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Woohoo, what a day!

Instead of starting out the day with a run, I got up early and headed into town to get groceries. I didn’t want to have to go after the game with everyone out there…it’s just too much. I like being the only person in the store, and that’s how it was this morning.

I had one of the most random breakfasts ever, but it worked.


Banana, coffee, chocolate milk thanks to this girl. She’s had me thinking about chocolate milk for weeks!

I got back, put the groceries away, then we got some sandwiches from the little store down the road.


They make some great sandwiches, mostly in part to their sun dried tomato spread – yum. They also have great wheatberry bread that I always get.

This sandwich had: turkey, ham, spinach, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and the sundried tomato spread.

I also had some sweet potato chips, cherry tomatoes + a pickle!


As soon as we finished scarfing down our sandwiches, we headed back into town for the game.

The craziest thing I saw?


You could still see the moon at 12:30 this afternoon! Isn’t that insane?


It is pretty cool that you walk by fields and cows on the way to the stadium – and the weather was just perfect today.

We got our game faces on and watched a great game today.




Go Hokies!

There was even a flyover at the beginning of the game with this awesome stealth jet.


Okay – I’ve got dinner in the works, so I guess I’ll be back soon  :)


More good football on to watch today!


  1. I went to college in Roanoke, and remember seeing Hokies stuff everywhere! Glad you had fun at the game :)

  2. ah that reminds me – chinese moon festival is soon!

  3. Cute pic of you two! Glad you enjoyed the game! :)

  4. My sister was there too! Hopin we can score some tix next weekend :/ What a cool daylight moon pic!

  5. So much good football today!

  6. I”ve totally been watching football all day and i love it! :)

    that sandwich for lunch looks soo amazing. i love little shops like that!

  7. Sounds like a fun time!!!

    I lurrrrrrrrrrve choco milk! :)

  8. ahhh i wish there was actual football to go see here instead of tv-that seems way more fun
    and that sandwich looks yummy!

  9. I always find it’s the little hole in the wall deli’s that make the most killer sandwiches!

    a beautiful day for some pig skin, glad you enjoyed yourself!

  10. I just recently had a veggie panini with sun dried tomato paste/spread and I think that was what made the panini so good. Your sandwich looked mouthwatering…I hope it tasted nearly as good as it looked. Love the pic of you and the hubby. Too cute!

  11. The moon is crazy! But that game looks so full of energy, and I don’t even like football, but I might go to one of those :-)

  12. I like being the only one in the grocery store too. Glad you had fun at the game!!

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