Stretchin’ It Out

Sunday nights are always so happy and sad for me.

Happy because they’re usually good nights, spent lazing around at home with a clean house and stretching out the weekend as much as we possibly can.

But then tomorrow is Monday, and it’s back to work.

Is there a reason that we don’t always have 3 day weekends?

While Nick was outside mowing the lawn, I finished up today’s laundry, dusted, and vacuumed the house, but not without stopping for snack breaks.


I knew I was planning on running after I finished cleaning, so I wanted to make sure I had some fuel in my belly. I ate this Cashew Cookie Larabar and I might have had a cookie, too  :)

Once Nick was done mowing, I headed out for a run.

It. was. AWESOME today!!! Today was my first time ever having every single mile be under 9:00! I don’t know what has happened lately and why I’m all of sudden a bit faster, but thank goodness! I felt like I was just running at the same speed for months and months, and it’s just catching up to me, I guess. I did my 4 miles I was supposed to do yesterday, so I’m back on schedule.

I think I went at the perfect time, too. A little after 6 here is still light, but the sun is almost ready to go under so it’s not shining right on you the entire time and it’s a bit cooler. The only bad thing is there are still some bugs out, but they weren’t horrible. I just hate when they fly right in my eyes or in my mouth – not fun.

Since we ended up having lunch at church today, dinner was super easy.


We each had a salad again with some feta, olives, and some caesar dressing, and we each heated up our leftover calzones.


Dinner in 15 minutes? Easy when you have good leftovers waiting. Plus, while the calzones were heating up in the oven, we went outside and watched some groundhogs in the yard next door. Super fun for me – I think they’re so cute.


I can’t wait to make more calzones. These just turned out so good, and the dough recipe was so easy – I didn’t even us a mixer! I just did everything by hand.


After that carb-wrapped dinner, I’m ready to lie down…or get ready to watch Iron Chef  ;)


Favorite pizza topping?

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  1. Favorite pizza topping = ROASTED GARLIC.

    Hooray for ‘Iron Chef’!!

  2. I love feta on my pizza. I like to add lots of veggies too.

    Today I made a mexican style pizza. I used a WW pita and used salsa for the sauce. Then topped with RF mexican cheese and black beans. WHile it baked I made a sauce with some more salsa, an avocado and some greek yogurt. I was so happy and full for a long time :-)

  3. I looove veggies on my pizza! I need to get more adventurous but why change it if you love it?

  4. I know what you mean about Sunday’s being bittersweet. It’s like, is tomorrow really Monday already?? ugh. 3 day weekends should be mandatory.

    Fave pizza topping: So hard to choose! I love all veggies on pizza, but I really like artichokes on them :)

  5. Oh man, I want a calzone now!

  6. Ooo wow that calzone looks awesome. I just caught up on your posts. Hmm.. favorite pizza toppings?? I looove roasted veggies to go on top and yummy cheeses and depends.. maybe a pesto or tomato sauce. :D

  7. i actually love california pizza, with pineapple!! amazing!!!!

    glad you had such a great run! :) its always a great feeling isnt it?

  8. Mmmm I’m likin’ the looks of these calzones – yummm!

  9. Congrats on the run! I wish we had three day weekends too :)

  10. Love black olives with feta!
    Great run and leftovers!
    Have a great week!

  11. i am watching iron chef right now! your calzone is amaziiing. stuffed with love i am sure. fave pizza topping is too hard of a question. i love them all!

  12. your calzone looks simply devine!! HOLY MOLY!<3

    Favorite pizza topping!? MUSHROOMS, ONIONS, TOMATOS, and SPINACHE!

  13. love vegies chicken and extra extra cheese for my piza topping :)

  14. I bet those calzones smell delish when they were baking–and can’t beat yummy leftovers! Barely any dishes to do then :-)

  15. I love olives and green peppers on my pizza.

    That’s awesome that you’re getting faster. Great run!

    I feel the same way about Sunday evenings, so bittersweet.

  16. Great job on the run! I can’t wait to get to at least a 9-minute mile! I can’t even imagine going faster than that…Someday, I hope! Favorite pizza toppings – green olives, broccoli and ‘shrooms and lots of cheese!

  17. you are a running machine, chica!

    and dare I say, that calzone looks even better the second time around :)

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