Start with Pancakes

The start of another week – at least I tried to start it out in a good way!


I got up a little earlier and made us some pancakes this morning.


Instead of doing eggs on pancakes today, I just cut up some strawberries and I layered mine with ricotta, berries, and a drizzle of local honey.


Tastes like a non-fried cannoli! I’m working on some coffee and getting ready for my work day to start.

The good thing is that I slept well last night – I think all the excitement of this weekend and the run yesterday just wore me out. I was asleep on the couch last night at 9:30!


What were your 3 favorite things about this past weekend?

Mine would have to be:

1. Going to the football game

2. Having good weather all weekend

3. Having a good run yesterday



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  1. Those pancakes look perfect for a Monday!

  2. Those pancakes look beautiful! Do you use a mix?

  3. I’m loving seeing you put ricotta on stuff. It’s one of my favorite cheeses but lots of people forget it can be sweet and savory.

    My favorite things:
    1. Tyler Perry’s new movie. Like being in church and hilarious at the same time :-)

    2. Yoga on Friday afternoon. I felt so relaxed.

    3. Sending gifts to my friends and their reactions.

  4. I think it’s about time you open up a pancake shop–or something lol! Mine never look so perfect :-)

    my fav things this weekend:
    *80 degree weather
    *Watching Another Cinderella Story

  5. Those pancakes look so decadent!! Happy HIMYM Day – the new episodes start next week, woohoo :)

  6. Those pancakes look fantastic!

    *getting all caught up and ready for the week
    *beautiful weather
    *gluten free baking

  7. that’s some crazy pretty pancakage…

  8. Football, flat-out wrap splits, and running!
    Love your breakfast, never had a cannoli though!

  9. You definitely did start your Monday off right–I would have LOVED to start mine like this as well! :)

    *Loved my 1st Spin Class
    *Tried Indian Food for the 1st time…so delicious!

  10. The pancakes look great!

    My three things:

    1. Went to mom’s for lunch and she had a salad bar option instead of the usual sandwiches and potato chips.

    2. Spending time with the husband.

    3. Seeing my nephew!

  11. Yum I would love to have those pancakes in front of me right now.

    Fave things?
    OU shutting out Idaho State
    Spending quality time with the roommate
    Watching the VMAs

  12. Wow your pancakes look so amazing!!

    1) Seeing my favorite DJ-Armin Van Buuren
    2) Eating Oreo Cheesecake
    3) Blue Moon!

  13. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! those pancakes look amazing!

    3 fave things:

    (1) walking around the lake sunday morning with coffee + my two best friends

    (2) my friend’s wedding on saturday night

    (3) touring a community health clinic on friday

    and getting my 20-miler out of the way!

    happy monday brandi!

  14. love the start of your day! nothing like a perfect breakfast! :)

    my 3 fav things
    -running 7 miles
    -watching football

  15. Your pancakes are insane! You still hold the crown for being Breakfast Queen.

    My 3 favorite things:
    -hot, sweaty yoga on Saturday and Sunday morning
    -seeing my Goddaughter (she was in Italy for 2 weeks) and giving her a hug
    -weekend naps :)

  16. Wow, those pancakes look amazing. Your photos are always great!

    3 favorite things from this weekend:
    1. Spending time with my nieces.
    2. Sleep!
    3. Saturday morning yoga

  17. that is the most glorious pancake stack in the history of glorious stacks. for reals, they look so good! three fave things 1. momma b’s birthday, 2. workin’ the smoothie hut at the wedding reception and 3. playing with the poochies!

  18. what a way to start your week!

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