Monday FunDay

or something like that  :)

Work was work, and I was busy today!

I worked with a snack around 4 this afternoon.


It has been forever since I’ve had ants on a log! 


I used 1 Tbsp of crunchy pb and some dried cherries on my celery today. This is such a great snack, but I hardly remember to make it.

I finished off work, chopped up some veggies for dinner and waited for Nick to get home so we could run.

Today was a shorter run, and even a bit shorter than my training plan says, but oh well. It was close.

We ran right around 3 miles today. It was a nice one.

I actually went without my HRM, a watch or anything! We just ran and talked – it was nice to catch up like this and not be looking down to see my pace or heart rate.

Since we went running and Nick needed to work on his dissertation more tonight, I changed the grilling plans to make the pork inside, and it turned out great!


I took some pork loin, sliced into thinner slices for us and coated with some salt, djion and whole grain mustard.

This cooked in the oven at 375 for about 25-30 minutes, along with this new squash casserole recipe I tried tonight.


I loved this casserole recipe! I got it in a Clean Eating newsletter last week and knew I needed to try it. I would never have thought to put steel cut oats in it, but it was really good.

The only BIG difference I made was that I just put all the squash/onion/seasonings in a big bowl, covered with plastic wrap and steamed it in the microwave for about 5 minutes instead of doing the boiling step because dinner would have been even later. It worked out great!


Did you ever make ants on a log? What did you use? I like using dried fruit, but I also LOVE putting chocolate chips on them, too.



  1. OMG ants on a log! I used to do cream cheese and raisins, and later, dried cranberries :)

  2. Haha takin’ it back with ants on a log – love it! Totally interesting squash/oat combo – I love finding cool recipes like that! :)

  3. Ha… definitely made them with peanut butter and raisins. I also remember filling celery sticks with cream cheese. Not sure if I put raisins on then though.

  4. That casserole looks awesome! I don`t make ants on a log very often, I`m not a huge fan of celery

  5. Love your snack! I want some!

  6. Ah! Ants on a log! I haven’t had those in forever! Looks good :)

  7. i make fire ants on a log…cranberries instead of raisins. :)

  8. i’ve NEVER made ants on a log! which is weird b/c i know i’d love them.

  9. I’m glad your run went well! Thaks for the encouragement today!

  10. i LOVE ants on a log :)
    i make them too with hummus, red pepper, and olives :)

  11. Sometimes it’s nice to run without any gear :)
    I do love ants on a log! I usually use just raising but dried cranberries are reallly nice, too!

  12. I’ve never tried ants on a log! but they seem so fun to munch! :D

  13. I LOVe ants on a log! I haven’t had them in AGES!

  14. Our post titles were practically the same last night, haha. I’m not a big fan of raisins but I definitely love celery + peanut butter. I guess I could to red ants on a log and use craisins!

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