruity desserts over chocolate ones. yes i am going to foodbuzz fest! i wish you were!

    since i am catching up on reader i will just comment all in one box, so not to bother you with 3 comments.. those DCD oats are EPIC dude.. so dreamy. for real. and my morning routine involves waking up way later than i should and rushing around to leave the house and getting to work at least 10 min late every day :)

    i have been dying to try that peach chobani! they are sending me some next week and i cant wait. that is a bargain on hummus, my favorite kind is red pepper and i like to make my own.

    happy wednesday lady!! xo

  2. Not going to Foodbuzz Fest. :( Sad, indeed, because it looks to be such FUN.

  3. I wish I could go to Foodbuzz Fest – if only it wasn’t during busy school

  4. I started reading food blogs when I googled “oatmeal pancake” and landed on Kath’s blog. I read a ton now and they are bring something unique to the table.

  5. That cookie does look good! Someone just turned up to my office with a platter (yes, a platter) of cookies, brownies and cupcakes from this amazing bakery down the street. Now I have to decide which to pick! Decisions decisions!

    The first blog I read was Cristin’s Eat Like Me on and then I got into Jenna’s Eat Live Run and the rest snowballed!

    I voted this morning! So fun! I can’t go either…same reasons as you. I am way too commited to saving up for other travel plans to throw a spanner that big in the works, haha!

  6. The first blog I read was Orangette. I read so many now, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

    I nominated you for something. ;o) I actually just finished all my nominations a little while ago.

    I can’t make it to the FoodBuzz event either… too far away.

  7. Popped in to say hello! The first blog I read was Smitten, now Smitten Kitchen. And then I was hooked.

  8. How cool! I’m going to really have to think about the awards.

    The first blog I read was my friend Katie at Up Fit Creek. From there I got all the other blogs.

    My favorite now is probably yours….not trying to kiss your butt. I love the combo of your sports enthusiasm, realtionship with God and your food. It reminds me a lot of me so I can relate really well to you.

  9. I wish I could go to the Foodbuzz Festival…

    I can’t really remember the fist blog I ever read (there are a few I started reading at the same time). Now, I don’t have a favorite blog, but a whole bunch of blogs that give me my daily food/laughter/inspiration/thinking/…. fix….

  10. THANK YOU for posting that T-shirt link this morning…um, how many days until Christmas?! Could you imagine a HIMYM party – got the popcorn, got the shirts, it would be legend…wait for it….and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!

    1st blog I read was Eat Like Me. Then I discovered KERF and Tina and it just snow balled!

  11. Your lunch looks great! I wish I could go but can’t miss so much work :( The first blog I ever read was Eat Like Me at Self.

  12. I need to try those Arnold Sandwich Thins – everyone seems to love them. Plus, I like how they are thinner than your normal piece of bread but thicker than a pita or wrap. Was that the Boca Italian Bruschetta patties? If so, I love those!

    I’m not going to the Foodbuzz Fest, but it sure sounds like a blast! Thanks for the reminder on the blogger awards. BTW, I’m not sure which blog I read first, but your blog was definitely in the top 5 :)

  13. carrots N cake was the first blog that i read. but i’m not in love with SO many!

    your veggie burger looks AMAZING! :)

  14. not gonna lie, i totally thought that lemon cookie was mashed potatoes. that would’ve been an interesting mid-day treat.

  15. I think the first blog I read was Labelle Vegan (shleby)
    and Vegan Crunk

  16. I’m not going to the FoodBuzz Festival :( It’s on my bestie’s b-day and I always plan and throw her festivities. Plus I couldn’t exactly afford it.

    The first blog I read was LovIN My Tummy. I miss it! Now I read thousands! Okay not quite but almost :)

  17. the first blog i ever read was over at Peaceandpeanutbutter, my best friend! Clearly her’s inspired me to start mine this past April!
    I dont have a fav now though I am def a fan of yours for sure :-)

  18. those cookies look soo pretty!! vat a sweet treat!

  19. I am going to the festival! My best friend and I both found cheap tickets, we are so excited!

  20. A pear tree in your yard – that is so stinkin’ cool, I love home grown produce!

    KERF was the first blog I read regularly! I enjoy a lot more of them now. :D

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