Super Seconds

Wow – you all have some amazing things to be thankful for  :)  Each one of those comments made me smile.

Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping to think about it! I think that is the most important thing – even if you don’t share it with anyone or write things down, just taking a moment to realize what you do have will do amazing things.

I had a day full of seconds.


I loved my salad so much yesterday that I decided to have it again at work today!

  • romaine
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • hb egg
  • avocado
  • red pepper hummus


No mixing bowl today, but I did have my huge gladware dish  :)

Oh, and this is the new hummus I got to try!


I found this Cedar’s hummus at Food Lion – this was only $2.69 or something like that and almost twice the size as most of the other containers I can get here!

Plus, it is tasty.


Looks like I caught Nick mid-dip with his multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips.

I had a little more hummus with some of the sweet potato Food Should Taste Good Chips.



We ran a few errands at lunch today and then I got back to work. We were getting slammed today! It was busy, busy, busy.

I finally got to a point where I could have my snack, around 4 this afternoon.


My next Chobani trial!

Today was peach.


This one had a bit different texture than the strawberry because this one just bits of peach instead of the fruit jelly-like mixture.

I loved the texture of this one. Very thick, with little pieces of peach throughout.


And it was especially good with a little almond butter granola from Polly  :)  But, what wouldn’t be good with that granola?

Today was a cross training day for me, so I came home, changed, and got on my mat for an hour-long Yoga to the People download.

It was great and I was sweating in the middle – whew! My arms feel like jelly, but in a good way. It also had great music in the background, which I loved. I’ve been saving up to get Polly’s DVD soon, too, and I can’t wait to try it!

Dinner tonight involved some seconds, too.


I steamed some broccoli to have with our leftover pork loin and squash casserole from last night.


I’m glad I have a bit more squash casserole leftover for my lunch tomorrow – this recipe is great!



What’s your favorite brand / flavor of hummus?


  1. Delicious eats today! I love just plain ole hummus with lots of garlic :)

  2. Sabra Pine Nut, yum! Or the hummus at a Turkish restaurant in NJ, it’s delicious

  3. Your salad looks tasty! I love the action shot of the hummus dipping, hehe.

    I’ve never tried peach Chobani!! Looks awesome!

  4. Mmm, that squash casserole looks so good! It’s perfect for fall.

    I LOVE SABRA! It took me a while to catch on, but it’s amazing. Lately I’ve been getting the Trader Joe’s “Mediterranean Hummus”… it has pine nuts and spices on top and is fantastic.

  5. I am absolutely obsessed with Sonny & Joe’s Spicy Enough hummus.

    It’s incredibleeeeee. And Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper is great too.

  6. homemade! we made some this weekend…. and it’s already gone! whoops!

  7. my most favorite brand of hummus in Sunflower Kicthen
    then it is Sabras, obv. roasted red peppa!

  8. Great food today girl! Lucky you, at least you can find Chobani… I can’t find that stuff anywhere in Richmond?!

  9. I love Sabra hummus… especially the roasted red pepper flavor!

  10. Now, I don’t discriminate when it comes to hummus, but Sabra is my fave! Or making my own rocks too. I found a recipe for black bean hummus that is really good!

  11. Sorry girl! Not much of a hummus fan! Ee! Don’t kill me! >.<

    Man, I really am excited for my Chobani which shouldbe arriving sometime this week! :D

  12. Ooo, I love hummus.
    Another crazy food you got me turned on to.
    I love Tribe and my favorite flavor now is
    Calamata Olive

    I am going food shopping today.
    I am going to try this greek yogurt thing.

    You really have introduced me to many things!

  13. That salad looks delicious! I wish I made more salads.

    My fave is Sabra RRP. But I don’t buy it too often anymore.

  14. My favorite hummus by far is TJ’s chipotle hummus. I like the cedar lane spinach artichoke too but it’s more expensive. I actually buy multiple of hummus at TJ’s when I make my twice monthly trip.

  15. We are twins! I love Cedar’s Roasted Red Pepper hummus and I was just going to buy some at the grocery store today (because it was on sale – the smaller tub) and I went for the Sundried Tomato flavor instead. But are heavenly and I could eat the whole tub with baby carrots and pretzels or maybe with just a spoon in one sitting :)

  16. I love Sabra Hummus- Roasted Red Pepper! I haven’t tried Cedars brand yet!

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