Late to Lunch!

Man, I was in such a groove this morning with work that I didn’t stop to eat lunch until 12:50! My tummy let me know that it was time to eat. I was hungry!


I decided to channel Whit and make myself a mixing bowl salad  :)


  • romaine
  • spinach
  • 2 tomatoes from the garden
  • hard boiled egg
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 Tbsp red pepper hummus (NOT homemade since our food processor bit the bullet last week)
  • drizzle of olive oil
  • salt


Yum! This huge mixing bowl was the perfect size dish for my salad. I could mix everything up without flinging lettuce and hummus on myself. Great idea Whit!

I also had a little something sweet to end my lunch.


One of my last slices of Alvarado St. Bakery Flaxseed bread (please come here soon!) topped with some Dark Chocolate Dreams pb and a pinch of granola.


Mm. mm. good.


Do you have a certain time that you normally eat your meals?

Our breakfast is usually between 7 – 7:30 am, lunch between 12 – 1 pm, and dinner anywhere from 5:30 – 8, depending on whether we have leftovers waiting and what we’re doing after work.


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  1. I like the salad in a mixing bowl idea, mine usually ends up everywhere!
    Dark Chocolate Dreams PB is heaven!

  2. Mixing bowls are the way to go! Yours looks delish!

  3. ooh I need to make hard-boiled eggs pronto, love those!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! The salad looks awesome!

  5. i generally eat brekkie around the same time every weekday – but all other meals are all over the place!

  6. Breks is usually 830am. Lunch is anywhere from noon til 1pm. Dinner is anywhere from 6-8pm, lol. So I guess I’m all over the place.

  7. Breakfast is 9..lunch is 1…dinner is 8 or 9 depending on if I go to the gym. Love the dark chocolate dreams bread!

  8. Breakfast 7-8am
    Lunch 12-1pm
    Dinner 7:30-8:30pm

    I like to stay on a schedule w/ eating if possible, my body is just happier that way! :)

  9. woooow. that salad looks like it has all the right stuff! so yum. i hate it when i get in turbo work mode and look at the time and it is one oclock! i usually eat breakfast at 8, lunch at noon, a snack at 3:30 and dinner at 7. i am pretty dead on most of the time!

  10. Breakfast: 7:30~8:00
    Lunch: 1:00~1:30
    Dinner: 6:30~7:00
    We like to eat dinner early…by the way, your boiled egg salad looks yummie!

  11. Breakfast is normally around 8…Lunch around 12.30 and dinner anywhere from 5-8. Depends on the day. My stomach goes nuts for breakfast and lunch but I can handle waiting on dinner. I normally eat a larger lunch when I know I won’t eat until late.

  12. that salad equals pure bliss! :) i’m loving it! :)

  13. I eat lunch early! Like at 11:30 and dinner is usually at 6.

    The salad looks great and the bread looks even better, yum!

  14. Questions about daily routines are somehow so satisfying to answer even though they don’t mean much to anyone else probably!
    I eat breakfast around 7.30am weekdays; lunch between 12.30 and 1.30pm and dinner anytime between 6.00 and 9.00!
    Weekends are anyone’s guess.

    Oh lord that toast/choc combo is calling my name!

  15. Love your salad! I am a creature of habit. Breakfast at 8:30 – lunch at 1:00 dinner at 6:30.

    Since my meals are between 400 – 500 calories, I hardly ever have snacks anymore.

  16. Homegrown tomatoes and hummus?! Excellent!! Usually my schedule looks like this: breakfast around 7-9 depending on when I wake up, lunch between 11:30-12:30, dinner usually by 5. Of course there’s a lot of snacks in there too!

  17. I forgot how much I loved hard boiled eggs… especially in egg salad sammies. Hmmmmmm, lunch tomorrow?

  18. Since I teach my eating schedule is pretty fixed.
    I eat breakfast before I leave or on the way 5:45 to 6ish. Lunch is the same time everyday 11:34.
    Dinner is more flexible.
    If we go work out it’s closer to 6:30 or 7 if not closer to five. Usually there’s a snack around 9:00 and before working out.

  19. Yum that salad has all the right fixins! I love hummus on salad.

    Breakfast: 7:30-8:00
    Lunch: 11:30
    Snack: 3:00
    Dinner 6:30-7:00
    And sometimes a pre-bed snack

    I need to go boil me some eggs! :)

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